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The Ultimate Costume Guide Of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Ferris Bueller Costume

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was undoubtedly one of the highlights of the 80’s. The movie was so popular that fans started copying their sense of styling. They loved it so much that they even dressed up as characters from the show. Out of the many characters was the main character of the show that the fans loved the most, Ferris Bueller.

Ferris Bueller Costume

Ferris Bueller Costume

Ferris Bueller is played by Mattew Broderick. The guy is highly skilled in bunking classes and easily getting away with it. He lives the life that every teenager wants, ditching school and going for trips. He is carefree about his career and wants to live life the fun way. This made a great story for the viewers as it represented how teenagers always act. His outfit, however, was the center of attraction which people copied a lot. This is the guide that will help you achieve a different costume in this Halloween season.

Ferris Bueller Beret Cap

Ferris Bueller Beret Cap (Product Page)

Although these are caps are out of fashion nowadays, they were a big hit in the 80’s and mostly due to Ferris Bueller.  This quirky looking cap cheekily defines the audacious and impromptus nature of the daring teen. It is a charming and diverse thing to have in your possession and certainly looks cooler than the conventional baseball caps. Not a necessity for this cosplay but more of an eye-catching detail, so it is up to you now to decided whether or not you want to add this item in your list.

Ferris Bueller T-Shirt

Ferris Bueller T-Shirt (Product Page)

Beneath the oddly designed vest and the smartly shaped jacket, there is this simple thing. We are sure that you have a white shirt of this type but if don’t have one or it’s very much worn out. You can it buy it from the link provided.

Ferris Bueller Vest

Ferris Bueller Vest (Product Page)

As stated earlier the vest is a bit uniquely designed and it’s really hard to find anything remotely related to this. But for a picture perfect cosplay, we need to have everything dripping with perfection, and that’s why you need to buy this Ferris Bueller sweater vest displayed here. This vest is tailor made duplication of the original vest that will add a pleasant abnormality to your personality (Just like Ferris Bueller himself).

Ferris Bueller Jacket

Ferris Bueller Jacket (Product Page)

This jacket has been a sweetheart for all the men through the decades. We have seen people, again and again, dressed up in this peculiar jacket. The jacket is the main attraction of the Ferris Bueller costume. Here we have featured the jacket produced by fjackets which is among the very best available. Goatskin made jacket is very soft, warm and wearable all day…and its will help you reconnect with your college-hood memories. Not just that it will also earn the prize for the best cosplay of the night.

Ferris Bueller Pant

Ferris Bueller Pant (Product Page)

Back in those days, people cared comfort more than style and hence the soft fabric pants of Ferris Bueller. You can wear any pants or any gray pants, but we suggest that you stick up with the aptness routine of excellence.

Ferris Bueller Shoes

Ferris Bueller Shoes (Product Page)

An extra pair of boots will only do you good. And if the pair is as unusual will charm up your personality and most importantly your Ferris Bueller Costume.

Ferris Bueller Wayfarer Glasses

Ferris Bueller Wayfarer Glasses (Product Page)

What teen is not obsessed with style and what teen of the 80’s didn’t wear sunglasses to upbeat his style and impress some ladybugs. Ferris Buller did the same, and so would you.

Ferris Bueller Key Ring

Ferris Bueller Key Ring (Product Page)

To add the devils detail in your costume you will have to find this in your hands to show that you work hard on the costume and never lose grip even on tiny details.

Cameron Frye Costume

Cameron Frye Costume

Now it’s time  take a hike into the Cameron Frye’s outfit. Cameron Frye is Ferris’ best friend, and they are always together. He is a bit timid and shy as compared to the bold personality of his best buddy. Ferris always seems to know what is his wing his thinking or doing even when they are not together and that’s what makes their friendship precious. His outfit however is the simplest one among the Ferris Bueller costume.

Cameron Fray Beret Cap

Cameron Frye Cap (Product Page)

Just like his best buddy Ferris, Cameron’s outfit also contains a neat cap. His color of choice is red however and is found all over in his costume. You sure are doing yourself a great favor by adding this to your outfit.


Cameron Frye Hockey Jersey (Product Page)

A lot of college students are passionate about sports, and this lad here is no exception. He is so in love with hockey that wears a hockey jersey most of the times and this imperfection in his fashion sense made the perfect cosplay choice ever.

Cameron Fray Pants

Cameron Frye Pants (Product Page)

The pants are simple, casual and very easy to find anywhere on the internet, however, will have filled you up with that too. You just have to follow the link and be done with it.

Cameron Fray Shoes

Cameron Frye Shoes (Product Page)

For adaptation of this relatively easy costume, the last thing is shoes. Any black shoes will do the job nicely but of don’t have good and the comfy pair then you should try this one.

Sloane Peterson Costume

Salone Peterson Costume

Sloane is Ferris little girlfriend, she is sweet, caring affectionate and madly in love with Ferris. She wants be his wife and constantly dreams of it. Let’s see Mia Sara dressed up in this romcom/advantre movie as we list the final Ferris Bueller costume.

Salone Perterson Sunglasses

Sloane Peterson Sunglasses (Product Page)

Like BF like GF, Sloane and Ferris go hand in hand through thick and thin. They are on the same page for everything and love for shades is no different. Just like her “bae” she likes to wear these wayfarer sunglasses.

Sloane Perterson Top

Sloane Peterson Top (Product Page)

To tank up your take on the Ferris Bueller costume of Sloane Peterson, you are purchasing this blue tank top. Exactly like she wears to take the best day off with her brave, bold and beloved boyfriend.

Salone Perterson Fringe Jacket

Sloane Peterson Jacket

The fundamental element of the Sloane Peterson’s costume is her leather fringe jacket, and her outfit is incomplete without this jacket. And that is why fjackets took the liberty of crafting this beautiful jacket with extreme genius. The fringe design makes this jacket every woman’s dream and darling. So there is going to a lot of traffic on the internet looking for this piece of art make sure you press the buttons in time.

Salone Perterson Bag

Sloane Peterson Handbag (Product Page)

Well, it is hard to imagine any girl without a handbag, but Sloane Peterson’s bag is a bit of a clash between the old and the new. Nevertheless, it contains all the features that we deem worthy in a handbag. The bag advertised here is a first class copy of the original bag meaning has high quality and the most beautiful design. Make sure to get this bag to delineate this Ferries Bueller costume of Mia Sara in style.

Sloane Perterson Shorts

Sloane Peterson Shorts (Product Page)

The order of the day is perfection, and it is too late to move away from it now. So continuing our quest for aptness and acuteness we recommend you to buy these shorts exactly like the one Sloane wears on her day off.

Sloane Peterson Shoes

Sloane Peterson Shoes (Product Page)

The last thing you need to fit in the “boots” of Sloane Peterson are the boots. These flat white boots will help you achieve your dream of becoming one of the most celebrated characters of the big screen. Available at Amazon for a price that is too good to be true (But it is).

This is the most stylish looking costume anyone can have. Very few can get all the exact matching items from the show. We made it easier for you to place your order as these are really affordable and in excellent state. These items can come to use for your regular wear but for now, you can have the perfect looking Ferris Bueller costume.

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