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6 Star Wars The Last Jedi Costume Ideas | Perfect Collection

The sequel is awesome and has some supernatural and sinister looking outfits that’ll look amazing as the character. The most vibrant Star Wars Rey The Last Jedi Costume that will let you reimagined movie characters. You might even want to wear it during Halloween Events.

Luke Skywalker

The fans can’t wait to see how Mark Hamil will reprise his role of the infamous human again. Sure he’s a son of chosen one which is the reason he is our first idea in the list. Skywalker may be old but no one dares to underestimate his powers.


Luke Skywalker Last Jedi Costume Wig  (Buy Now)

What we have here is a set of hairs and beard to complete the Rey last Jedi costume. The accessory is created to make you look just like Luke Skywalker and Santa Clause too.

Black Tunic Robe(Buy Now)

Next up, the black tunic robe. There are rumors he may join the dark side, so this fabric uniform will make your appearance look more sinister.

Star Wars Green Light Saber (Buy Now)

A custom design lightsaber for the Last Jedi Costume. The lightsaber is also available in other colors, but for Luke Skywalker, you need green.


Former trained soldier of the First Order is bringing some great inspiration in the sequel. He is again serving the resistance alongside with Rey, and he is wearing the same jacket that incorporates both red and brown. If you’re brave and heroic like Finn then here are your items to wear.

The Distressed Finn Jacket (Buy Now)

Finn isn’t just any man that is ready to strike; he’s also ready to show his best look. We’ve got everything covered for you, here is the Finn Distressed Brown Jacket made from Genuine Leather.

Black Slim Fit Jeans for Men

Grey Trouser Pant (Buy Now)

To make a perfect cosplay, you should gather up high-quality stuff like this grey trouser. It’s a film design pant that also goes with your fashion wear.

Blaster  (Buy Now)

Once you got all the items to wear, here is the final part, a toy gun that is associated with the Finn Cosplay.


Rey is one of the toughest female human members of the resistance. The former scavenger quest is to find the Jedi Master, and in the sequel movie, she will bring out her rapid powers, but some rumors suggest she will join the Dark Sides. Ever wondered how you will look while wearing Rey last Jedi costume? Let’s show you some simple ideas that won’t take long to build.

Rey Costume Kit (Buy Now)

You don’t have to do DIY on this one as Amazon is selling a complete set that includes her Cotton Fabric Outfit, Belted Bag, Cuffs, and a Regular Size Trouser.

Rey Staff – (Buy Now)

Just grab yourself a staff and go to the battleground because the war has begun. The product is inspired by the Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Blue Light Saber(Buy Now)

Or you can attach a lightsaber with your costume. This one is similar to the Luke Skywalker lightsaber made from plastic.

Kylo Ren

The franchise is incomplete without featuring villains who are always ready to make a deadly killer. The supreme leader Kylo Ren has made a comeback, looking darker than ever. If you want to carry the legacy of the mysterious hero, then let’s start collecting items to gear up.

Kylo Ren Mask (Buy Now)

The first item required is a mask. The costume of Kylo Ren is similar to the previous episode but here, it’s all about making the dark lord happy right?

Kylo Ren Last Jedi Costume(Buy Now)

Okay, once you put on the mask, grab the outfit to embrace the evil look of Kylo Ren. It includes a hood, robe made from cotton but does not comes with gloves and boots.

Kylo Ren Gloves (Buy Now)

The central element of your costume is the glove. This one seems a good fit made from faux leather and also officially licensed.

Kylo Ren Boots (Buy Now)

Once you wear the boots, you cosplay will be finalized but if you already own black boots than no need to put extra 50 bucks on these. Save it!

Poe Dameron

The skilled pilot is making another appearance in the Last Jedi wearing the same uniform that was seen in the previous part. The member of the resistance is indeed a central figure for this year’s movie which is the reason we also include him in the guide. Follow the recommended ideas to portray as the human pilot.

Pilot Helmet (Buy Now)

There are different inspired helmets which are way costly so I put up the lowest price helmet available online.


Orange Uniform (Buy Now)

You need to put on something catchy to become Poe, like this Orange Uniform available at Amazon.

Poe Dameron Vest (Buy Now)

Not similar or screen accurate but will let you pull off the character’s look. It is ultra-light, suitable for both winter and sports.

Our Last Character for Star Wars: Rey Last Jedi Costume

Tom Hardy as Stormtrooper

Alright, things are going to be different, we’ve seen a Finn version of Stormtrooper and in the same position, Tom Hardy will also represent the elite forces, but there is no confirmation regarding his appearance. Somehow, we managed to bring you cool gears to transform into a Stormtrooper.

The Stormtrooper Helmet  (Buy Now)

The helmet is a necessary part of your cosplay and to join the elite forces. Showing you right now is the perfect design made from polyester easy to wear and breathable.

Stormtrooper Shirt and Helmet  (Buy Now)

Whether you buy the above helmet or not, it is already included with this Stormtrooper T-Shirt. This long sleeve tee can be used for both Star Wars The Last Jedi Costume as well as fashion wear.

Stormtrooper Toy Gun (Buy N0w)

Stormtrooper loves to blast anyone who gets in their way so here is a blaster but don’t aim it at anyone, it might create panic.

This guide is not very complex or hard to understand. You may find some ideas not very much similar but others will easily recognize you as a fan of Star Wars. Hope you enjoyed reading this detailed costume guide and we’d love to see you try them out.

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