The Ultimate Wonder Woman Costume 2017 Guide

Diana Prince, or better known as Wonder Woman, is one the most important characters in DC comics history. She, along with Superman and Batman, is the core of the Justice League. She is a true mentor and guardian for the young superheroes coming up the ranks. Her super strength ability and normal weapons can’t be underestimated since she’s a woman. She has been known for taking down enemies who are much heavier than her. Well, today in this Wonder Woman costume guide, we will give you the widest range of ideas that has been a great choice for cosplays and comic-con. The female superhero costumes will give you a classic look while other more modernized version.

Costumes Guide:


Gal Gadot – Wonder Woman 2017

Now for the 2017 Wonder Woman Costumes, we have seen it is of Gal Gadot in the Dawn of Justice and in her new Movie. After a very long time, the Amazing Amazon has got the screen time she deserved. She is one of the leads in the upcoming Justice League Movie, and an only lead in her stand alone movie. Now you can portray just like Gal Gadot in following movie related items.

The Suit

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Dress

Here is the version she wore in Dawn of Justice and will wear again in the upcoming movies. This Movie outfit includes the dress, tiara, knee caps, wrist cuffs and the infamous lasso of truth. Be it other characters from the franchise such as Star Wars or even Suicide Squad, many women still like to dress like her as in this Wonder Woman Costume.

Required Accessories

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Sword / Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Shield

Next up on the list are the accessories. This is the first time we have the Amazonian Goddess wielded a sword. So this detail is very crucial to this particular cosplay.Second, you need the shield to carry around on Halloween and comic cons.


Wonder Woman Costume Jacket 2017

Feast your eyes on the new jacket inspired by the latest movie. It is available exclusively at Fjackets and designed accurately according to the screenplay.

Wonder Woman Inspired 2017 Jacket

Here’s a new launch and exclusive outerwear by Fjackets. The Brown Waxed Jacket is made from PU Leather and Viscose Lining. It features the latest 2017 logo of Wonder Woman. Also attractive and appealing.

Adrianne Palicki

This does come as a surprise, but that is really Adrianne Palicki dressed as Diana Prince. It was not somebody’s costume party but actually, in a TV show, which didn’t get the license to release. Many women have preferred a full body outfit. And, if you are one of them then this is the ideal attire for you. If you especially wear the sexy wonder woman costume at Halloween as shown in the image, it would make you tough and attractive.

Adrianne Palicki Cosplay

Sexy Costume / Costume Corset

This Sexy Wonder Woman Costume is best for Halloween and Parties. You won’t just look sexy but a true heroic princess ready to strike fear.


Lasso of Truth/ Curly Wig / Headband/  Wrist Cuffs


Wonder Woman Jacket
Leather Jacket

We have tried a new approach, instead of buying a whole suit; you can make your own DIY outfit and the first thing you need is this PU leather jacket with perfectly drawn the logo. The jacket is very nice, and you can wear it casually to show your love and respect for The Amazonian Princess.

Boot and Legging

Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman Leggings / Adrianne Palicki Shoes

The last treat you need to give yourself today is these boots and leggings. They have the same as the official color of the Amazing Amazon. You can wear anywhere to any party or club and you will look as sexy as ever.

Lynda Carter

Wonder Woman Lynda Carter

The original Costume was worn by none other than Lynda Carter, the renowned Amazing Amazon. She wore this dress when she acted in a TV series decades ago. Her suit is still preferred until today. Check out the items that will give an exact look of the Goddess of Amazon.

Diana Prince Wonder Woman Cosplay
Lyda Carter Costume

The iconic dress of Lynda Carter is still in demand and that’s why every year it runs out of stock. So grab this outfit as soon as you can otherwise you will have to wait for another year to fulfill your dream of becoming the Amazonian Princess or the superhero. The dress featured here is made up of polyester and comes with a removable wonder woman cape for sale. If you want to the owner of this incredibly sexy costume, then you should buy click on the buy button now.

Wonder Woman Red Tee

And obviously you will need to wear something under this jacket, and what’s better than this T shirt. Not only it has the accurate logo, but also it is made up of comfy, cozy material. You can even use it for cosplay purpose.


Wonder Woman Lynda Carter Cuffs

Lynda Carter Wonder Woman Cuffs

As we all know, the Amazonian princess relies a lot on his wrist cuffs to defend herself from deadly weapons. The wrist cuffs are made up of unbreakable material and can withstand a force thousands of tons. Your cosplay depends as much on this wrist cuffs as you rely on us.

WW Lynda Carter Boot
Wonder Woman Boots

These boots are what you need to complete your look. This pair of boots is made of a man-made material with the synthetic sole which provides a comfortable walk. Ladies I don’t need to tell you how stylish these red, white boots are, and how good they will look on your feet with different wonder woman dress. You all can see that for yourselves.

It is not much, but these are everything you need to look like Lynda. It is traditional and less complicated. These accessories are of high quality and designed perfectly to give you a complete look of Wonder girl. This was the classic version, now we turn to a bit more modernized one.

Wonder Woman Injustice 2

The iconic character is making her return as the lead fighter in Injustice 2. She along with other characters have introduced new moves, special combos and don’t forget the gear system. Just like in the game, you can create your own version of Wonder Woman Costume at home, just follow the instruction to gear up.


Wonder Woman Injustice 2 Jacket

The first part to create a gaming inspired cosplay is to add this jacket to your list. After that, you’ll be needing accessories and her weapons. You can find them below.

Adult Suit

Wonder Woman Adult Set / Dawn of Justice Cosplay

Both Wonder Woman costumes are same as the movie with only minor modification. Well, I couldn’t find the screen accurate version so decided to add this one to the guide. It features the same style accessory for the Wonder Woman Adult Costume


Medieval Sword / Brown Bracers

If you got all the required accessory, the only things you’ll be needing are the sword and leather brace set. Go for it!

Girls Wonder Woman Costume

Girl Cosplay / Batman v Superman  Skirt

For Wonder Woman Girl Costume, I present this for your little one. If you are wearing a Wonder Woman Halloween Costume then do not forget to dress up your child as well.

Toy Sword / Shield

How can you become a princess without carrying her trusty sword and shield? They are essential accessories for kids cosplay.

Quick View:


These are the three superb outfits to choose from. What other diehard fans desire, you will get it on a much timely basis. There are even kids costumes inspired by Wonder Woman out there. Whether the choice is Injustice 2, The Classic Lynda Carter or Adrianne Palicki, you’re getting amazing ideas in all. Just don’t forget to style your hair and carry the Lass of Justice with you. You are only a few clicks away to obtain the best Wonder Woman Costumes available for Halloween and Comic Con.

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