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Different Types of Leather Jackets : A Buyer’s Guide

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Is it even possible to look any cooler and more badass without wearing a leather jacket? The answer is a Big No! Leather jackets are not only fashionable but practical too. They are made up of natural material which is strong, reliable, and durable at the same time. With the passage of time, leather jackets had evolved and now there are a ton of different types of leather jackets available.

We have seen many changes in fashion trends and leather jackets were no exception to it. A leather jacket is a perfect example that has evolved considerably and has been used creatively to bring out the best.

Moreover, leather jackets can be really helpful when it comes to winter clothing apparel. They can provide extra insulation and protect you from chilly winter breezes.

Are you thinking about having a perfect leather jacket in your wardrobe? If yes, you are at the right place! We have got some information about different types of leather jackets to inspire you and help you make a more informed decision on getting a perfect leather jacket for yourself.

Motorcycle Jackets

motorcycle leather jackets

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Coming in first on our list are motorcycle jackets. Biker jackets or motorcycle jackets can be worn by anyone but, most bike riders use these types of leather jackets as they are sure to protect them during their motorcycle rides, due to their durability. The reason for the increased durability of such jackets is that they are made from cowhide leather.

Cowhide leather is the best leather known for its durability, strength, and ruggedness. It is mostly used in the making of belts, wallets, and men’s moto jackets. Jackets made from cowhide are also popular for their long-lasting ability as they can last for many years to come.

Biker jackets can come in many styles for men and women both and can be super comfortable, as a matter of fact, it can feel like a second skin to the one who wears them.

It is preferred to wear a motorcycle leather jacket when planning a long track bike ride with your buddies.

Biker jackets have the most iconic jacket options as they can have a ton of multiple features and coloring options. You can pair any outfit with a moto jacket, either a casual or a formal one, both will go fine with this bold and sophisticated-looking jacket.

Bomber Jackets

bomber jackets

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Bomber jackets are no less popular than any other jacket on our list. They are unique for their compact sleeve style.

Bomber jackets are most versatile and can be stylishly awesome for both genders due to their significant nature of softness, flexibility, and light weightiness. It is the most desirable jacket as it is so stretchable that it may take up your body shape when in use.

These types of leather jackets are so versatile that they can go along with almost any type of clothing option you might have. This jacket is perfect for individuals of all ages.

Bomber jackets commonly come in different types of leather such as lambskin and goatskin leather. These jackets can come in different sorts of colors as well.

Cafe Racer Jackets

cafe racer jackets

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A subtype of a motorcycle jacket, a cafe racer jacket is on the most stylish jacket list. If you are in search of adding some great items to your closet then must go with cafe racer jackets. They are the most popular type of jackets as they deserve to be in that type because of their modern look and insulated properties.

These jackets are commonly used for fashion and featuring purposes, which makes them the first choice and makes them the most preferred quality leather jacket.

Similarly, to the biker jackets, these jackets are short in length up to the top of your hips and can be suitable for both genders.

In recent times, these types of leather jackets have made it into mainstream fashion and are everyone’s choice when looking to style their wardrobe.

Hooded Jackets

hooded jackets

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If you are in search of a warm yet durable type of leather jacket, then you must hand-pick the hooded leather jacket. These jackets are made with the best quality real lambskin which can protect their wearer from unpleasant weather conditions.

The hooded jackets are the number one pick when it comes to staying fashionable yet comfortable in the cold winter season. Some jackets come with removable hoods that let you wear the jacket in less wintery conditions as well.

Hooded jackets can easily be found for both genders and it is to make you look casual and chic according to the current fashion trends.

Leather Blazers

leather blazers

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A leather blazer is a perfect option for achieving a finish and stylish look. These types of leather jackets can be a wonderful addition to any wardrobe.

Commonly leather blazers are made up of lamb skin and are the best choice for extremely cold weather as they warm you up even though they are thinner.

Its soft touch makes it the first choice for fashionistas and makes it the most preferred outerwear. This jacket can be great for both men and women. Also, it is one of the most popular women’s leather jacket items as they repeatedly like to style it with their formal and casual outfits.


It has been concluded that there are plenty of options and types of leather jackets which are long-lasting, reliable, and classy in look at the same time. the world of leather jackets offers an array of styles for both men and women.

Whether you’re a man seeking a rugged look or a woman aiming for chic elegance, understanding the diverse options available will guide you to make the right choice.

From timeless classics to contemporary designs, there’s a jacket type to match every outfit and fashion preference.

So, if your budget allows you, definitely go higher with F Jackets as they have really good variations of leather jackets.

They have bomber jackets, hooded jackets, moto jackets, blazers, and a lot of other options for both genders, which are budget-friendly and really worth buying.

With this buyer’s guide in hand, you’re now equipped to confidently embrace the world of leather fashion.


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There are plenty of varieties and types of leather jackets including bomber leather jackets, and biker leather jackets which are mainly made up of lambskin, cowhide and goatskin. Faux leather is also a kind of leather which can be made with a mixture of plastic, cotton and polyester materials.
The best type of leather jacket is the one which suits your body type and fits your lifestyle. If you are looking for a modern option, a leather blazer might be the best choice. But, if you are looking for something durable, long-lasting and warmer, a leather jacket made up of cowhide leather is the best option.
Leather is a durable material. Pure leather can last for decades if properly cared for. Cleaning and conditioning of leather promptly help leather keep looking new and good in condition. The life span of leather also depends on its type and environment of surroundings
Faux Leather is typically the cheapest animal leather which can be easily available in the market. Also, bounded leather is the cheapest type of leather. It is made from scratch and leftover different leather materials which are bounded together. It is not durable as other types of leather but it is much more affordable and pocket friendly.
There are multiple ways to find out if the leather is real or not. Generally, real leather will usually have a distinct smell and feel. Fake leather usually has a plastic-like feel. Real leather feels soft and supple and has a slightly oily texture.

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