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17 Holiday Gifts For That Nerd On Your List!

Nerds Gifts

It isn’t the 80’s when nobody wanted to hang out with nerds, if you have one in your life then consider yourself lucky by giving best nerd gifts. He/She might turn out to be next Zuckerberg with a billion-dollar idea. Nerd is the new cool baby! So better stay in their good books.

It’s a perfect time, with the holiday season right around the corner you can gift them something unique. But that task is tricky, nearly impossible for some, you have to think like them to understand what they want.

That is exhausting, but don’t worry because we did the thinking for you and compiled a list of best thoughtful nerd gifts you can buy for your geek friends, inside a budget.

Han solo jacket empire strike back

Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Han Solo Jacket

They love to wear Star Wars outfits and will love this sarcastic smuggler’s jacket. Chicks love bad boys and this jacket creates one.


Retro machine playable mini arcade

Arcade Minicard Game

A nerd who gets sudden urges to play video games? It’s your chance to impress him. This portable device contains 200 preloaded arcade games with 2.5’’ screen.

Baby yoda pop figure

Baby Yoda Pop Figure

They love computers and coffee, so they will also love to place this cute Baby Yoda toy on their desks.


Star lord infinity war jacket

Infinity War Start Lord Jacket

If your nerd brother has a Gamora in his class he needs to impress, gift him this jacket and let the Star Lord magic do its job.

Batman toaster for nerds fans

Batman Toaster for Nerds

Want them to remember you with a smile every day when they wake up?  This toaster makes the breakfast awesome and memorable.


You shall not pass door mat

You Shall not pass– Doormat

Warning! You shall not pass. This is the best housewarming gift for your nerd friends. Everyone will now easily find the geek villa.


computer kit

Nerd Computer Kit

If you know a kid who likes Minecraft and coding, he will love this gift. A great one of the nerd gifts containing a kit to assemble your own computer plus it teaches programming through storylines and gameplay.


Star Wars Hoodie

Star Wars Logo Pullover Hoodie

Already have a board game? Don’t worry! This hoodie will be a perfect gift then, they can wear it and play Star Wars: The Jedi Fallen Order during winter break.


Robotic Arm Edge

Robotic Arm Edge

It is for techies who love robots, this robotic arm is loaded with numerous capabilities. Command the arm to open or close during motion at different angles.


Refrigerator magnets

Whiteboard Refrigerator Magnets

Now nerdy moms don’t have to spent hours recalling what they have to do. They can just write their daily tasks on this whiteboard, it contains magnets that are easily removed without leaving marks on the door.

Gaming headphone LED light


Ultralight Gaming Headset

No one likes to be disturbed when they are playing a video game and this headset makes focus better.  It has soft ear cushions with crystal clear voice to make the gaming experience more fun.

We are venom logo t shirt

We Are Venom Logo Black T-Shirt

Let them embrace their Dark Side with this T-shirt. Tom Hardy Venom’s geek fans are going to idolize this nerd gift.

Flying mario drone helicopter

Flying Cape Super Mario

Super Mario is the first game that almost all of us played, but it holds a special place among geeks.


call of duty game PS4

Call of Duty- Modern Warfare

The latest edition Call of Duty is another tremendous gift idea. This multiplayer action game will keep them entertained in the Holidays.edinburgh jacket

Edinburgh Brown Leather Jacket

The bomber hooded outerwear is one of the rocking leather jackets to give your nerdy one a new fashion upgrade. A style booster and adds cool vintage vibes to the personality.


Caffeine Beaker Mug

Caffeine Beaker Mug:

This mug has the structure of caffeine printed on it and a capacity of 450ml. Nerds will love drinking in it.


Star Wars Board Game

Star Wars Board Game

Nothing gets geekier than Star Wars, they love it. Depicting smugglers, mercenaries, and bounty hunters, this board game is another ultimate nerd gifts idea.

Choosing gifts for nerds is difficult but fun because they know exactly what they want. You need to think outside the box to please them, an ingenious item they don’t already have. This list contains some unique Christmas gifts for a nerd which may be your ticket to their heart. Also, take a look at Tech and Merch that is providing amazing things for the nerds and gadgets lovers for example high-quality superhero stuffs, merch, and latest accessories.

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