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Fantastic Beasts Costume And Merchandises

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Many years have been passed since we last experienced the magical world of Harry Potter. This time, a new story has arised centering on a new character “Newt Scamander”, a magizoologist at Hogwarts. The plot of the story revolves around Scamander, who travels around the world to discover various magical creatures.

In my blog today, I will show you the insights of Newt Scamander Costume of the eccentric magizoologist and the different merchandises that can be a pretty good choice.

Newt Scamander DIY


We first saw that name on Harry’s supply list; He was the writer of the textbook “Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them”. So, we don’t have much personal details of the character this magizoologist. But we do know what matters the most is Newt Scamander Costume! And the following are all the different at that will help you make it.

Newt Scamander Coat

Newt Scamander Costume Coat (Product Page)

No matter how many times you watched the movie or seen the trailers, and in all of those you would have seen Newt wearing a blue trench coat. Similarly, we have this ultra high-quality wool made coat replica of the original one and looks pretty accurate. So make sure to make your costume and include this in the list.


Fantastic Beasts Grey Coat

Fantastic Beasts The Crimes Of Grindelwald Coat (Product Page)

Newt Scamander is now donning a much more enchanting look for the new chapter.  Reprising the same role as the wizard but with more options to explore the city of London. As for the outfit, it will definitely put your haters in jealous as it features similar details from the original one.

Newt Scamander Wand

Newt Scamander Costume Wand (Shop via Amazon)

Now is the time for a most important item of any wizard costume, the wand of the wizard. This authentic Newt Scamander cosplay merchandise is available on F Jackets, but there is a limited stock you must get this as soon as possible. The wand is 14’’ long and comes in a special collector’s edition box and is official authorized (which is all the more reason to buy is ASAP).

Newt Scamander White Shirt

White Shirt (Shop via Amazon)

You probably own a white shirt like this but in case it seems old or very tardy looking. It will be good for you to buy a new one. Here is one that I think will be good for your cosplay and after that for daily wear too. Its slim fit design might seem a bit modern for 1920’s ( the year in which movie is perceived) but the classic collar design gives it the typical look of the old days.

Newt Scamander Bow Tie

Newt Scamander Bow Tie (Shop via Amazon)

I specifically asked to lose the bow tie from the above suit because it was not of the same style as magizoologist’s and had different patterns drawn all over it. And here is the bow tie that Eddie Redmayne wore in the movie. This easily adjustable tie made up of microfibers is going to add that perfection necessary for your outfit.

Newt Scamander Vest

Newt Scamander Costume Vest (Shop via Amazon)

I had a difficult time sorting and selecting out this piece of clothing because there was not a clear indication of the color of the vest. Some pictures suggested that it was golden other times it seemed to be tamed brown. But finally, I zeroed in the one displayed here since it was giving a better look than golden when matched with the blue long coat. And about the quality of the vest all I would say that I am nearly 92% satisfied with it which means the quality is pretty good.

Newt Scamander Suit

Newt Scamander Suit (Shop via Amazon)

Now you need is a good old cotton suit just as the magizoologist wore, but it not that easy to find. Lucky for you, we found the perfect match. The near same color, design, and a very premium quality made us stick to it. The suit comes in a package of coat, pants, vest and the bow tie. If you haven’t already bought, the vest prescribed above you can use the vest in here. But I would recommend that you get rid of the bow tie featured in this package since it is ugly and more importantly does not match Newt Scamander Costume of Mr. Scamander.


Newt Scamander Scarf

Scarf (Shop via Amazon)

The next merchandise you need for your outfit is this Scarf that we have seen Scamander wore when he wanders around the streets of New York chasing the magical creatures. This scarf is official merchandise from the movie.

Newt Scamander Shoes

Newt Scamander Boots (Shop via Amazon)

Now to complete you clothing all you need are these classy brown boots. These oxford style boots are of rubber sole for comfort and durability, and rest of the shoe is made of high-quality man-made material. Although we cannot say, these are same as ones we saw in the trailer. They are near match in color which is not bad for now. We will update as soon as we find some exact match.

Newt Scamander Suitcase

Newt Scamander Suitcase (Shop via Amazon)

And here is the item that has caused all the troubles in the Newt’s world. This magical suitcase is where esteemed magizoologist keeps the creatures that he has captured. This bag plays a vital role in the movie as some of the creatures escape from the case on the streets of New York. So there is no way you can bail out this item.

Newt Scamander Binoculars

Binoculars (Shop via Amazon)

Now all you need to do is to add details such as these vintage binoculars which Newt used from time to time for locating and capture the beasts that ran free on the streets of NY. The high-quality brass made binoculars are fully functioning which means you can go site seeing with them.

Newt Scamander Pocket Watch

Pocket Watch (Shop via Amazon)

Like all the other people of that time, Newt also used a pocket watch and although we haven’t got a clear look of the watch to determine the make and model but we are pretty sure that it will be somewhat same as this one displayed here.

Fantastic Beasts Costumes Merchandise

Suiting up in Newt Scamander Costume isn’t going to fully show your love for wizards, witches and the muggle who creates it them all J.K Rowling. So to fully show how much you love and enjoy reading and watching her works, you need these merchandise. These item will show that you have adore her works so much that you even adore the things that are related to her works.

There are different types of props from the first ever Harry Potter spin off present in the market today including shirts, wands, jewelry, hoodies, and even coffee mugs. If you are happy with your muggle-ish shirts and hoodies then you can move on to the next page. But, if you want to edge up into the persona of wizards you must have a collection like this.

Fantastic Beasts Shirt

Fantastic Beasts T Shirt (Shop via Amazon)

Fantastic Beasts T Shirt

Logo T Shirt (Shop via Amazon)

We are sure as Christmas that a fanatic fan like you will never stop at just buying a T-shirt. So that is why we bring the jewelry from the wizard world of New York. Have a look.


Macusa Slider Charm (Shop via Amazon)


Fantastic Beasts Necklace (Shop via Amazon)

  • Other Trending Merchandise

Apart from the shirts and Jewelry, following are the most tending Fantastic Beasts merchandise now days.


No-Maj Snapback Hat (Shop via Amazon)

everyday i am nifflin

I’m Nifflin Coffee Mug (Shop via Amazon)

Now you know all about the Fantastic Beasts costumes and merchandise and where to find them. Although these are quite few but they are high in demand as compared to any other outerwear worn in the movie. It will take quite some time in people getting used to the Potter spin-off, but it undoubtedly has become a hit among some fans.

So here are the costume and its relative merchandise from the franchise. Do like and share it if you find it worthwhile. (Related: See Harry Potter gifts)

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