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7 Key Details To Look When Buying a Leather Jacket

features to look in a leather jacket

A leather jacket can make any person look instantly cool and badass which is why it should be available in every wardrobe. Whenever you decide to go and purchase a leather jacket, whether, from Amazon.com or any other website that you think is reliable, it is necessary to keep a few things in mind. Otherwise, you may waste your money on a bad product.

Here are 7 key features to help you identify the right piece for the occasion.

1. Leather material:


Nothing’s more important than the quality of leather you’re purchasing because if it’s good, you’ll enjoy it for many years. Normally, a genuine leather jacket contains animal hides and the bonus point of having one is it gets better over the year.

Go for thick leather material and see the textures on the surface to ensure you’ll achieve the look you want. Check either it is full grain or corrected grain leather – full grain jackets are likely to last longer.

2. Length of jacket:


Leather jackets are the biggest investment, to ensure you buy the right jacket that looks and feels great, sizing and length really matter. Some jackets are made for all while some just fit a certain type of bodies.

The length may vary, keep a measuring tape with you or ask someone to measure it for you. If you’re shopping online, search for a size infographic on the product page.

3. Shoulder fitting:


Another key feature is the shoulder alignment, check whether it is loose or too tight. Consider the trying out of the jacket before buying and double check by moving your arms up to see if there is any restriction. There should be plenty of room in your arms holes and make sure it is not too tight.

4. Collar:

Collar of Leather Jacket

Collar defines the look of the jacket as well as the person wearing it. There are plenty of cool styles out there like Shirt collar, turtle neck, and big lapels, all are good but some just works on certain clothing. Never go with the trend because it can change later but good style remains perfect all the time.

5. Inner lining:

lining of leather jacket

Inner lining plays a key role in comfort and keeping the person warm. If you need a jacket for daily use then go for viscose lining but if you need for keeping yourself warm enough in winter or snowy region then fur lining is the best option. Ask yourself about why you need the jacket? Then buy it as per the requirement.

6. Features:


A stylish leather jacket always comes with multiple features and panels. Your ultimate goal is not just to buy a good looking jacket but functionality is also important. A classic looking jacket features genuine YKK smooth zippers, at least include 2 external pockets, deep enough to carry essentials.

7. Stitching:

It takes 10 seconds to identify a good quality leather piece and here’s a tip – see if the stitching is proper.

Once you closely examine the stitch and notice anything is off then that jacket is not worth your hard earned money. If you’re shopping online, check the images properly by zooming it, each jacket construction can be different from another.

All styles are different and have a unique purpose so choose upon your choice and need.

Now, we have discussed all the important key features of the leather jacket before buying it. The main thing is having a worthy jacket in terms of both quality and style – always choose wisely!

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