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12 Beautiful Disney Coco Merchandise To Make Life Colorful

Coco Merchandise

Disney is known for creating fantastic fictional stories that add colors to the life. There are plenty of names on that list such as Toy Story, Frozen, Beauty and the Beast and this year, we’ve got something very cool about a character name Miguel Rivera starring in the new Disney Movie, Coco. The story revolves around in the village of Mexico about this boy who wants to pursue a career in music but he soon finds himself in the land of the dead where he discovers more than just music. Every movie has its own merchandise and just like that, we’ll show 12 inspired Disney Coco Merchandise that you can add to other Disney Collection.

Miguel Rivera Plush Toy (Amazon)

Toys are the best collectible when it comes to merchandise. For Coco fans, we bring the audience this lovely plush toy starring Miguel Rivera. The 9-inch doll is a great pick for this season.

Coco Women’s T-Shirt (Amazon)

Coco Shirts are trending. You can get one yourself but for women, we have a printed shirt featuring Miguel and his favorite dog. There are other designs available as well.

Coco Red Hoodie (Fjackets)

For hardcore fashion lovers, we bring the inspired Red Miguel Rivera Hoodie from Disney Coco. This apparel has a screen accurate look made from the comfortable garment.

Funko Coco Toy (Amazon)

Here’s another toy that goes straight to your collection. It’s not a plush one this time but rather a Funko Pop collectible for decoration.

Funko Mystery Coco Collectible Pack (Amazon)

If one character is not enough, maybe you should buy the whole set that includes all character in 2.5 inches tall. Collect the whole box, it’ll cost cheaper.

Girls Coco Hoodie (Amazon)

Here’s one for the lovely kids. This Coco Hoodie is available for girls in a variety of colors. Made from heavy garment keep the body warm.

Guitar Coco Shirt (Amazon)

Guys can daunt a spooky look in the Guitar Coco Shirt available from Small to 3x Large Size. The Funky Shirt is a street fit for any body style. Also available in navy, white and grey.

Kids Coco Novel Color Book (Amazon)

This 8 pages color book features scenes from the movie. You can use your skills to add great colorful visual while enjoying a journey to the dead realm. A special pick to add to your Disney Coco Merchandise

Coco White Guitar (Amazon)

Grab yourself this lovely string white guitar modeled just like Miguel Rivera’s own version. It features similar details to recreate the moments of Disney Movie. Best for 3 to 5 years kids.


Coco Mug (Amazon)

Check out the beautiful mug for your morning coffee. It is a genuine piece from the Disney featuring Miguel Rivera on one side and a skull on the other.

Coco Skull Blanket (Amazon)

Apart from toys, mugs, and apparels, Coco Blanket is trending and we’ve added one to our Disney Coco Merchandise list. It won’t haunt you while sleeping!

Coco Fashion Ruckpack (Amazon)

Let your fashion shine in the real world with a Coco Skull Rucksack. It’ll represent the uniqueness and best to wear at school. The beautiful embroidery is done throughout to match the movie theme.

This was our final Disney Coco Merchandise and we’ve chosen the best idea available on the internet. Which one you’ll pick for this season?


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