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The Best Costume Guide Of Elsa From Frozen

Frozen Elsa Costume

Frozen is that one movie which every child has watched. Released back in 2013, this film became an instant hit as kids along with parents rushed to the cinemas to watch the premiere of Frozen. Having won two Academy Awards, the leading actress in the movie, Elsa, won the heart of every kid, and adults alike. This is why we have set up a full Elsa costume guide so that you can impersonate your favorite actress with ease.

Frozen Elsa

If you have a sibling or child then you probably already know all about her. She is basically the queen of a fictional kingdom named Arendelle. She has been a huge hit with the kids since her introduction back in 2013 when the movie was released. Her famous song ‘Let it Go’ also took her to new levels as every kid, teen, and even adults strived to impersonate the energetic young Queen. So that is why we are here to help. Do you want to be like the Queen? Just follow the list of the items mentioned below and surprise your friends and family with the best outfit of the decade. The items listed have been based on age group i.e. kids and adults.

Elsa Costume For Kids

Elsa Dress for girls

Elsa Dress (Product Page)

As every kid would tell you, the Elsa dress Frozen is the most beautiful part of the costume. Being eye-catching with sparkling details, this dress is one of the best. The silver lining detail along with the diamond crystal charm which is on the chest makes it stand out from the other dresses out there.

Princess Elsa Shoes For Kids Girl

Elsa Shoes (Product Page)

Just like Her dress, her shoes are also the ones that have to be attractive and eye-catching. The glittering frame in the middle enhances the sparkling of the already good looking shoes. The adjustable straps in the shoes make sure that it fits every snow queen kid.

elsa crown princess

Elsa Tiara Crown (Product Page)

No Queen is complete without its Tiara; this is also the case with Elsa. The tiara features both the sisters in the middle as it would be a favorite among those kids who adore both of them. This is suitable for all children who are older than 3 and should be a game stopper when it comes to cosplaying.

Elsa Frozen Gloves

Elsa Gloves (Product Page)

She would freeze everyone if it were not for the Elsa gloves. This is why it is also necessary for you to wear them if you want to feel and be exactly like her. These gloves are about 15 inches long and would fit most kids. Glittered with snowflakes and with a ring attached to the fabric, this one accessory is a must-have if one is to complete the Elsa costume.

Elsa Frozen Wand

Elsa Wand (Product Page)

Everyone knows that without a wand, no one could cast any spells. This is specifically why you need a wand to add to the accessories of your costume. This rod is affordable but also is of high quality. There is an Elsa medallion in the middle of the star which adds to features of the wands. With free shipping in the link provided, you wouldn’t want to miss this one accessory.

So when all of the items mentioned above are worn together, the result is outstanding. It can’t get any better than this for those kids who want to have their favorite character, Elsa Frozen costume. Now we move on to the adult section where we discuss the items needed for adults to properly cosplay the frozen queen.

Elsa Costume For Adults

Elsa Frozen Adult blue Dress

Elsa Adult Dress (Product Page)

The dress of the Elsa costume adult who is cosplaying as Elsa has to be equally sparkly and beautiful when compared to the kids. Made from the unique shinning material; this one dress is sure to make you stand out from the crowd. Coming with a long mesh cloak, the adult Elsa dress is a perfect fit for all and justifies the price in which it comes in.

elsa adult sandal shoes ladies

Elsa Adult Shoes (Product Page)

Finding shoes that fit perfectly along with the Elsa outfit can be difficult for adults. But these pair of shoes match the dress flawlessly, and the color which it comes in looks beautiful and eye-catching. It comes in PU leather and has a rubber sole so that the wearer can sport the shoes for a long time without any sort of discomfort. The bowknot also enhances the striking look of the shoes.

frozen elsa wig with pins

Elsa Wig (Product Page)

This last accessory is for those who want to execute that ‘perfect’ frozen look of Elsa costumes. Although one can do without this Elsa wig adult however I would recommend this for those with hair color other than Blonde, such as Brunette hair. The quality of the wig is high, and it is soft with no tangle whatsoever. It is also completely washable, in fact, it should be washed and conditioned on a daily basis to give it that clean look.

So there you have it, the Frozen Elsa costume guide for both kids and adults. If you want it to be exactly like the Queen of Snow, then you can go here for a complete makeup tutorial. With that, now you can become just like her along with your younger children or siblings, and surprise everyone with how much accurate your costume is when compared to the Queen of Arendelle. Or you can also try the Anna Costume and Olaf Costume.

Don’t forget to share this Elsa costume for adults collection with your friends when you are done making the suit for yourself. Leave a comment below to let us know what you think. Don’t forget to do the same if you have any new suggestions to share.

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