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The Costume Guide To Make You Look Like Anna

Frozen Anna Costume

Frozen is the story of a Queen of a fictional kingdom named Arendelle. Its story is that the Queen loses control of the power she has of turning things into ice.  That Queen is Elsa, and we have already done a Halloween costumed guide on her which you can find here. It is her sister Anna who takes on the responsibility of changing the condition of the weather back. This is why we have decided to make a complete and exclusive Princess Anna costume guide, to add to our Frozen costume guides, so that you can be just like her.

Anna Frozen Costume

Elsa being the sister of the Queen has a soft place in her heart for everyone. That is exactly why she decides to pursue her sister to change the condition of the weather back. Even though her life is in danger, that does not stop her from doing the right thing. So we can say that the main protagonist of the movie is Anna. Due to this reason, many people want to mimic her and be just like her. To aid those people, we have set up the complete guide so that whoever wants to be like her can do so with ease. Following are the list and description of the items required for the different costumes worn by Anna throughout the movie.

Items For Anna Costume

Anna Coronation Costume

The Coronation Costume

In the first adult Frozen costume guide, we are going to talk about the dress and other items worn by her at the coronation ceremony of her sister. She wore this beautiful dress doing multiple activities including but not limited to dancing. This outfit is adored by kids and adults alike who is why we will be covering both of the groups when doing the guides.

For Kids

Anna Coronation Dress

Anna Coronation Dress (Product Page)

She was seen in a lovely gown with a green theme during the coronation ceremony. The gown is the most important part of the outfit, without doubt, has to be perfect. This is why we have recommended the dress above. Your pretty little angel will look even more prettier in this particular Anna costume.

Anna Coronation Shoes

Anna Coronation Shoes (Product Page)

Made out of durable plastic, these shoes match up perfectly with the gown provided previously. As worn by Elsa, the shoes also have a greenish theme so that they match up faultlessly. With adjustable straps, the shoes can fit kids of various ages with no difficulty. The decorative feature of the heart in the middle includes the protagonist itself so that kids can better relate themselves to Princess.

Frozen Anna Necklace

Anna Necklace (Product Page)

The necklace is the last thing that completes the cosplay of Anna for kids. It is a little heavier than it looks which indicates the quality of the material used in making the necklace. It also has an adjustable chain so that it can fit different kids equally. With the velvet feeling, the ribbon would lay comfortably around your neck giving you no discomfort at all.

For Adults

anna costume

Anna Coronation Adult Dress (Product Page)

Made from polyester and colors that make it stand out, this gown is a gorgeous one. The Anna costume necklace also comes along with the green dress so no need to buy it separately. The stitching done on it is of exceptional quality and shirred fabric made out of polyester, which is at the upper back, allows for better fitting.

Frozen Anna Coronation Adult Shoes

Anna Coronation Adult Shoes (Product Page)

These exquisite black ballet shoes will fit perfectly with the gown which was suggested above. As the gown has a green and black theme, this is why it is necessary that the shoes also go with the theme. It is lightweight and extremely comfortable, so even if you want to cosplay her for an entire day, it won’t give you any sort of soreness.

This was the list of the items you will need to complete your Anna costume from her coronation.

Her Travelling Costume

Frozen Anna Travelling Costume

The second DIY Anna costume we are going to feature is the dress she wears when traveling to find her sister. As Elsa has changed the weather, there is winter everywhere. Accordingly, She wore such a dressing that protects her from the harsh cold weather. This outfit includes multiple things and again, is divided into kids and adults.

For Kids

Frozen Anna Travelling Dress

Anna Travelling Dress (Product Page)

Anna costume set is made up of great quality and the comfort has also been kept in mind as there are no scratchy materials on the dress. It will perfectly fit the girls and will give an outstanding look.

Anna Travelling Boots

Anna Travelling Boots (Product Page)

These fantastic boots are the ones you need to complete your Frozen costume for adults. Being black with gold glitter accents, this pair portrays the pair shown in the movie impeccably. It has a PU upper, and soles made from urethane that prevents sliding. All of these features combined make this one of the best pair on the net.

Anna Snow cap with braids

Anna Snow Cap And Braids (Product Page)

This single accessory includes two things, the unique snow cap, and her braids. The cap is of a shiny color, and there is glitter on the sides to give it more sparkle. It can comfortably fit kids of different ages and stays in place perfectly with the ribbon going under the chin. All of these things help in giving you that authentic look in you Anna costume.

For Adults

anna adult halloween costume

Anna Travelling Adult Dress (Product Page)

Like the dress of the kids the dress for the adults is made of good quality, is 100% polyester. The dress has been done to replicate exactly the one worn by the Princess, which is why all of the dress is a single piece other than the cape which can be separated if required. All with the flattering small details, this dress is definitely worth the money you pay for.

accessories costume anna frozen necklace

Anna Travelling Cape set  (Product Page)

Even though the dress looks beautiful but it isn’t complete without the cape. The cape is made out of polyester just like the dress, therefore matching it spotlessly. This set includes a pair of gloves, a wig, a crown, a cloak, and a wand. Once of have all these items, you have completed your Anna Frozen Outfit.

Frozen Anna Travelling Adult Boots

Anna Travelling Adult Boots (Product Page)

These ridiculously highly quality Anna’s boots are made up of leather. They also have rubber soles to enhance the comfort they give. Along with that, they fit in such an ideal manner that you can wear them for an entire day without any discomfort whatsoever.

That completes the Anna costume guide, covering both the coronation ceremony and the traveling costume for kids and adults alike. So if you want to impress your family and friends, just simply follow the guide, and you’ll be precisely like Anna in no time.  Or you can also try the Elsa or Olaf. Don’t forget to share this with your friends and to leave a comment below in letting us know how your Elsa and Anna costumes turned out.

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