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Take a Trip To Bikini Bottom With Trendy Spongebob Backpack

Do you know the guy who loves jelly fishing and lives under the sea in a big Pineapple House? Yeah, the yellow Sponge is back to make us laugh, and he also has some special gift for everyone. The world greatest fry cook welcomes you to join the Krusty Krew along with Mr. Krabs, Sandy, Patrick and that moody, Squidward Tentacles. Today, Spongebob is really excited to share some cool goodies that you can carry around anywhere. Get ready because right now, I am about to show you 10 animated style Spongebob Backpacks that is totally awesome and colorful choice for young fans.


Emoji Style Spongebob (Product Page)

Define your mood with featured style emoji bag. It looks catchy and funny too.

Square Shape Bag (Product Page)

When you wear this, people will think you’re actually carrying a real-life Spongebob behind your back. Another 3D style for Fry Cook fans.

Plankton Sackpack (Product Page)

The Krabby Patty formula stealer and Mr. Krab’s arch nemesis, Plankton is here to take over the world. No, wait! he’s just patched to a sackpack, he can’t do anything now.

Patrick All Over Backpack (Product Page)

Patrick has gone viral and spreading everywhere. Just look at this bag, maybe you’re next.

Canvas Yellow Spongebob Backpack (Product Page)

Spongebob can be cute and scary at the same time, If you want to look scary, then you should consider this Bookbag to frighten your school bullies.

Reversible Travel Bag (Product Page)

Get a load of this cheesy bag for travel. It totally looks spongy and best for casual outdoor travel.

Patrick Star Plush Toddler Bag (Product Page)

Patrick may be dumb, but this plush bag sure looks cute. Why not buy it for your little kid?

Plush Cute Bag (Product Page)

Kids are the most admiring fans of Spongebob so for the little one, I present you this cute plush backpack.

Patrick Merchandising Bag (Product Page)

Patrick trend is going crazy, his stock is everywhere. One of the best merchandise I found is this featured colorful bag. Perfect for travelers.

Squidward School Bag (Product Page)

Squidward is always feeling annoyed, and this ugly bag speaks it all. Here’s the story, Once there was an ugly barnacle, he was so ugly that everyone died, THE END!

Fans just can’t enough of watching Nickelodeon favorite show. The cheesy guy is hilarious, and when he annoys his neighbor and fellow worker Squidward, the fun just gets better. According to Squidward, he’s just a SpongeLoser, but I am sure you’ll love wearing yellow Spongebob backpack while going to school and travel. Do tell your friends about this Square Dude stuff. For related (My Little Pony Backpack).

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