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Complete Costume Guide Of Darth Vader For Everyone

Darth Vader Costume

On an individual event for cosplay party or Halloween, we all wish to wear something different, scary a bit and stunning in personality. A Star Wars fan will enjoy using many different outfits because many aliens in the franchise attire completely different. There is Kylo Ren, Stormtrooper, Jedi, Yoda and the one we are talking about here is Darth Vader Costume. He is an important character in the story, and normally he’s behind all the troubles for Han Solo and others. Even that, his attire is much designed in a perfect way that it enhances many people to wear it on special occasions. Here is how to make a Darth Vader costume.

Items Required

It’s not like only Men wants to cosplay him, even kids and women also love to wear this outfit on special occasions. But before you wear it, you need to gather the stuff to complete your cosplay. For that, here is the guide to the items.

For Men

Darth Vader Adult Costume

Darth Vader Men Suit (Product Page)

The suit is available in a complete package including jumpsuit with chest pieces, the mask , the cape and most important the lightsaber. All these stuff are perfect to give you the unique Star Wars look. However, the costume is made of polyester material that is usually used for cosplays. Mask is made of hard plastic, and the lightsaber is better to grip and use.

Darth Vader Gloves

Darth Vader Men Gloves (Product Page)

One thing that is missing in your package is the gloves of gauntlets. You will get this pair of Polyurethane gloves at a very best cost and fit to size. These gloves are made of PU leather for a good finishing look.

For Women

Darth Vader Women Costume

Darth Vader Women Suit (Product Page)

Just like men, women can also easily have the complete package of Darth Vader costume including the fitted jumpsuit, the belt and the chest accessories, the armors, and the most famous dark black mask. The stuff is fit to size and will definitely work for your cosplay evening.

Darth Vader Gloves

Darth Vader Women Gloves (Product Page)

Women will also need to have the gloves individually. Everything about this glove is same as the gloves of men.

Darth Vader Lightsaber

Darth Vader Lightsaber (Product Page)

One thing that women will have to include in their costume package is the lightsaber of the Dark dad. However, this is not for battle, it’s a toy and is good for your cosplay. The lightsaber is entirely made of plastic material and, is 30” high and 2” wide. It has silver base telescoping blade that lights up when you insert 2 AA batteries and turn on the button.

For Kid

Darth Vader Kids Costume

Darth Vader Kids Suit (Product Page)

The Darth Vader kids costume also comes in a junior version with the almost complete package. By purchasing it, you will get the full printed jumpsuit that includes the best, chest accessories, and guards. The package also has the mask that is made of hard plastic material. It is made of Polyurethane Foam material that makes it a lightweight outfit.

Darth Vader Lightsaber

Darth Vader Kids Lightsaber (Product Page)

Kids will also need the lightsaber that is similar to the lightsaber that women will also have to purchase.

Darth Vader Kids Gloves

Darth Vader Kids Gloves (Product Page)

Kids will also need this pair of gloves along with their costume to complete it. This Darth Vader Gloves is made of quality soft material and with superb stitching, it’s a perfect piece to wear with your suit.

By killing Darth Vader long before the 21st Century was a big gamble considering how popular he is. That changed when Rogue One showed glimpses of one of the most loved villains in Hollywood. Darth Vader costume is as popular as any other good guys’ costumes in the franchise. As he can never be forgotten, the Darth Vader collection can be used any time, any day.

Here your Darth Vader costume is complete and now men women and kids can make their own cosplay quickly. It can also be a Family costume for the Halloween. How have you worn your costume? Share with us on the comment.

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