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Ultimate Star Wars Backpacks To Level Up Travel Experience

Star Wars is the most epic series that I am watching since I was a little kid and today, the whole franchise has evolved. The value of entertainment it provides is totally epic, each season brings something new for the audience that’s just addictive. Apart from the whole Saga, the franchise is also known for introducing a number of cool merchandise and collectibles for lifestyle. You just can’t ignore it, both adolescents and kids are always looking forward to buying fantasy collection and the first thing that you should go for is a Star wars Backpack. It’s an ideal choice for everyday use so here are 10 favorite travel companions.


Darth Vader 3D Backpack (Product Page)

Let’s start with the infamous Lord of Darkness. Yeah, things just not going that good for you so Enter the Darkness by carrying this backpack. Darth Vader will take care of everything.

chewbacca bag school backpack

Chew Bacca 3D Bag (Product Page)

Get a Furry Look in featured design for Star Wars Fans. It’s special edition merchandise that comes with a locker handle.

BB-8 Multi Traveler (Product Page)

BB-8 or should I say Dome Head, a cool and friendly robot introduced in Star Wars series. Just like the character, this looks awesome too.

Comic Book Star Wars (Product Page)

For comic book fans, I present you this comic style travel companion for kids and adolescents. It’s time to Come To The Dark Side.


Baby Characters Star Wars Backpack (Product Page)

Ever seen the movie characters in baby style. Well, now you can with this bag because it’s cool and makes you feel nostalgia.

Star Wars Ewok (Product Page)

Stay Ewoke and enjoy the journey with this epic Backpack. Feel the Ewok,

Star Wars 7 Stormtrooper Backpack (Product Page)

Enjoy the comfort but don’t mess with Stormtroopers, they’ll unleash hell on you. They will follow when you wear this featured style.

Rebel Alliance (Product Page)

Join the Rebel and show the support in featured style bag for travel and school. It’s officially licensed and has a special pocket for headphones.

Classic Characters (Product Page)

This item features all characters such as Darth Vader, Skywalker, Yoda and even Stormtroopers. A great choice for kids and students.

3D Boba Bag (Product Page)

The Bounty is now live, now is your chance to collect but don’t forget this bag to carry the reward. It’s in 3D style and makes you become the popular clone of an actual bounty hunter.

The franchise has released countless merchandise and the craze is just going nuts. If you consider yourself a die-hard fan of the popular Sci-Fi movie, then you got to own a Star Wars Backpack because Darth Vader approves them! Also, see – (Star Wars Tank Tops).

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