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How to Make Cyborg Costume In 5 Easy Steps

Cybrog Costume

We, the common people don’t really know much about Cyborg, and maybe that is because of the lack of screen time Cyborg have got in the DC cinematic universe. But that’s all going to change. As the hybrid superhero is about to make an appearance in the next DC superhero movie Justice League. And to make things more interesting, he is also going to have his solo movie. Yes, you heard me right a solo movie. So the setting is perfect for you try on the Cyborg costume. A brief look at the costume might suggest that making this mighty cosplay in a wallet-friendly manner is impossible. But don’t worries we have devised a strategic way you can do the Cyborg cosplay in a very economical way.

Cyborg Costume Items

cybog printed shirt

Cyborg Shirt (Product Page)

The list of the Cyborg costume starts with the torso made up lightweight metallic material which helps Cyborg move fast. You can get the metallic torso, but that will be very expensive, and equally uncomfortable. That is why we will suggest that you buy this Cyborg design imprinted shirt made entirely of polyester. The shirt with an accurate design is also very comfortable.

cybog hands and arms

Cyborg Hands and Shoulders (Product Page)

Although the shirt is full sleeves and totally imprinted. It will be better that if you add these metallic shoulders to your Cyborg costume. This extra detailing will not cost you much but will add a sense of perfection to your outfit.  The gloves are not of metallic material . Instead, they are made of the softest fabric there is.

cyborg pants

Cyborg Pants (Product Page)

You can wear comfortably wear these pure, cotton, flat pants and no one is going to complain. The color of the pair matches perfectly with the shirt. There are two slash pockets in front and two wallet pockets for you yo keep your valuables safe and sound. Apart from how useful they are to your Cyborg cosplay, these pants have many other advantages. These pants can be worn casually and to formal business meetings.


cyborg boots

Cyborg Shoes (Product Page)

We are a bit confused about the boots of our humanoid friend. Sometimes he is seen wearing shoes that are black and sometimes white. We have chosen to display white shoes here because these are the most popular ones. You get the same shoes in 4 different colors, but for the Cyborg costume, we suggest you choose either white or black if the same design.

cyborg mask

Cyborg Mask (Product Page)

The last thing you need to complete your Cyborg cosplay is the Cyborg mask. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the replica of the Cyborg mask anywhere on the internet. You would either have to make the mask/helmet yourself or use the mask shown here instead. The choice is yours, the mask displayed here is made up of latex and is very easy to wear.

Don’t worry we will keep on with our search for perfect items for this costume and will update you as soon as possible.Till then make your Cyborg costume the way we have shown you to. And we assure you it will be better than the most because it going to be new and unique. There won’t be anyone else dressed as Cyborg and you will enjoy the attention of everyone while outdoors. Do tell us what you thought of our costume guides and what you will like the see next? And don’t forget to check out our latest Aquaman costume guide.


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