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The Red Hood Mask That Every DC Fan Desires

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DC Comics have produced some incredible and cool superheroes of the 21st Century. Besides the famous names like Superman, Batman, and Aquaman, the new generation of heroes has had their own share of fame by taking on the same villains the old heroes fought on a customary basis. They may be known as various things but apparently, some like being solo and taking after their mentor. So much so, that they could even end up taking some tips for the costume.

If you are a die-hard fan of the DC Comics and the ones related to the Bat Family, then you will easily come to know who is being talked about. It’s Red Hood, the one Joker brutally killed with his crowbar.

Jason Todd is like our average teenager who is filled with rage and is more focused on dishing out justice the hard way. He has no patience or remorse for what he does with his enemies because of the incident that gave him the reason to become the Red Hood.

Red Hood Mask Collection

Adult Red Hood Helmet

Adult Red Hood Helmet

batman arkham halloween costume

Under the Red Hood Helmet

Halloween Costume Cosplay Red Hood Mask Batman Arkham Knight Helmet

Batman Arkham Knight Helmet

New 52 Red Hood Helmet

New 52 Red Hood Helmet

red hood mask

Red Hood Helmet

distressed red hood mask

Distressed Red Hood Mask

Joker was the second one who became a part of the Red Hood gimmick. But, who cares about him when the Joker has his own identity. Red Hood wanted to show that he is way smarter than the Clown Prince of Crime and tried to put an end to his enemies and had Batman witness it on more than one occasion.

Those that are in love with the nature of the character can proudly own the Red Hood mask. For others, they have tried to create the helmet of the vigilante but always ended up short. So just for under $300, you can pick any Red Hood to mask you want from the items above.

Not to forget, there is the very rare and highly demanded mask of Red Hood that he wore as the Arkham Knight. It looks similar to the mask of his mentor, giving him a distinctive look like the successor of the Bat. So which Red Hood Mask will you go for? Will it be the classic one, the Arkham Knight one or the New 52 helmet?

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