Personalized Rings for Casual Lovers

Love is in the air tonight because that pesky cupid is flying everywhere. He just can’t get enough of shooting arrows and connecting love birds together. If he has also targeted you and your crush then consider it a fortunate shot because you both are in love. Now is your chance to take that essence further by purchasing beautiful rings. You can either just gift signature style ring to one another or on the other hand, you can also select Personalized Rings through this blog!

What are shown here are undoubtedly the most popular ideas to consider for proposal and wedding. Even if your crush says No, you can just wear it to show-off your friends that you also have a crush.

Suggested Personalized Rings In a Nutshell



If you and your love like to Game, Do Cosplay, Trade Cards, Day Dream or Love Goofing around together than for your interest, here are inspirational picks for wedding and engagement that will connect your love wires together for eternity.

I Love You, I Know Ring

I Love You, I Know Ring Set (Product Page)

You both like watching the star wars and also like to dress up as Han Solo and Leia then why not choose a ring inspired from their famous love phrases?

Mario Inspired Band set Him and Her

Mario Band Set for Him and Her (Product Page)

You and your crush like squashing mushroom in Mario Bros so I’d suggest this inspired ring band will do just fine.

Ruby Gamers Ring (Product Page)

A Fine piece of jewelry made exclusively for hard-core gamers. A bit costly but a girl who loves his guy more than anything will not care to shed cash on this Steampunk Ruby Jewelry.

Green Lantern Style Crystal Ring

Green Lantern Crystal Ring (Product Page)

Deadpool might not like this because he hates green. Who cares! Get yourself this amazing style Green Lantern ring for the proposal.

Superman Titanium Wedding Band

Titanium Superman Band (Product Page)

You know he’s your superman and savior so I’d suggest you go for this exclusive superman band for the wedding. It’s a whole new way to describe your future husband.

Transformers Ring

Transformers Band (Product Page)

A fan of Transformers should go for this pure Tungsten Carbide Ring that’ll reflect his interest.

Link And Zelda Ring Set

Legend of Zelda Wedding Bands (Product Page)

The couple that plays games together also stays together so why not extend that relation with these video game wedding rings. A different style to offer as a gift.

Final Fantasy Ring

Final Fantasy Cloudy Wolf & Blue Crystal Ring (Product Page)

A Fan of Final Fantasy must own this beautiful set of ring whether to gift as a proposal, wedding or commitment.

Joker and Harley Engagement ring

Joker and Harley Wedding Rings (Product Page)

A Crazy relationship deserves a crazy ring set. This enamel set is perfect to show how much weird you and your crush can get. A unique proposal gift and wedding for Harley Quinn And Joker Fans.

Poke Ball Engagement Ring

Pokemon wedding ring (Product Page)

Surprise your sweetheart with these sets of nerdy engagement rings inspired from Pokemon. Pokemon Go fans don’t always catch poke ball but they spend gold coins on these hearts catching rings. (No XP, Only Real Cash).

Superman & Wonder Woman Ring Set

Wonder Woman & Superman Ring Set (Product Page)

Let people know your enthusiasm for DC Comics merchandise with this official Superman & Wonderwoman love ring for him and her. A gift for superheroes fan.

game of throne inspired ring

Game of Throne Inspired Ring Set (Product Page)

The fantasy continues and now with each one wearing these bands, it’ll become a reality. If you think you’re dreaming than keep dreaming because these sets are only for real lovers.

Harry Porter His and Her Ring

Harry Potter Inspired His and Her Ring (Product Page)

A unique and suitable gift for proposing a fan of Harry Potter. The featured matching pair is a highly valuable western wedding rings for nerdy and geeky fellas.

Gothic Skull Engagement Ring

Gothic Skull Engagement Ring (Product Page)

A girl addicted to Rock Metal Music or like to remain all black need a ring that represents her lifestyle. This featured ring will express your love and naturally bound her to marry you even if the walls are made of brick, will be broken.

The Doctor Who Ring Band

Doctor Who Ring Band Set (Product Page)

Give your companion a ring he/she will remember forever such as these Personalized Rings. A suitable gift set for a wedding.


Classic Rings

Don’t overrate your limits with bizarre rings if your sweetheart prefers simple gifts. Try out more basic gifts because the reason behind offering it is not because it’s limited to budget but rather a sophisticated token that remains in the heart forever. Always remember, never over-smart your proposal experience instead set up a new love tale with these rings.

Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band Set Blue

Tungsten Carbide Band Set for Wedding (Product Page)

Keep it overwhelming with this great style wedding band for him and her. A desirable choice that adds shine your love.

Beautiful Butterfly Ring

Purple Butterfly Ring (Product Page)

This token of love will never fade because it shows pure perfection and will shine forever.

Estate Engagement ring

Estate Ring (Product Page)

Estate Engagement Rings are an ideal choice for offering as a token of firm commitment. Due to their glamor style and sophisticated look, they’ve become the first priority for a proposal.

Endless love Engagement ring

Endless Love Rings (Product Page)

Start a relation that never ends with this lovely set of classic engagement rings for unforgettable moments.

Butterfly Engagement Ring

Butterfly Ring (Product Page)

There are countless beautiful insects, but Butterfly is a common one and how lovely it looks when you see a ring design with a butterfly. This cute style ring is perfect for every occasion.

Engagement Band Sets

Engagement Engraved Band Set (Product Page)

A lovely message is what you need to add in your friendship. Create a perfect example engraved ring set band for his and her.

Estate Style Flower Band

Estate Style Flower Bands (Product Page)

This Estate style ring band is an excellent gift to offer your boyfriend. It looks a bit rustic, but it’ll add love beauty once her wears it.

Emerald Stainless Steel Set

Emerald Cut Stainless Steel Ring Set (Product Page)

Make a lovely impression with this elegant design proposal gift for a particular person. This emerald jewelry display enriched clarity that is equivalent to any diamond.


Whether your sweetheart is a nerd, geek or likes to adapt simple old-fashion lifestyle, always pick the right ring that communicates your message. Personalized Rings are not only meant for a proposal but also represent the interest of the recipient. Above enumerated ideas will work out for both casual and sophisticated people. Don’t forget to comment and click the share button to spread the word.

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