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Dress up as the mercenary in Deathstroke Costume

Death Stroke Costume

Brian Parks performs the role of Slade Wilson/Deathstroke, who is famous for the mercenary and deadly assassination. His actions and powers are discussed everywhere and all people love to see him. He is an anti-hero who fight extremely well with the single eye. A new stylish look with the beautiful costume easily gets the attention of people and Halloween is the marvelous event for the Deathstroke costume.

This costume set will also work on Halloween and  If you want to look like him then you should follow this Deathstroke costume guide.

Items Required

death stoke mask

Slade Mask (Product Page)

This Slade Wilson’s mask is the core element of this outfit. This Deathstroke mask is very unique with just one eye-opening and two different colors on each half of the face. Made up of PVC and daunting as hell will soon become your prized possession of this vindictive outfit.

death stoke body armor

Deathstroke Body Armor (Product Page)

Slade Wilson was once a military officer, and old habits seldom die. The habit of wearing a body armor is the one that got with him. This armor is made up of light and stretchable material so that you have full comfort. Throughout the arms and shoulders here are adjustable straps and a front zip closure provide you perfect fit. Apart from all that this body armor will come useful while riding a bike.

Deathstroke gloves

Deathstroke Bomber Gloves (Product Page)

Four different materials are blended together to make these magnificent biker gloves. Extra padding in fingers for protection. But you are a cosplayer all you need to know is they are of the same color line as the Deathstroke Halloween costume.

shin guard knee and elbow

Deathstroke Shin Guards (Product Page)

Being Death Stroke you need to lace up yourself with body armors so that you can withstand the wrath of your enemy and unleash yours on them. These shins will give you protection and perfection in your cosplay.

death stroke waist belt

Deathstroke SWAT waist Belt (Product Page)

Since Slade Wilson have a lot of ammunition to carry, he equips himself with a lot of extra pockets provided by these SWAT belts. We know you are not required to carry any of the ammunition, but you can fill it with Halloween candy and distribute it among the kids. They will love you for it.

death stroke shoulder belt military belt

Deathstroke Shoulder Belt (Product Page)

As said above, but look on the bright side more belts more candy and more love. Remember to wear it on your shoulder as Slade does.

Death Stroke Leg Hoslter

Deathstroke Gun Holster (Product Page)

He goes hard on his enemies, with all the guns he has. He is no superhero and has no superpowers but extreme physical and mental strength. So he needs to keep some guns with him as his opponents can be as skilled as him.


Deathstroke Gun (Product Page)

You can find many guns like this on Amazon, just make sure it looks as real as possible. Otherwise, you will fail to intimidate and impress certain people with your Cosplay.

death stroke swords

Deathstroke Samurai Sword (Product Page)

Despite all the guns and ammunition, Deathstroke primary weapon of choice is a Samurai Sword. And for a fully detailed Deathstroke costume, you will need these ninja swords with a back carrying scabbard.

death stoke pants

Deathstroke Tactical Pants (Product Page)

As the lower part of the attire, you can use this pair of tactical pants. Lightweight and made of cotton these pants are very comfortable to wear. The color also matches that of the outfit. And with action stretch waist you can jump around like Slade Wilson with real ease.

death stroke shoes boots

Deathstroke Costume Boots (Product Page)

I say it loud and clear you don’t need these boots only; you need them to boost your confidence and personality. Made up of leather and synthetic for durability the upper layer is prepared with soft, polished nylon and canvas. The rubber sole is provided to keep your feet pain free.

So these are all the items that you will need to make an impressive Deathstroke costume without having to go through much trouble. And we need your remarks and suggestions on how much do you liked this costume guide and what guide you will want to see next. While you are at it don’t forget to check the latest Dr.Strange costume guide.

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