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Fast and Furious Collection and Outfits Guide

Fast And The Furious Clothing

The movie that was once released in 2001 is now the biggest part of the Hollywood industry and biggest franchise ever known. The film is all about street car racing which involves action and suspense starring Paul Walker (Died in 2013 in a Car Accident), Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Jordana Brewster, Jason Statham, and more characters.

Today we’ll talk about their outfits and how you can look like them in our Fast and the Furious Clothing Collection.

How To Fashion In Fast and Furious Collection


Vin diesel Clothing from Fast 8

Fate and the Furious Black Jacket - Copy

Here, you got it all to look like the man with a 1970 Dodge Charger R/T. Just shave your head or wear a bald cap to impersonate him.

Luke Hobbs Fate of the Furious Vest 

Dwayne Johnson Vest with Matching Collection

Add Rock Bottom style to your appearance with Luke Hobbs Costume

Michelle Rodriguez Asymmetrical Brown Outerwear From Fast 8

Letty Ortiz Outfit and Leather Jacket

She’s always seen wearing cool apparels, this one is just one example you should try out.

Casual Distressed Leather Jacket

Michelle Rodriguez Letty Ortiz Jacket

Whether it’s casual or formal occasion, always prefer the featured vintage style from Fate of the Furious

Letty Ortiz Biker Jacket From Fate of the Furious

Letty Ortiz Biker Jacket

For biker woman, the listed outfit is the key for looking dashing.

Jason Statham Outfits Fast 8

Deckard Shaw Matching Outfit

It’s hard to adapt the mean face but what you can do is gear up in his outfit that includes his infamous coat, shirt and pants from Fate of the Furious.

Tej Parker Clothes From Fast 8

Tej Parker Outfit From Fate of the Furious

The rapper is back in town with cool new outfit for his fans. This Ludacris apparel will gain you impression that you deserve.

Cipher Black Leather Jacket

Charlize Theron Cipher Jacket

The debuting villain left inspiration for the fans. Modify your look with the featured set of clothes.


White Jacket

Vin Diesel White Jacket with Attire

If you’re looking to add Fast and Furious Clothing in your wardrobe, don’t forget this ultra design white jacket inspired from the actual outerwear.

Black Jacket

Vin Diesel Black Jacket Attire

Black is man’s first choice and these matching items will give you a complete man’s look.

Fast 7 Tactical Gear 

Luke Hobbs Costume

Gear up in selected tactical gear design for Halloween and Parties.

Deckard Shaw Leather Jacket From Fast 7

Deckar Shaw Jason Statham Outfit

The ultimate Jason Statham Clothes will dictate your personality and let you blend smoothly.

Fast and Furious Collection From Previous Parts

Fast 6 Vin Diesel Outfit

Vin Diesel Fast 6 Clothes

Sleeveless Vin Diesel Shirt and Matching Add-ons

Vin Diesel Casual fashion - Copy

Vin Diesel sleeveless shirt with his signature Fast and Furious Necklace.

2 Fast 2 Furious West Coast Chopper Tee

late paul walker west choppers shirt

2 Fast 2 Furious matching tee.

Blue Shirt from Fast 5

Brain O Conner Blue Shirt Outfit

Wear this tee along with black watch and denim jeans to create a fashion look.

Character’s Bio

Dominic Toretto

vin diesel

He’s the main character that played as Dominic Toretto or just Dom in all parts except in Tokyo which he had a cameo role in the ending.  He’s a prominent street racer and joined forces with Brian to bring more crew to his racing field. In the movie, he’s seen driving many sports cars but his major car is 70 Dodge Charger built by his Father while he was young. Apart from cars, he also has a sexy personality, you can show your love for him by capturing his style with following Vin Diesel Costume.

Tej Parker

Tej Parker

The man who loves cars more than women is back to join the crew but unfortunately, this time he’s not going to find Dominic in the team. The guy does not race anymore but instead work as a mechanic even though he’s already swimming in the pool of money. If you look closer, you’ll notice how many styles of outfit parker wore in the movie. I’ve mention similar styles of outfits in this guide.

Letty Ortiz

Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez is one of the main supporting characters standing alongside with Diesel and Late Walker. She played a fearless character and also is the wife of Dominic Toretto. She started from the beginning and just like Dom, she’s also a car enthusiast and always willing to take the ride to the extreme level. What makes her more popular is the way she’s dressed up. Her cool outfits will make you a fearless woman too.

Luke Hobbs

Dwayne The Rock Johnson

The guy who once Rock Bottomed The Big Show is now the highest paid actors in Hollywood. From Scorpion King to Tooth Fairy, he’s one heck of a man with talent. Now he’s performing in Fast and the Furious franchise as a tactical army persona, Luke Hobbs who’s determined to bring down the criminal members of illegal street racing but later on, became good friends and worked alongside with Dom, Brian, and other members. He’s focused and energetic, perhaps you can be like him if you have a muscular body and bald shiny head.

Deckard Shaw

Jason Statham

A movie cannot reach its goal without featuring a bad-ass villain and someone like Jason Statham can easily drive that momentum. His character debuted as Deckard Shaw, older brother of Owen Shaw. He is the main antagonist of Fast 7 who’s out to take revenge following his brother defeat. The mercenary hired persona has made a comeback in Fate of the Furious to work alongside with Luke Hobbs and other team members. His outfit is the main focus for us today.



Introducing Cipher, she’s the main antagonist in the 8th part who now got Dominic Toretto. The blonde girl is about to strike the whole city and only way to stop her is by recruiting another antagonist from the previous part. She’s also imposing a new trendy look in the new black leather jacket.

Brian O’ Conner (Retired)

Late Paul Walker

Paul Walker aka Brian O’ Conner along with Vin Diesel was the second main protagonists that started from the first series. He worked as a former police offer in L.A Department but later abandon his professional field to work with Dominic. In the story, he marry’s Dom sister, Mia, and in Furious 7, he made one last agreement with the crew to avenge the death of Han, another team member. Paul Walker was in the middle of the shooting of 7th part of Fast and the Furious but died due to a car crash, and the movie was put on a long hold until his two other brothers decided to complete from where Walker left off. In the fictional world, he was retired.  Paul Walker Death is a huge loss for Hollywood which can’t be forgotten. To Honor the late actor, I want to share some of his fancy style outfits in the guide.

Fate of the Furious 2017

family no more

The most awaited Hollywood movie is here and brought epic excitement. The hype is huge and we are really excited to show you our range of selected outfits that will give you the same look like the character in the movie. On each chapter, there is suspense and most importantly a story of a family. That family is no more because, in the 8th chapter, the relationship is now in jeopardy.

Before you go and select your desired matching outfit, let us take a moment and give tribute to the Late Paul Walker who died in 2013.


Paul Walker Tribute

Paul Walker was among the main characters who played as Brian O’ Conner in all chapter except Tokyo Drift. He was the heart and soul of the franchise and made it what it is today. In 2013, Paul Walker met his death in a brutal car accident which left the whole world in shock and it was a difficult task for the producer to finish the movie. His death also shocked the cast but luckily, his two brothers agreed to contribute and play the role of the late actor with the help of CGI technology.

We end our Fast and Furious Merchandise session here. What makes us more exciting is we shown our viewer similar outfits that the cast wore in the movie. Just gear up and share this guide blog with your friends and family.

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