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Guide To Dress Like The Demon Dante

Dressing up as some of the coolest and most ruthless looking game characters has always been a great feeling. There are several characters you can choose to adapt for fashion and cosplaying such as Assassin Creed or a female head chopper like Kitana. Even A horrifying Jason Voorhees is a good idea but If you ever had that desire of becoming a Demon like the character then go for the Dante costume from Devil May Cry series. He is the main protagonist in the reboot game and also become an iconic name introduced by Capcom.  This guide, however, all time will turn you into a perfect tattoo flashing ghost, just put on the required items by ordering them from the links below.

Required Items for Dante Cosplay….

Devil May Cry Dante Coat via Amazon
Men’s Basic Tank Top via Amazon
Pendant Necklace via Amazon
Fingerless Gloves via Amazon
Cotton Grey Jeans via Amazon
Cold Weather Boot via Amazon
Sword of Sparda via Amazon

Dante is undoubtedly one all-time favorite gaming characters. His look, character, and ability to attract everyone’s eye. If it is a cosplay event or Halloween season, this Dante cosplay guide will not disappoint. These items are reasonable and accurate as compared to the game. So dress up in confidence and be the cool hero everyone wants to be.

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