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How to Become Doctor Strange In Just 5 Minutes

Dr. Strange Costume

Over the years we have seen Cumberbatch play a variety of roles and he has mesmerized us in every one them. But this time, it is even harder as he to portray a character of Dr. Stephan Strange in Avengers Endgame. Let’s just hope it goes down well for everyone. Today we are going to all about the mysterious and mystical Doctor Strange Costume and how can make it without many difficulties.

Stephan Strange was a famous neurosurgeon who injures his hands in a car accident. Searching far and wide for a cure, he meets the Ancient one and learns the way of magic.  After that, he learns mystical and martial arts to become the master of all three. He is then bestowed with the Book of Vishanti, The Eye of Ogamotto, and the Cloak of Levitation, which is to be used to save the world from the forces of evil.

Dr Strange Suit

Dr. Strange Suit (Product Page)

To fill the void of their heart we brought you the exact adult Doctor Strange Costumes for Men. The blue robe and red colors look as real as it can get on this fascinating outfit. Just imagine your favorite consulting detective wearing this corduroy suit and being the Master of Mystical Arts. Intriguing right? Now imagine yourself wearing Doctor Strange Halloween Costume. Keep Imaging!


Dr Strange Necklace

Dr. Strange Necklace (Product Page)

Owing to a prop or merchandise from a movie is becoming a popular trend nowadays. Back in the day, no one cared much about these tiny things, but now such items depict your love and devotion to the character. Since you are such a big fan of the Captain Universe, and you want your Doctor Strange costume adult to be the best among all. Then you must possess the eye of Agamotto. Specially made by Fjackets for fanatic fantasy fans the necklace is laced with picture-perfect details.  Click on the picture and see for yourself but let me warn you this piece of jewelry is irresistible and you might all your self-control.


dr strange cloak of levitation

Doctor Cloak (Product Page)

Call me a stereotype but for me, it’s “no cloak no Superhero”. And the Cloak of Levitation is one of the major instrument Dr. Strange uses to save the world. The Doctor Strange cloak gives him the powers to fly and levitate. The bright red cape is very useful as it can be used with  Doctor Strange Cosplay Costume.


dr strange boots

Doctor Strange Boots (Product Page)

And the next thing you need is a pair of these Doctor Strange boots. Made up poly-synthetic leather for easy low-cost maintenance and easy clean. The pair is an exact duplication of the one seen wearing by Vincent Stevens himself in the leaked pictures and movie trailers.




dr strange wig

Doctor Strange Wig (Product Page)

To add all the more detail to your Marvel Doctor Strange costume you need to have this Wig. You can pay your tribute to the prolific character by growing of shortening your hair to match with the Dr.’s. But that would just be a waste of time and effort when you can get the exact same wig made by the good people of Amazon.


doctor strange hoodie

Hoodie (Product Page)

The Dr. Strange hoodie is the newest and sassiest thing it the market right not. It is made up of warm and comfy material with the Logo placed at the center. Get your hands on it now before it runs out of stock.


Dr Strange cosplay shirt

Doctor Strange Costume Shirt (Product Page)

Here is a Doctor Strange Womens Shirt with an Eye of Agamotto logo. Now you don’t have to buy an extra necklace as it comes with your tee.



Since the Marvel cinematic world is drip feeding about Dr. Strange with just one information at a time. This is what we have till now on the Sorcerer Supreme, but we will keep our Agomotto Eye on for any plus size details about him and his cosplay. Till then keep sharing this guide with all the Marvel fans and with the baker street babes. Also, see — Avengers Infinity War Costume Guide.

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