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How Coronavirus Outbreak Impacting Businesses?

covid-19 business impact

The spread of COVID-19 has caused many businesses to work online from home and even forced to go offline. That includes major retailers, food chains, tech companies, etc.

The fear of virus spread has also hit the traveling industry, forcing many airlines to suspend the flights. According to Michael O’Rourke, a chief market strategist from JonesTrading – “Everything is slowing down even more — and that has not been fully appreciated,”

The virus has already claimed the lives of many around the globe and the number is just going up every day. Similarly, it has become a threat to small, mid-sized and large businesses. How it is impacting? what should be done in this fast situation?

We asked top experts from different industries who revealed how they have been affected by this pandemic disease.

We asked Keeon from WE R CBD and here is what’s happening:

COVID-19 is significantly impacting our business. Our company, WE R CBD, has shifted all of our focus on our online retail sales, rather than B2B sales due to the coronavirus. Our online retail orders are shipped out of a third-party fulfillment center, so we are able to continue running that part of the business. However, our B2B orders are packaged and shipped out of our warehouse by our employees. Due to the coronavirus, we have shut down all operations in our warehouse and will no longer be focusing on B2B sales until the coronavirus passes. Since our business is located in Orange County and our county is currently in quarantine, we are unable to operate out of warehouse for an extended period of time. Currently, our B2B sales make up 50% of our business.

Kustom Koozies a small business shares their story amid COVID-19:

We are a small business that specializes in Koozies, and t-shirt screen printing. Most of our printing is for events. Weddings, Birthday Parties, Reunions, Anniversaries and non-profit events. Due to the coronavirus, we are seeing cancellations all over the place.

We have had to lay off about half our staff and are running very lean. Our staff is working basically in separate areas, and we have wipes and aerosol available to be used at any time.

We are still printing and shipping every day, and will continue to do so as long as Fedex keeps delivering.

When customers come in our shop, we spray the customer area with Aerosol Spray. We have added a new option to our check out. Aerosol Spray in the packing process. About half our customers are taking advantage of this. See attached.

We have one customer who ordered koozies for their wedding. Their wedding is being postponed, so they are sending their koozies back, and we are printing the new date on the back. Clever!!

We are working hard at adding new products and services, zeroing in on our marketing, and trying to make us a better company.

Bridgette Norris, Marketing Director at EcoSecretariat says:

COVID-19 is affecting our usual working hours and could potentially hinder our business as a whole. With the safety of customers and staff being our main concern at the moment, we have had to encourage our staff to work from home. Giving everyone concerned the social distance needed that has been suggested to us by the government and health officials. I believe that this will keep the company ticking over and giving all those concerned the space that is so important at this particular time

Joseph Giranda Director of Commercial Relations at CFR Rinkens discusses how it’s not affecting their staff:

We haven’t experienced any cases of the virus affecting our staff directly. However, certain procedures have been implemented to ensure that remains the case. Human Resources is closely monitoring updates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to prevent the spread of COVID-19. All surfaces, door handles, and equipment are now disinfected at the end of each working day.

We have also provided the option for employees to work remotely, along with providing lunches so that employees that do come in don’t have to leave our offices for their meals. We have locations worldwide and a challenge that we have worked to overcome is how to arrange for travels in a safe manner and cutting back on any travels that can be postponed. The cancellation of events and conferences has posed us with needing to search for alternative networking opportunities to maintain relationship building with other businesses and clients.

Noman from Superherocorp discusses:

Due to ongoing virus fear, our company decided to postponed the hiring process at the moment and also encouraged employees to work from home to keep them safe from this.

The management is also disinfecting the office every day and provided free masks and sanitizers.

It’s a different story for Vivien, PR, and Communications at UNDONE:

As UNDONE’s nature of business is direct-to-consumer and the custom watches are made on a made-to-order basis, we haven’t seen a hit on orders as we are not reliant on brick and mortar. What we have noticed is that consumers are spending more time online, allowing UNDONE the opportunity to intercept potential customers with online advertising.

We are touching base with our consumers more and keeping them aware of how UNDONE and its employees are staying safe during the in light of the current situation and what proactive steps we are taking. These steps include; regular disinfection of high touch areas such as workstations, product displays, door handles, and tabletops, providing access to hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes to all our staff, and temperature checks for all personnel entering the building.

It is important to be transparent and open with consumers and communities at the moment and let them know what is being done behind the scenes to ensure everyone’s safety. If companies have the flexibility of allowing their employees to work from home, these measures should be implemented.

Dennis is a former Hamilton County Probation Officer and a current member of the Fraternal Order
Here are his responses:

Coronavirus is a real serious threat to our business and every service-based business. While many matters can be handled in the short term electronically, ultimately our business interacts with people.

In the short term, we are utilizing social distancing by working remotely and limiting social interaction. We are striving to keep our clients informed and to handle as many matters as possible without actual physical interaction. We are limiting in-person meetings or contact with critical matters. In this historic battle, we are focusing on what we can do by trying to keep fear and anxiety as low as possible.

The most important step any business can do is to not panic. What should be done is every deadline, the statute of limitations, the time-sensitive matter should be frozen as of March 1st and released for time to start up again once this crisis is averted.

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