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Perfect Guide for Elektra Costume

Elektra Costume

Elektra Natchios is the furious and deadliest female comic character ever to be created. In the whole Marvel universe, there is no one who would take a chance on her. It is a really simple mess with her and you are a dead corpse. Early in her age, she started learning martial arts for self-defense. When she was in university she and her father were kidnapped by terrorists, Matt (Daredevil) tired to save them but Elektra’s father was killed in the prospect. There she lost all hope and went to China to learn and master martial arts, and returned as the lethal Geek Assassin.

Elektra Daredevil Costume

Elektra Daredevil Costume

In the last season of Marvel’s daredevil we were privileged to see the lethal scarlet assassin aka Elektra. The deadliest assassin is referred as the biggest foes of Matt Murdock famously know as the Daredevil. Not only his arch enemy but also the love of his life. Today we will focus at the costume details of Elektra featured in the 2nd season of Netflix hit TV series Marvel’s Daredevil. We are sure that after this guide you will be able to make the best Elektra costume.

Elektra Sais

Elektra Sais (Product Page)

The first thing we want you to purchase is this Sai set, After you have bought this set you will be able to have to feels the Greek assassin. This Sai set is available on Amazon is great for you have and will add the title assassin before your name but do make sure not to get others of yourself hurt. Just use it for cospalys and collections not for any personal vendetta.

Turtle Neck Red Tanktop

Elektra Top (Product Page)

The next thing you will need is red turtleneck tunic top. Those of you how have read the comics or even seen of Elektra on the television know the importance of this turtleneck top. Elektra uses the turtle neck to cover her face while fight off her enemies. You must buy this top to make your costume just as seen on the TV series.

Elektra Tank Top

Elektra Tank Top (Product Page)

The turtle neck top is covered by this black sleeveless shirt. This perfect slim fit T-shirt gives Elektra her sexy look plus it also helps her to remain in the shadows. You need this scarlet assassin shirt for perfect Elektra Daredevil costume.

Elektra Pant

Elektra Pant (Product Page)

Elektra needs her costume to be as comfortable as possible so that is able to slice though her enemies. Quick and electrifying personality needs some extravagant pants. You can have the same by just following the link.

Elektra Gloves

Elektra Gloves (Product Page)

You need to have a firm grip on your Sais and for that to happen you will need these leather gloves. Just as the ones wore by the character herself these are made with high quality material to ensure comfort and durability.

Elektra Belt

Elektra Belt (Product Page)

This belt here is the final thing you will need for perfecting your Elektra costume is this pin buckle belt. Although you can wear any other belt but this will ensure that your costume is an exact replica of the original Elektra Daredevil costume.

So here is the complete and most accurate way you can adapt the beautiful attire. We have brought you this blog just for your guidance, and we hope that we have succeeded in our goal. We will be adding more costume guides soon stay tuned for updates.

Elektra Comic Costume

Elektra Comic Costume

Now we shall take a look at the more conventional costume of the Greek assassin, i.e. Elektra costume form comics. This costume is a little tricky form the one previously shown here and you will need more items to complete it. Don’t worry we will guide you through each and every detail of Elektra costume. Following are the things you will need.

Electra Comic Dress

Elektra Comic Dress (Product Page)

To make your own costume you should start looking for the perfect torso or shirt, and here you will need this sexy on a shoulder swimsuit. Looking at the pictures you will realize at its more or same as the top adorned by the Greek goddess of death herself. This will do very nicely for you and is available rather cheap as compared to other choices out there in the market.

Elektra Comic Skirt

Elektra Comic Skirt (Product Page)

To go with you red top you and to dwell in the gist of your costume you will need this Elektra double slit maxi skirt. Putting this together with your top you will see that your costume is shaping very nicely. This skirts will not only work as a cosplay item but you can also wear it to parties or belly dance classes (if you are into that thing).

Electra Boots

Elektra Boots (Product Page)

Next up you will need these riveting boots, Along the same color line as the rest of the suit. These boots will be a very food addition to your costume and to add more class to your wardrobe. Made of elastic material which makes these shoes very comfortable to wear and walk-in. A must-have item for your cosplay and you’re daily in use items.

Electra Comic Sais

Elektra Comic Sais (Product Page)

Now that your costume has been properly shaped now we need the item that gave Elektra violent identity yes we are talking about the ever deadly razor-sharp set of Sai. This is the weapon of choice of the scarlet assassin, a weapon which she uses to send her enemies to meet their gods. Even if you have had plastic surgery to look just like the character no one will recognize you without these.


Elektra Wig

Elektra Wig (Product Page)

Wig is not a necessary item but will add very precious detail to your look. Pure black just as Elektra’s hair, this wig make sure to people come to and ask your autograph thinking you are the real Elektra.

Elektra Red Ribbon

Elektra Red Ribbon (Product Page)

The final item on the list are these ribbons, Elektra uses these ribbons to distract her enemies while you can use it to add more flair and beauty to your costume.

Now you need to decide either you want to dress up as Elektra Comic Version or you like her TV series look. You can easily make your stuff ready with this easy to use guide. Share with your friends to let them know and comment if you found it useful.

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