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DIY: Master Ken Street Fighter Costume For Men and Women

Ken Master is the main character of Street Fighter Gaming series, as we all saw in the game that he stands beside the Ryu who is his best friend as they studied/learned Martial arts together and both have won many titles as well as awards in Martial Arts Training Session. He has also appeared in other fighting series universe such as SNK vs Capcom and Marvel vs Capcom.

While Ken is the utmost aggressive and very confident fighter, who gives a serious fight to his opponent, no matter how difficult is the level. He is short tempered in times; even unpredictable but he is a real person who works for the happiness of others. From starting King of Fighter, we saw him in straightforward and athletic costume which shows the dignity and dedication towards his fight and strength. Here we got the different Master Ken Street Fighter Costume which you can quickly adapt.

Cosplay For Men’s

street fighter costume

 Classic Costume (Product Page)

This is the officially licensed Ken costume, and it is available in adult size. The original dark colors show the best thing about his outfit. It contains some items with the outfit

Similar Fight Gloves (Product Page)

Hayabusa fight wear gloves are specially designed for the stability, and it is designed in such a way that it can be easily fixed on the wrist. Sizes are also available according to the wrist sizes, open fingers and thumb quickly absorb the sweat.

martial black belt japanese karate street fighter

Master Ken Karate Belt (Product Page)

Soft and comfortable to tie on waist instead of hurting, the soft cloth gives the best look, and it has eight rows of stitching. These are double rows belt.

Ken Wig for Men’s (Product Page)

As wig is not available with the whole outfit, so you have to buy separately. It is high-quality heat resistant, and the hooks inside the wig can be easily adjustable to any size.

Cosplay For Women’s

Ken Outfit for Women’s (Product Page)

The costume is the same as just some modifications. Women’s can also create a similar style as men.

inner top for women

V-Neck Ruched Slim Top (Product Page)

95% Rayon and 5% Spandex. Loose, stretchy and comfortable to wear, and it is hand wash. Available in different colors and sizes, also wears in routine too.

GARNIER nourishing color Golden Blonde (Product Page)

It is the best color for the best and healthy look of a golden blonde color of your hairs just similar as Ken. Long lasting and contains ampoule of grape seed oil.

boxing gloves

Similar Fighting Gloves (Product Page)

Crafted for best performance and is made up of 100% leather. Have the best reliability in size and can be fixed in different sizes of wrist. It is best for boxing, and it can easily absorb the sweat.

 In Street Fighter V, the Ken Cosplay has been changed, and it is more advanced than the last costume. We have caught a new KEN which is entirely in a different outfit. Have a look at this.

Joe’s Sports T-Shirt (Product Page)

100% Polyester and can soak the sweat quickly and specially designed for the use of sports and gym. Available in different colors and sizes of every man’s and women’s.

JD’s Apparel Skinny Jeans (Product Page)

97% Cotton, 3% Spandex it is machine wash in the cold. It is available in different colors and sizes for men’s and women’s too. Zipper closure and it can be the whole wearable year for casual.

half finger gloves

Finger Open weightlifting gloves (Product Page)

Great and padded gloves improve the slip of hands and absorb the sweat to quickly. Comfortable design and available for men’s and women’s in different sizes of wrist. Adjust easily, quality material and quick removal.

Ken Street Fighter Costume is also seen in the movie which is animatedly designed to this game and in every series the voice is made by different persons. First, he is seen in the red outfit as he has been observed in the video game and after some time, the new edition of Street Fighter has been announced, and his cosplay changed. In SFV, the character becomes more classic and better than the old version. Do consider this guide and transform yourself into a Dragon Puncher.

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