Guide to Doctor Who Costume and Merchandise Collection

Doctor Who Costumes

Doctor Who is one those TV series that don’t seem to tire the audience. In fact, each season brings in more viewers and the fan base gets even stronger. For those who don’t know about it or haven’t watched it yet, it is worth your time. It is one of the longest-running TV series, having aired in 1963.

Doctor Who Costumes

Over the course of its broadcast, fans of all ages have gone on to dress up as various Doctors. When we narrow it down, the ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth and Thirteenth Doctors have been popular figures. Five characters that people love to dress up for costume events. In this costume guide, we will tell you what you should have to look perfectly like one these Doctors, starting with Jodie Whittaker.

13th Doctor Costume

13th doctor

Jodie Whittaker is the first female who playing the role of  13th Doctor Who. She becomes famous due to her efforts and heroic actions. Her appearance is also very awesome and if you want to look like her then check out 13th Doctor costumes.

Her costume may includes a coat, rainbow T-shirt , sonic screw driver, a pant and a pair of boots.

13th doctor coat jodie whittaker

 Grey 13th Doctor Costume Coat – Fjackets

Thirteenth doctor shirt

 Rainbow T-Shirt – Amazon

13th Doctor Screwdriver

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver – Amazon

13th doctor kit

 Pant with T-Shirt – Amazon

Brown Laceup boots

Boots – Amazon

12th Doctor Costume


Peter Capaldi is the current and 12th Doctor of the show. For his amazing acting ability, he is considered as one of the best Doctors in the franchise’s entire history. He first appeared in 2013 and has featured in two series until date but also confirmed that 10th series will be his last appearance. He is an experienced TV serial actor who is looking to bring out the best in the latest season. The 12th Doctor costume is one of the favorite attire to be worn, and if you want to find out how to get the look then check out our Doctor Who Costumes list.


12th Doctor Shirt

12th Doctor Shirt (Product Page)

12th Doctor Vest

12th Doctor Vest (Product Page)

12th Doctor Blue Coat

12th Doctor Blue Coat

12th Doctor Maroon Coat

12th Doctor Maroon Coat

12 Doctor Series 10 Coat

12th Doctor Black Coat (Series 10)

12th Doctor Pant

12th Doctor Pant (Product Page)

12th Doctor Boots

12th Doctor Boots (Product Page)

12th Doctor Screwdriver

12th Doctor Screwdriver (Product Page)

The costume of 12th Doctor Who Peter Capaldi completes and now it’s turning for the rest of Doctor Who Costume.

11th Doctor Costume

11th Doctor Who

He is none other than Matt Smith. Matt plays the 11th Doctor and he is another actor to play the role of the Doctor for more than three years. He lasted for four years in which he appeared for three seasons and in more than five specials wearing his 11th Doctor Jacket along with complementary accessories. His sense of dressing has always been formal and if you too want to follow the 11th Doctor costume, then have a look at the list.


11th Doctor Shirt

11th Doctor Shirt (Product Page)

White Stripe Dress shirt

White Slim Fit 11th Doctor Shirt (Product Page)

11th Doctor Bow-tie

11th Doctor Bow-tie (Product Page)

11th Doctor Jacket

11th Doctor Jacket (Product Page)

11th Doctor Jeans

11th Doctor Jeans (Product Page)

11th Doctor Boots

11th Doctor Boots (Product Page)

11th Doctor Fez Hat

11th Doctor Fez Hat (Product Page)

11th Doctor Screwdriver

11th Doctor Screwdriver (Product Page)

11th Doctor Suspenders

11th Doctor Suspenders (Product Page)

No wonder he is considered such a fashion-oriented character. 2017 can be your best season yet. If you want to wear it an 11th Doctor cosplay at an event then go ahead. No matter where you plan to wear doctor who merchandises, with your hairstyle, you will have an exact look of Matt Smith.

10th Doctor Costume

 10th Doctor

David Tennant plays the role of the 10th Doctor. David stayed for three seasons including special episodes, which lasted four years from 2006 to 2010. Out of all the Doctors, he had a fascinating personality and was fun to watch. He also had a sense of style, which you can see the list of the 10th Doctor costume below. First, we will start with his brown suit.


10th Doctor Brown Suit Tie

10th Doctor Brown Suit Tie (Product Page)

brown suit for man doctor who

10th Doctor Brown Suit

10th Doctor Brown Suit Sneakers

10th Doctor Brown Suit Sneakers (Product Page)

brown full sleeve shirt

10th Doctor Brown Suit Shirt (Product Page)

You will not get these near-perfect accessories anywhere else. This is a guide that will earn you a lot of compliments in terms of quality and look. This was him in a brown suit. If brown is not your choice then you can go for a blue suit.


10th Doctor Blue Suit Shirt

10th Doctor Blue Suit Shirt (Product Page)

10th Doctor Blue Suit Tie

10th Doctor Blue Suit Tie (Product Page)

10th Doctor Blue Suit

10th Doctor Blue Suit

10th Doctor Blue Suit Shoes

10th Doctor Blue Suit Shoes (Product Page)

There are few compulsory items that a cosplayer of 10th Doctor Who will definitely require with both the costumes.


10th Doctor Coat

10th Doctor Coat

10th Doctor Screwdriver

10th Doctor Screwdriver (Product Page)

10th Doctor Glasses

10th Doctor Glasses (Product Page)

These are all the items that the cosplayer will require to have if he’s a big fan of David Tennant’s 10th Doctor character.

9th Doctor Costume

9th Doctor Who

Christopher plays the 9th Doctor in the TV series. He first appeared in 2005 and stayed for one series. The reason he is a popular character for people to replicate is for the accolades he received during his tenure. His look is simple yet heroic and not too fancy. He is one the most renowned Doctors of the show and below is the list of the 9th Doctor costume.


Mens Henley Black Tshirt

9th Doctor Shirt (Product Page)

9th Doctor Jacket

9th Doctor Jacket

9th Doctor Jeans

9th Doctor Jeans (Product Page)

9th Doctor Boot

9th Doctor Boot (Product Page)

9th Doctor Screwdriver

9th Doctor Screwdriver (Product Page)

This was how to look like the 9th Doctor. As you can see, these items are not that expensive, and you don’t have to spend a lot for something you can wear only once. These essential items and can work really well with your dr who costume.

Doctor Who Merchandise

doctor who shirt

Doctor Who T-Shirt (Product Page)

The logo on the t-shirt says it out loud that how much you love the longest-running television series. This casual t-shirt you can wear to any party and Doctor who fans will dig you for it.

10th doctor funko

10th Doctor Who Funko (Product Page)

Funko Pops has introduced cute lineups of doctor who characters for Pop-Culture fans. Here is one of our favorite, the 10th Doctor Funko that’ll look absolutely amazing with on your desk table.

Doctor Who hooded Jacket

Doctor Who Hooded Jacket (Product Page)

This hoodie is what every Doctor Who Costumes fan should wear casually and occasionally. The hoodie depicts same looks of  Peter Capaldi coat.

12th doctor funko

12th Doctor Who Funko (Product Page)

They also have Peter Capaldi version of Funko in store for the pop-culture fans. It’s one of a kind piece to add to your collection of doctor who merch.

This is the only place where you will get a systematic guide to style in your favorite Doctor. You have four Dr Who Halloween Costume to choose from. Apart from the suits, the ties, and the boots, the one important item that all the Doctors possess is their trusty tools and gadgets.

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