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The Complete Daredevil Costume Guide

Daredevil Costume

Many factors make people watch superhero movies or TV series with loads of interest and love. The action-figure scenes, fight, superpowers, gadgets, stories from comics and last but not the least costume. All these are also available in the Daredevil Series that has been followed by more than 2 million-plus counting people on Facebook only. With a great fan following, this TV show also requires to look attractive and entertain people with its look where Netflix has done a tremendous job.

They have made the costume of their character, Matt Murdock (famously known as Daredevil), in a very unique way and comparatively similar to the comic’s costume. The Daredevil costume is much akin to a biker suit where he has black padding on the suit and a helmet with the suit. Whether you attend a comic-con event or a costume party, you will see this daredevil merchandise and suit to be portrayed by someone there.

Daredevil Costume Items

Daredevil Season 2 Costume

Now, if you’re willing to be the next Daredevil on the upcoming event then here is a costume guide that will make ease enough for you to be Daredevil in seconds.

daredevil jacket maroon and black

Daredevil Jacket (Product Page)

This is the Daredevil Jacket inspired by the Netflix costume of Charlie Cox. The best thing about this jacket is the material and detailing. No matter if you’re just wearing this jacket except wearing the whole costume, this is enough to make you look like Daredevil.

Red Slim Fit Jeans

Daredevil Pant (Product Page)

This is the burgundy pant that is preferred for you to combine with your Charlie Cox costume. This pant is made of high-quality material and is very comfortable in wearing.

Daredevil Mask

Daredevil Mask (Product Page)

Your costume won’t be completed unless you buy this Mask. This is a very unique and stunning thing for all the Daredevil Lovers to have. No matter you’re going to cosplay or not, you can casually wear this Daredevil mask and feel like you’re the Daredevil.

Daredevil Boots

Daredevil Boots (Product Page)

Last but not the lease, this pair of boots will complete your Daredevil Costume. These boots are long, made of high-quality material and you can wear it casually if you like to.

This is the Season 2 costume of Daredevil which is worn by Matt Murdock. In season 1, there is another costume of Daredevil that people liked.

Daredevil Season 2 Costume

Daredevil Season 1 Costume

Following are the items that are required to cosplay the Season 1 costume.

Daredevil Season 1 Shirt

Daredevil Shirt (Product Page)

This is the shirt that Matt Murdock wore as a costume while learning his abilities and powers. As this shirt is worn by a charming superhero personality, many people adore this Shirt and portray him on several occasions of costume parties and cosplay.

Daredevil Costume Pant

Daredevil Black Pant (Product Page)

With his stunning shirt, Daredevil attired this black pant with his costume that looked perfect with his character and style. The exactly same pant is available on Amazon to purchase.

Daredevil Wrist Guard

Daredevil Wrist Guard (Product Page)

While learning his superpowers, Matt Murdock wore this safety guard that protects his wrist and elbow. The same is available at Amazon. It is comfortable and flexible to wear. This guard is well made and high-quality materials are used in the making of it.

Daredevil Black Mask

Daredevil Head Wraps (Product Page)

While co-splaying Daredevil, you will surely require this Daredevil Head Wraps and it’s available at Amazon.


Daredevil Season 1 Boots (Product Page)

Daredevil has maintained his style by adopting many different stuffs together and making an outstanding outfit. In season 1 of Daredevil, Matt Murdock wore this pair of boots with his outfit that is stunning in design and comfortable like wool. You can get the same from Amazon at a reasonable price.

s-l1600 (1)

Daredevil Baton (Product Page)

Every superhero has its power and talent to show the world and fight against crime. Same here, Daredevil has an outstanding knowledge of using Baton to fight. He can perform many different stunts and actions with Baton. He also uses this Baton in Season 1 with his Daredevil Costume while learning his antique powers. You can get the same Daredevil weapons for portraying the character from eBay.

gloves daredevil black leather

Daredevil Gloves (Product Page)

These gloves are really important to have for the costume because you’re going to be the action figure fighter after wearing this costume. This gloves will give you the perfect grip and comfy feeling while holding the weapons.


So are you ready to be “The man without fear”? Share your thoughts in the comment box and let others know about this guide if you found this helpful

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