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Retro Guide to Nightwing Costume


Nightwing is the fictional superhero and has appeared in various incarnations. DICK GRAYSON becomes Nightwing after he was dismissed from the role of ROBIN. He was featured in the series from 1995 to 2009.
GRAYSON’S NIGHTWING costume was a high-tech suit specially designed for his high-flying acrobatic style. He was first in Superman’s look when Superman has no powers; the story is set in KANDOR a KRYPTONIAN city which shrunken and preserved in the bottle. Grayson’s attire consists of self-destructing features built into them. This suit was first taken out from the American Comic books (DC Comics).

The original Nightwing in DC comics was the Alien superhero. The costume consists of a Nightwing mask, hand gloves, long boots and the full suit which makes you utterly and entirely looks like Dick Grayson. Grayson’s cosplay consists of self-destructing features built into them. After coming to New York, Dick added a black utility belt eliminating his boots and gauntlets. He also carries a bag on his back with his dress in which pair of Eskrima Clubs made from resistant polymers that were welded from offensive and defensive materials.

Nightwing Costume for Men

Nightwing Costume BodysuitNightwing Complete Outfit (Product Page)

100% high spandex material, it is unisex suitable for men’s and women’s and great stretch which is comfortable to wear in or out. Quality product for everyone produce by the company confirming the reliability of the product.

Armor BeltBelt or Waist strip (Product Page)

Tactical, gear and cotton with leather armor belt provides a great look and give the best options to wear on any clothing’s.

Adult MaskAdult Mask (Product Page)

The resin material used in the making of a mask can be worn comfortably, and it is suitable to wear in Christmas parties, Halloween and costume cosplays. Adults sizes to fit on.

Boots 2Steel toe Long shoes (Product Page)

PVC polyblend injection molded construction is seamless and 100% waterproof but flexible for exceptional comfort. Comfort technology offers the best top line for easy comfort.

Nightwing Costume for Kids

nightwing costume kidNightwing Costume (Product Page)

100% cotton wearable for winters and summers both, Nightwing hoodie can be used In daily routine or in cosplay parties too. High quality and best artistry very soft and comfortable.

Fibre Sticks Blue
Fiber made sticks Replica (Product Page)

Plastic imported, best for children’s playing. Doesn’t harm anyone officially licensed product.

nightwing mask kid

Mask (Product Page)

Nightwing Mask with adjustable strap gives the reliability to stand on your face. Large sizes for adults are available and can offer you the best look.

Dick Grayson has destroyed the police corruption and removed the greater part of crime and street crimes from the city. But his role in the Blockbusters Death is the tremendous guilt for him, he retires from the criminal investigation, and the TIM DRAKE becomes the new crime investigator. Then Grayson moves to the NEW YORK where he lives with the outsiders, as insiders threaten both outsiders and the newest incarnation of TEEN TITANS. However, he realizes the team has gotten too personal and quits.

The entire dress is also in new innovative design which consists of somewhat same materials but different in design. As gloves and most shoes are in a different pattern. The Nightwing costume is one of the best character costumes which can be used in Halloween, cosplays, and in many other occasions and events.

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