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The Ultimate Wonder Woman Costume Guide 2019

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Diana Prince, or better known as Wonder Woman is the most important character in DC Comics. She, along with Superman and Batman is the core of the Justice League and also a true mentor and guardian for the young superheroes. Today in this guide, we will add four ideas for Halloween and Comic-Con that will give you a classic look while other more modernized.

Wonder Woman Outfit Costumes Guides:


Gal Gadot – Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman 2017 Costume

For latest Wonder Woman Costumes, Gal Gadot appeared wearing a shiny design attire different from Dawn of Justice . Now any women can portray like the actress, just follow the guide below that includes all the required items.

The Suit

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Cosplay Costume

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot Dress

Here is the Dawn of Justice outfit that includes the dress, tiara, knee caps, wrist cuffs and the infamous lasso of truth.

Required Accessories

Wonder Woman 2017 Accessories

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Sword / Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Shield

 The first item is the Amazonian Goddess wielded a sword and the second is the shield. Both products are highly detailed, you need to carry them when portraying as the Amazing Amazon.


Wonder Woman 2017 Leather Jacket


Another newly launched and exclusively produced for the fans of Gal Gadot. The Brown Waxed Jacket is externally made from PU Leather,  inside space has Viscose Lining and features the latest logo of Wonder Woman.

Adrianne Palicki

Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman 300x210

Adrianne Palicki dressed as Diana Prince? It was not somebody’s costume party but actually, in a TV show. Many ladies prefer to have this suit and, if you are one of them then this is ideal attire . Check out the inspiring ideas below.

Adrianne Palicki Cosplay

Adrianne Palicki Cosplay Suit

Costume / Costume Corset

The attire is best for all occasion and won’t just look sexy but a true heroic princess ready to strike fear.


Wonder Woman Adrianne Palicki Accessories

Lasso of Truth/ Curly Wig / Headband/  Wrist Cuffs


Wonder Woman Jacket

Leather Jacket

To DIY an outfit, the first thing need is the PU leather jacket with perfectly drawn logo. The jacket is very nice, and you can wear it casually to show love for The Amazonian Princess.

Boot and Legging

Wonder Woman Boots And Leggings

Adrianne Palicki Wonder Woman Leggings / Adrianne Palicki Shoes

The last treats are the boots and leggings. The same look as the official color of the Amazing Amazon, wear it anywhere whether parties or club.

Lynda Carter

Wonder Woman Lynda Carter

The original Costume was worn by none other than Lynda Carter, the renowned Amazing Amazon. She wore this dress when she acted in a TV series decades ago. Her suit is still preferred until today so check out items that will give an exact look of the Goddess of Amazon.

Diana Prince Wonder Woman Cosplay

Lynda Carter Attire

Grab the awesome classic Lynda Carter Costume outfit made up of polyester and comes with a removable Wonder Woman Cape for sale. Be the owner of the sexy outfit by purchasing from the above link.

Wonder Woman Red T Shirt 142x300

Wonder Woman Red Tee

And obviously you will need to wear something under the jacket, and what’s better than a red T-shirt? Not only it has the accurate logo, but also made up of comfy material. You can even use it for cosplay purpose.


Wonder Woman Lynda Carter Cuffs

Lynda Carter Cuffs

The Amazonian princess relies a lot on wrist cuffs to defend herself from deadly weapons. They are unbreakable and can withstand a force thousands of tons. Don’t expect the same from a replica version.

WW Lynda Carter Boot

Wonder Woman Boots

No need to tell you how stylish these boots, and how good they will look with Wonder Woman Dress. See website for specifications.

These are everything require to look like classic Diana Prince. The accessories are of high quality and designed perfectly to give you a complete look of Wonder Girl. This was the classic version, now we turn to a bit more modernized one.

Wonder Woman Injustice 2

Wonder Woman Injustice 2 300x169

The iconic character has made her return along with Harley Quinn and other as the lead fighter in Injustice 2. Just like in the game, create your own version of Wonder Woman Costume at home, just follow the instruction to gear up.

Adult Suit

Wonder Woman Injustice 2 Adult Set

Wonder Woman Adult Set / Dawn of Justice Cosplay

Both are same as the movie with only minor modification. Showing the same style accessory for cosplay and even the looks are identical.


Wonder Woman Injustice 2 Required Accessories

Medieval Sword / Brown Bracers

The only thing is left is the sword and leather brace set. after that, Wonder Woman Adult Costume will be completed.

Girls Wonder Woman Costume

Wonder Woman Kids Costume

Girl Cosplay / Batman v Superman  Skirt

Presenting Wonder Woman Girl Costume for the little one. If you are wearing a Wonder Woman Halloween Costume then do not forget to dress up your child as well.

Wonder Woman Costume Kids Accessories

Toy Sword / Shield

How can you become a princess without carrying her trusty sword and shield? They are essential accessories for kids cosplay.

Whether the choice is Injustice 2, The Classic Lynda Carter or Adrianne Palicki, you’re getting amazing ideas in all. Just don’t forget to change the hairstyle and carry the Lasso of Justice along.

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