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Awesome DIY and Tutorial for Despicable Me Costumes

Despicable Me Costume

The biggest animated hit movie is back with Gru, Lucy, Little Girls and The Minions. They made their return in Despicable Me 3, and this time, they got a bigger surprise for everyone. Not just bigger, it’s badder, worse, meaner and exciting. If you don’t know what I am talking about, See the trailer here.

despicable me

From the looks of the movie, you can see how Gru and Lucy go face to face with Balthazar Bratt, the new foe that is way skinnier unlike El Macho but yet a tough challenge for both agents. They can’t do it without the help of their adorable girls and most popular The Minions. The movie is Epic, and also right time to gear up in the Despicable Me Costumes. There are lots of ideas in my mind regarding cosplay, and I want to share the best of the best with my readers.

Here are most classic Despicable Me Family Costumes which is easy to DIY at home.




The infamous criminal in the entire universe, Gru once decided to take over the moon, but now his only duty is to make his family smile. He finally discovered that nothing could be done without love and he found it in his heart. But don’t take him lightly, still, he carries his large Plasma and Freeze Gun, if you try to mess with him, he’ll turn you into a frozen statue. If you also want to take over the moon then go figure but first, you need to disguise like him so here is your Despicable Me Gru Costume DIY.

Gru Costume DIY




Gru may be grumpy, mad or sometimes clumsy but what you didn’t know he also has a brother that is a complete opposite. Although the family has a code and that code is how to be a proper “Villian”. In Despicable me 3, Dru is introduced as a humorist long lost brother of Gru who is luckily also a villain. The character is voiced by the same actor Steve Carrel and his personality is not so hard to adapt, just make sure you have the right stuff. Here is your complete Despicable me 3 Costume for Dru.

Dru Costume Guide



Lucy Despicable Me

Lucy Wilde first appeared in Despicable Me 2 as a member of Anti-Villian League. She’s an enthusiastic and cheerful woman but also remains highly alert. Her mind tingles whenever she fears something unusual like once Gru was dating a blonde girl named Shannon, she discovered that Shannon is about to take Gru’s fake Wig off and at the right moment, She shoots tranquilizer at her athletic butt. This saved Gru the embarrassment of getting exposed as a bald personality. Lucy is a charming lady who is now a partner in crime and also Wife of Gru. You can replicate her personality too by following our tutorial for Despicable Me Lucy Costume.

Lucy Complete Costume DIY



Margo Despicable Me

Margo is the oldest of two girls adopted by Gru and Lucy. She appeared from the beginning as an orphan who along with her sisters were mistreated by Miss Hattie at the orphanage care center and forced to do child labor by selling cookies. Gru adopted along with her younger sisters, at first she had a lack of trust issue with Gru as a dad but then realize he’s not a bad guy but rather a perfect father. Her personality is casual and nerdy which you can easily adapt through this Despicable Me Costumes idea.

Margo Costume DIY Guide




Edith comes after Margo and elder than her younger sister, Agnes. She’s a cool tomboy girl who is very accidental and destructive type Kid, unlike her other sisters. Edith also ended up in the orphanage center with her sisters but soon to be adopted by Gru. At the Gru’s layer, she considered all the destructive weapons as toys and plays whatever gets in her hand. Gru, even after all her annoying habits, saved her and sisters from evil Vector and vowed never to leave them again. According to her outfit, she’s never seen without her hat and almost worn pink clothing in every scene. To dress up in Edith despicable me costume, here is the stuff you need.

Edith Complete Costume DIY




Agnes is the youngest of all the sisters. She’s the most adorable and lovable friend Gru has in his life. She not only completely consider him as Dad but also hugs and plays around with him. She’s always monitored by Margo and tries to keep her protected whenever uncertain things acquire like playing with Gru’s dog. Appearance-wise, she wears a striped shirt and denim apparel over the top. I’ve collected some similar style of Agnes Despicable Me costume items for your personality.

Agnes Complete Costume Guide




Balthazar Bratt

This new foe is not just any guy but a famous former 80’s star who in now turned into an evil villain to take over the world. Little know about this purple fellow, the way he’s dressed up shows he’s more of a rock-star than a villain that optimize most advanced destructive gadgets like blowing bubble gum and explosive Rubik’s Cube. Gru will have to plan a way to capture this Wanna be Michael Jackson before he strikes world domination. His clothing is still not available in exact matching style, but I managed to enumerated similar styles for your Despicable Me Costumes collection.

Balthazar Bratt Complete Costume




Vector is the main antagonist of the first part. He is a spoiled son of wealthy man Mr, Perkins. He has a cocky personality that irritates Gru and he’s also responsible for stealing his shrink ray. In the end, he kidnaps Gru’s adopted girls on a ransom for forfeiting the moon which somehow didn’t work out well. Do you like his cocky and geeky personality? You can be him too, all you need is a bit of adjustment, and you’re done. Here is your Despicable Me Costumes list for Vector.

Vector Costume Guide



Al Macho

This villain is a former Lucha Libre Wrestler who is the most dangerous and ruthless antagonist in Despicable Me 2 along with El Pollito, his Chicken Body Guard. Gru along with Lucy tries to investigate the man who once faked his own death in a shark volcano stunt.  Gru finally realizes Eduardo Perez is El Macho, only overweight who now wants to dominate the whole world by kidnapping all the Minions and turning them into purple monsters. His outfit is cool for Halloween and Parties, all you need is following items Despicable Me Halloween Costumes.

El Macho Complete Costume



Purple Minions

These minions will not play with you but rather scream or might eat you as well because they are hallucinated and injected by an evildoer, Eduardo Perez aka El Macho to take over the world. Gru has to go through these dangerous monsters. Apart from their destructive behavior, they are also cute. Unlike other minion attires, you have to go indigo this time with these items:

Evil Minion Costume Guide



 Guide For Minion Costumes 300x176

Now is the right time to order the matching items and dress up as your favorite character. More Despicable Me Costumes for Adults will be added soon.

Keep Posted for more updates regarding costumes.

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