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Meet The 15 Emoji Backpack That Looks Cheesy

Emoji has earned a handful amount of popularity worldwide. Everything from Poop, LoLz to Crying Faces, Emoji has changed the whole system of communication between users. There are countless numbers of emoji in social channels and now, the inspiring faces have also become a part of fashion trend.

Instead of using them while conversation, teenagers have adapted the signature little balls as a symbol of fashion. Whether tees, hoodies, mugs or any collectible, today you’ll guess the emoji that will look good in your style. Showing 15 amusing Emoji Backpack collection that’ll put a smile on your face.


Emoji Monday to Sunday Backpack  – (Product Page)

Employees and school kids hate Monday and wait a whole week just to enjoy the weekend. Carry the backpack along to show how you feel today!

Pink Smiley Bag (Product Page)

Everyone loves to carry unique travel bags and that’s the bottom-line. To capture the attention, go for the pink style.

All-Over Emoji Backpack (Product Page)

This backpack features all the smiley for social media channels. The bag is water resistant, adjustable and easy to carry while traveling.

Oh Wow Bag (Product Page)

Enter the classroom with a funky impression wearing the cool new bag for schools. It’s a girlish bag so sorry boys!

Crazy Emoji Sackpack (Product Page)

No matter you’re in love or feeling giggly, the set of backpacks are best to share that feeling with the world. Suitable for outdoor use.

Wifi Funny Emoji Shoulder Backpack (Product Page)

Get a load of the funny backpack designed for those who can’t live without the internet. Wifi is necessary while traveling and this backpack will show you the strength of the signals.

Happy Poop Backpack (Product Page)

Life is all about Sh*t, and you just can’t escape it. I know how bad it feels, just cheer you up and check out the poop backpack. Pretty Cool Huh!

Goofy Face Emoji (Product Page)

 Kid’s also like goofy faces emoji style backpack that is awesome and currently trending.

Pusheen Backpack (Product Page)

The Pusheen Cat is an iconic figure for social media freaks. Not yellow but sure loves to do cute little things. An excellent choice for gifting someone adorable as this cat.

Super Cute Poop Backpack (Product Page)

Poop can be dirty, smelly but they can also look adorable. This desirable backpack is designed for girls who are admired by this pretty little Pink Sh*t. (Sorry)

Canvas Backpack (Product Page)

The iconic characters are back and this time, they brought pizza. Sure, you love anchovies with that?

Toddler Emoji Backpack (Product Page)

Something for the toddlers. Show em who’s boss wearing this one now everyone will respect your adorable child.

All Over Poop Emoji (Product Page)

It’s a canvas poop backpack featuring the cute little character all over the front backpack. They are friendly and smelly too…!

Be Cool Smiley (Product Page)

Yeah, the cool emoji knows how to attract ladies. Just don’t put too much load or his glasses will fall off.

King Emoji Backpack (Product Page)

You say you’re the king, maybe in your own eyes but this backpack will let you become the king of fashion trend.

These so-called smiley are the best way to cheer up the mood and show affection towards the friend. Why not do it in real life by wearing the casual style backpacks design for adults and kids. It will sum up pretty much everything and imagine how cool you’ll look while walking around with Emoji Backpack.

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