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DIY: Epic Ways To Make Donkey Kong Costume

Donkey Kong Is one of the adventurous game in which Ape-like character. It is featured as He is the opponent in the industrial construction setting. He was firstly announced in Arcade game in which, he faces Mario and now Nintendo’s flagship character. As the Donk Kong Country series revived in which he and his clans were the protagonists in their native jungle setting, who fights with the variety of anthropomorphic enemies. Usually against the Kermlings, a clan of crocodiles, and their King K. Rool.

The Hallmark of Donkey Kong is the barrel which he usually uses for weapons, vehicles, furniture, and lodging. The Donkey Kong Costume is highly recognizable and very popular because of his gigantic shape. His suit is often seen everywhere in Birthday, cosplays and typical event parties. Do study this guide to make your costume ready.

Donkey Kong Costume For Adults

donkey kong mens costume

Kong’s Deluxe Costume (Amazon)

100% Polyester Imported suit for adults which are available in different sizes, easy and comfortable wear. Gives the perfect look of the character for your parties.

Donkey Adult Mask (Amazon)

Imported and licensed mask for the character which completes your whole costume. Designed for a comfortable fit on the face.

Orange shirt adults (Amazon)

100% cotton narrower ribbed collar without cover seam contemporary fit. Shoulder to shoulder tape for easy and reliable wear.

red tie

Tie (Amazon)

Luxurious satin finished solid red colored necktie provides the best look and easy to wash. Hand wash and can be wearable on every formal dressing or worn in casual routine also.

Brown sneakers (Amazon)

Canvas imported sneaker shoes which match the whole costume and gives an elegant look. Easy on and off with three eyelets.

Outfit For Boy’s

Boy’s Suit (Amazon)

Includes the full bodysuit which is in different sizes for kids. Elegant look and can be easily fit on the body.

Boy’s shirt (Amazon)

50% cotton, 50% polyester, imported high quality and machine wash. Has a rib knit collar and two needles hemmed sleeves.

Orange boys cap (Amazon)

Cotton made with easy grip for kids size and absorbed the sweats. High-quality material with a perfect match.

Boys shoes (Amazon)

Leather and mesh with a synthetic sole, breathable mesh upper with speed laces. PVC mud guard and heel stabilizer.

 Costume For Girl’s

Complete Donkey Kong costume (Amazon)

Whole costume for kids and easy, comfortable wear. Includes everything which is preferable for fashion.

pony tail white curly blonde

Ponytail (Amazon)

Extra Light blonde 100% heat friendly resistant made up of high-quality synthetic fiber.

Top Shirt for Girls pink donkey kong

Top Shirt for Girls (Amazon)

Polyester and Spandex imported, the shirt size is available for everyone. Ruching on side seam and hang dry, can also be wear in casual or parties.


Round scoop cap (Amazon)

Made up of 100% cotton, one size fits the best on everyone with elastic band closure.

 Kids shoes (Amazon)

Leather and mesh with the synthetic sole, have a strong, comfortable look and easy wear for children’s.

Donkey Kong is one of the best characters today as it gives a perfect break through to the arcade gaming company which has also created the game Super Mario series. The costume or animation maker of this character shows the definite version 0f the Kong, and this guide will help you to own the character f0r your cosplay, Birthdays and act of costume.

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