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12 Awesome Cars Movie Toys and Merchandise You Must See

Are you a fan of talking cars from the Pixar Animation’s movie? Yes, those tiny little vehicles are ready to roll one more time in the third 3rd chapter of The Cars that has brought a great story and some new cars for everyone. The movie inspires Adults, especially kids and today I’ve put some cool merchandise on the desk. These merchandises include Toys and collectible that you can buy for your child’s room. Let me show you awesome styles of  Cars Movie Toys that appeals the interests of young ones.

Cars The Movie Toys

Cars Playset

Cars Complete Playset

Your kid can recreate his own racing areas by converting this playset puzzle that features exciting little obstacle for joining together. A cool toy set every child will love.

Radiator Frank Toy

Radiator Frank

Radiator Deluxe Frank is another character from the movie and we’re showing you his amazing style toy for kids. Something worth to buy for Cars fans.

McQueen Car

McQueen Car

The main hero of the movie, McQueen Car is an utterly stylish car with amazing power of speed. This one is ready to roll and most of all, a unique collectible for Cars fan.

McQueen Lightning Vehicle

McQueen Lightning Car

From bottom to top, McQueen is all about creating moments and bringing entertainment for the viewers. This little vehicle will reconnect your love once again.

Sheriff's Impound Car

Sheriff Die-Cast Vehicle

You can’t speed up when there’s a cop in town. This Sheriff Car is another authentic design vehicle that is hilarious and ready for collection.

The Cars Merchandise

Car Movie Hoodie

This is a suggest gift for the fans Cars Movie. The best outerwear available at an affordable price, you may need this if you’re going on a casual trip.

McQueen Cars Pillow

The Cars Character Pillow

To show your complete love for the movie, I’d suggest you add some cool cars merchandise in your room like this authentic and comfy pillow of McQueen.

Removable Art McQueen Wall Sticker
McQueen Wall Art Decal Sticker

Pillows are not the only thing you should buy, this sticker is also something you should consider for home decoration. Your friends will know how much of a fan you are.

Cars Movie Shirt

Cars Movie Shirt

The Lightning Cars Shirt for young fans of the movie. Your boy should try it out because it’s an official brand merchandise of The Cars.

Cars Backpack

Every child wants to look cool while going to school. For that ultimate reason, here is a nicely custom 12 Inch backpack inspired by the Cars. Easy to carry and adjustable.

CARS 2 Plush toy

Holley Shiftwell Plush Toys

Holley Shiftwell is a new character introduced in Cars 2 and she’s one hot looking vehicle. For comfort, this amazing plush toy is just the thing you need.

Cars Comforter

The Cars Comforters

This last item should be in every kid’s room. A fine piece of decoration and comforter with sham for every season. Easily washable and stylish.

Hope you enjoy reading our blog for 10 amazing The Cars Merchandise and Collectibles for your Kid’s room. Stay posted for more amazing adults and kids stuff.

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