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10 All-Time Favorite DC Comics Backpacks That Are Best For Road Trip

Ohh goodie, I really love writing about my favorite comic characters from DC Universe. They are among the key figures that are packed with great story, surprises and don’t forget the merchandise. Not only they changed the whole universe but made it more exciting by introducing us to the variation of merchandise in a different style for the fans. Whether you like the heroes or want to join the evil side with Joker, Harley, Black Adam and Gorilla Grodd, it doesn’t matter because Batman will still be kicking your ass. Now have the chance to define your legacy and choose the side with official DC Comics Backpack based on both evil and good characters.


Batman Muscle Chest Backpack (Product Page)

Let’s start with my all time favorite hero, Batsy. I love the classic style Dark Knight and this bag gives me the nostalgia. I am sure you’ll love it too.

Harley Quinn Travel Bag (Product Page)

That crazy girl is also a fan favorite, so I decided to bring back the old classic feeling with featured Harley Quinn Classic Backpack.

Suicide Squad Mad Love (Product Page)

Show your mad and crazy style in featured Mad Love Bag. Wearing it will make you no different than Harley.

Superman Blue Logo Bag (Product Page)

Check out this classic and earlier version of Superman merchandise for retro fans. No matter what attire Henry Cavill choose to dress up, the classic costume will always remain popular.

Flash Classic Comic Backpack (Product Page)

You say you’re fast and acrobatic? I hate to break it to you, but you can’t beat Flash unless you wear this red vintage bag.

The Joker Bag Purple Green Bag (Product Page)

Joker is back and haunting the lives of those who tried to stop him before. with the excitement of the new returning Joker in Injustice 2, I present you this cool retro backpack. A special choice for the fans of Mister J.

Green Lantern Bag (Product Page)

You know what you need to look like a hero as well stylish. If you love to stay classy, go for this Green Lantern logo traveler.

Green Arrow (Product Page)

There are too many green characters in DC Universe, but Green Arrow is on the top list. The arrow shooting, apple eating protagonist, is just what you need in your life. To carry your arrows and bow while fighting, you must own this bag.

Wonder Woman Classic Bag (Product Page)

The strongest woman in the Fictional world now has her own version of merchandise that’ll add a retro look to your personality. Inspired by classic Lynda Carter cosplay.

Black Adam Backpack (Product Page)

The supervillain is back to shock those who he hate. The anti-hero is capable of defeating the biggest and powerful heroes even Superman. You can show your support by wearing this High-Grade PU Leather backpack.

It’s not enough to call yourself a die-hard fan, you just got to proof it to the world by collecting merchandise. Bags are an essential part of the lifestyle and when it comes to representing your passion, always go for DC Comics Backpack because it defines who you are.

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