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The Ultimate Costume Guide To Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Costume

The final battle is set for Game of Thrones and I hope you know all the things unless you have been living under the rocks.

But these are not the things that we are here to talk about, what we need is learn how to DIY for the upcoming Halloween or any other convention. So here is your guide to four most wanted attires and merchandise that we’ll discuss in this Game of Thrones costumes guide.

Jon Snow Costume DIY:jon snow costume game of thrones

We start our list with the one and the only Jon Snow. Although there are no main characters in the entire series, Jon Snow is the one that is often said to be the central character on the show. He is famous for his honesty and loyalty to the Night’s Watch, a military order which guards the wall on the north; also for being a part of the Stark Family, which is loved by all Game of Throne fans.

We would be covering multiple characters with different roles. We would include Jon Snow whose role is to protect the wall on the North, Daenerys Targaryen who is also in the race for the Iron Throne, Jaime Lannister a Kingsgaurd from the noble family of Lannister and his brother Tyrion Lannister, an imp with a brilliant mind and a soft heart. So let us begin.

Non-Game of Throne fans would remember him from the famous quote of the TV show, “You know nothing, Jon Snow”. The guide we would be covering is that which he wears when serving in the Night’s watch. So this can also act as a Night’s Watch costume guide.


Jon Snow Coat

Jon Snow Jacket Belt, Cape and Kilt (Amazon)

Being All-In-One, the Jon Snow costume DIY links contains Jon Snow’s Waistcoat, his famous cape, the belt he uses to hand his sword and the kilt. Everything is of noble quality and is not too heavy so that you can wear it with comfort. Poly Urethane has been used on the waistcoat and the belt while the Knit is made from knitting cotton and the cape from Uniform fabric.

Jon Snow Pant

Jon Snow Pants (Product Page)

Next comes the pant, worn with the rest of the outfit. The linked pant is perfect for the snow outfit with its flawless quality and color. The pant is made from 100% polyester and has pockets for increased utility. Just like the items mentioned above, the pant is also lightweight meaning you won’t have any hassle when wearing it. Another aspect with which it matches Jon Snow’s costume is that it is wide all the way to the bottom.

Jon Snow Boots

Jon Snow Boots (Product Page)

If you do not want your feet to freeze up in the teeth-chattering cold of the North, then you have got to wear the boots worn by the Night’s Watch. If you follow the link above, you will get to where you can buy boot tops of excellent quality which you can wear on top of any of your own black boots. Do not fear as they would look exactly the same as seen in the above picture. Jon wears these boots as they are great for not only the cold but also for combat in the snowy region. The Game of Thrones Costumes of the nights watches need these shoes for proper depiction.

Jon Snow Gloves

Jon Snow Gloves (Product Page)

Now come the gloves to further enhance the cosplay of Jon Snow which had seen wearing black gloves that help against the cold, also for getting a better grip on the sword when he is fighting. The linked gloves provide just that and more as they are produced from 100% polyester. So do not forget to get these gloves along with the other items as these are the ones that pull the entire outfit together.

Jon Snow Wig

Jon Snow Wig (Product Page)

If you have blonde hair or small non-curly hair, then this wig would do wonders for you when doing the cosplay of Jon Snow. The wig perfectly mimics Jon Snow’s hairstyle as the hairs are black, curly, and long. The hair looks completely realistic with almost no frizz for maximum satisfaction. The wig is adjustable so that it can fit different people. Another great thing about the wigs is that it is heat resistant, so heating tools like straighteners can be used on it with no problem whatsoever.

Jon Snow Sword And Scabbard

Jon Snow Sword And Scabbard (Product Page)

Jon cannot defend the wall without his sword we all know that. In the series, Jon Snow outfit has a splendid looking Valyrian steel sword, and we had to do justice to it by finding such a sword that looks and feels just as great. The sword can withstand a high amount of wears and tears so it can be used for future cosplays as well when you are done with the Jon Snow cosplay DIY. This was the first outfit our Game of Thrones Costumes list and we promise the rest are as detailed as this one. But wait there is one more thing.

Jon Snow Sword Holster

Jon Snow Sword Holster (Product Page)

There has to be something which holds the sword with the belt; you cannot just use duct tape. This is exactly why we present you an exact match to the sword holder employed by Jon Snow. The holder is attached to the belt that comes with the first item link we provided.

Daenerys Targaryen Costume DIY:

Khaleesi costume game of thrones


Daenerys is from the House Targaryen whose members were thrown out of Westeros during a rebelled by Robert Baratheon and Eddard Stark. Very few people from House Targaryen live at the time when the TV series is set; almost all have been killed in the rebellion. To seek revenge and to get back the throne, Daenerys, albeit being an amateur in warfare, uses her love for the people and her family name to get people to rally behind her in her attempt.

She is also known as the Mother of the Dragons as she has three dragons on her side as well. Khaleesi is another game given to her as she was a wife of a Khal, a warlord in command of thousands of warriors.  We would be covering two of her Game of Thrones attire that she wears during the series.

Daenerys wears many different beautiful clothes during the TV series; the first one which we would be covering is the one she wears when living her life as a Khaleesi. Here she is the wife of a Khal and lives her life in the grasslands and the open fields, so she has to have an outfit that befits her lifestyle. This Khaleesi costume would look fantastic for special occasions like Halloween, Birthday parties, ComicCons, etc. The dress in question is pictured above.

Khaleesi Wig

Khaleesi Wig (Product Page)

Do you think that your hair is such that it does not match that of Daenerys in any aspect? Do not worry as we have you covered as this wig is just the thing you need. The hair color and the type of hair on the wig match the all-famous hair of Daenerys as her hair is one of her unique characteristics as a Targaryen.

Khaleesi Top Skirt Leg Guards and Jacket

Khaleesi Costume (Amazon)

The link which has been provided covers most of the Game of Thrones Halloween costumes Khaleesi. It includes the main items, the skirt, and the top, and also auxiliary items like a jacket and leg guards. As a Khaleesi, you would have to wear such dressings that signify that you are the one Khaleesi of the entire Khalasar of Thousands. This one purchase would cover most of your Khaleesi costume DIY, and aside from that, you would not have to worry about the toughness or its weight as it is 100% polyester. The only small downside is that it is not as breathable as other fabrics, but you have to bear these insignificant discomforts as the Great Khaleesi does.

khaleesi pants

Khaleesi Pant (Product Page)

After the top and the skirt comes the pant. When choosing a pant for the apparel of Khaleesi, the only two things to keep in mind are the color of the pant and its fitting. This pant excellently fulfills both of the requirements as the color matches the rest of the game of thrones costumes women immaculately while the fitting is great as well. No issues of comfort as you can rock the pant with your entire outfit the whole day. This is because are the pant has a flex-stretch waistband and on top of that, the lining and stitching on it are also of high quality.

Khaleesi Boots

Khaleesi Boots (Product Page)

These boots match the brown theme of the rest of the attire really well. The footbed cover of the boots is such that it allows breathability and comfort. This is important if you want to portray the Khaleesi correctly as she wears these boots in warm regions, so breathability has to be high on the list of priority.

Khaleesi Gloves

Khaleesi Gloves (Product Page)

After the main items have been taken care of, then we come to the secondary things. The first of those items are the pair of gloves Daenerys is seen wearing.  We have made sure to select such gloves which match the features of the ones worn by Daenerys like not being fingerless, stretching up to the elbow, etc. Not only that but we have also kept the priority of pricing high so that you wouldn’t have to pay too much for a pair of gloves.


No need to fear about the quality of the wig as it looks and feels just like real hair. It is also washable in cold water and is also heat resistant like the wig of Jon Snow provided before. Therefore heat tools like a straightener, hair dryer, etc. can be used on it with no side effects. Furthermore, this wig can be utilized in the next attire of our Game of Thrones Khaleesi costume.

Meesa Costume:

emilia clarke daenerys game of thrones costume

The second of the of Daenerys we will cover is the gorgeous blue one which she wears during most of her time on the slaver’s bay. She wears this dress mostly on the battlefield or when she is expecting a fight. Following is the entire guide of this outfit of hers.

Daenerys Targaryen Dress

Daenerys Targaryen Dress (Product Page)

The dress of the Khaleesi is the main piece. Therefore, such a dress has to be brought which not only matches her dress but is also of high quality. The dress which has been linked above does that impeccably. Whether you want to wear it to a comic con, fair or for the Halloween, this dress will fit you exquisitely. The fabric of the dress is linen so that it is highly breathable.

Daenerys Targaryen Cape

Daenerys Targaryen Cape (Product Page)

And what would be a Queen without a cape? This cape is a worthy addition to Daenerys Targaryen costume as she is often seen wearing it. The cape just like the dress is blue in color. Stretchy and soft fabric, which is Polyester, is used on the cape to give it the smooth look which capes have. The cape is long but also short enough that it would not drag onto your legs. Do add this to your Also it can be added to your Game of Thrones costumes to give you that Khaleesi feels.

Daenerys Targaryen Pant

Daenerys Targaryen Pant (Product Page)

These pants match with the dress really well. Not only do they match the dress, but they also are also just like the one worn by Dany. The pants are black in color and are soft, elastic and are of excellent quality. The Waistband is elastic, so it can comfortably fit females of different figures. The best part of the dress is the price in which they come in, coming in only $9.99.

Daenerys Targaryen Boots

Daenerys Targaryen Boots (Product Page)

The boots which we have chosen for this outfit are the same ones which were used in the Khaleesi Game of Thrones costumes.  The sole of the boots is made of rubber so that they are comfy when wearing them. As mentioned earlier they also possess qualities like high breathability, quality, etc.

Daenerys Targaryen Necklace

Daenerys Targaryen Necklace (Product Page)

The necklace of Daenerys is another prominent feature and props like this must be added in your cosplay. It represents a tooth of a dragon who are the primary symbols of the House Targaryen. This necklace is superb in quality and words do not do it justice. It is also adjustable, so it can be attuned to the way you want it to be.

Daenerys Targaryen Bracelet

Daenerys Targaryen Bracelet (Product Page)

Dany is also seen wearing a bracelet on her right hand. So if you want to execute perfectly that Daenerys Targaryen looks, you have to purchase this bracelet. Although not similar in every aspect, this bracelet is the closest you’ll get.  The bracelet is made from pure copper and also has magnets so that not only it fits nicely, but it also gives you relief if you have any painful conditions.

Daenerys Targaryen Dragon

Daenerys Targaryen Dragon (Product Page)

How can you call yourself the Mother of the Dragons if you do not have any dragons? This item solves just that problem as it gives you a dragon of your own that sits flawlessly on your shoulders. The dragon is of high class in quality and is also easily paintable if you want to paint it in a way you like. It is a well-made prop and a worthy addition to the Daenerys Targaryen costume which you want to execute in grand fashion.

Tyrion Lannister Game of Thrones Costume:

Tyrion Lannister Game of Thrones costumes

Often called a ‘Monster’ by his own family members, Tyrion Lannister is a person despised by many of his family members yet loved by everyone else. Tyrion is the character to have appeared in most Game of Thrones episodes, which indicates the importance of his role in the series. He belongs to the Lannister house, which you already might have figured out from his name. He is one of the few Lannisters who has a merciful and tender heart for people other than his own house members.

The dressing which we have chosen is the one pictured below which he wears mostly in season one. Like his impact on the show we just can’t ignore his outfit from our Game of Thrones Costumes manual.


Tyrion Lannister vest

Tyrion Lannister Costume Vest (Product Page)

Of all the items in Tyrion’s attire, his vest is the most gorgeous one, there is no denying that. It is a beautiful burgundy in color with golden markings that run from the shoulders to the chest. The piece which is provided above is a marvelous one as it is made from Real Leather which maximizes the durability and gives you that rich ‘Lannister’ feeling.


Tyrion Lannister Coat (Product Page)

This is the item that would be worn under the vest. Just as shown in the Tyrion picture, this coat also goes up to the knees. Do not worry about the hood as it is easily detachable. The lining on the coat further enhances its looks to make it look much better and more like ‘armor’ as seen on Tyrion. The coat is thick, so it’ll also be useful in cold places such as the Eyrie where Tyrion was imprisoned.


Tyrion Lannister Pant (Product Page)

The trouser of the impersonator has to be a little darker in color than the coat and has to match the color of the boots which will be given next. This is why these pants have been chosen to go entirely with the rest of the items. The pants are soft to the touch and are extremely comfortable so that you can sport them the entire day without any sort of discomfort at all.

Tyrion Lannister Boots

Tyrion Lannister Boots (Product Page)

In the scenes from where we took the above dress, He was wearing boots which were about long enough to reach his knees. So if we take that to scale, the one who would be cosplaying Tyrion Lannister would also have to wear knee-high boots. These boots are just that and are also similar in looks to Tyrion’s boots. No need to worry about the comfort and quality of the boots as they are nothing less than excellent.

Tyrion Lannister Ring

 Golden Ring (Product Page)

There are some very things in the Game of Thrones cosplay that seem very minimal but their importance is anything but that. And on such item is this prestigious ring worn by Tyrion Lannister.  Although this ring is not necessary to purchase, it is the final item that will complete and enhance your Tyrion costume.

Jaime Lannister Game of Thrones Costume:

Jaime Lannister season 8 costume
Jaime Lannister is the man who takes the biggest U-turn for the fans in the entire TV series. He is hated by everyone in the starting season, but slowly he starts doing such acts which are praiseworthy and honorable. He belongs to the rich house of Lannister. He is one of the king’s guard as he is in charge of the protection of the king. He is also known as the Kingslayer as he killed a king, Aerys Targaryen, whom he had sworn to protect. Therefore, he is also famous by the name of Oathbreaker.

In our Game of Thrones costumes guide, we would be showing items he wore when fighting against the Lord of Winterfell, Eddard Stark.


Lannister Wig

Wig (Product Page)

When cosplaying someone as Jaimie, a proper hair cut is necessary. Those wig long hairs or bald shiny heads can purchase this wig instead.

Jaime Lannister Game of Thrones season 8 costume

Season 8 Coat (Product Page)

In season 8, he wore an overall black suit with a brown belt. The closest we could found on the internet is this black ancient style coat. It provides a classic look and can be used for medieval cosplay as well.

Jaime Lannister Coat

 Trench Coat (Product Page)

Of course, first comes the unique medieval-era themed trench coat he wore. The coat is long in length, reaching up to the knees of Jaime. This coat sets the base of the rest of the items in the Jaime Lannister Halloween outfit in our Game of Thrones costume guide.

Jamei Lannister Pant

Jaime Lannister Pant (Product Page)

The pant is what comes after the trench coat. This pant matches with the trench coat given above really well so it can be used without any worry for the Jaime. The quality of the pant is also good, and it can be utilized for special occasions such as Halloween, fairs, birthdays, etc. and also for outdoor activities when cosplaying such as sword fighting, archery, etc. This completes our Jaime Lannister costume

Other Items:

The above-mentioned items are the main ones that have to be bought. Moving on towards the gloves and the boats, both of these can be obtained from the links given above in the Jon Snow Costume guide. There is almost small to no difference in the items. The sword and sword holder of Jon Snow can also be bought and used here to complete the Kingslayer cosplay which is one of the best in Game of Thrones Season 8 costumes.


Game Of Thrones Merchandise

winter is coming necklace

Winter is Coming Necklace (Product Page)

For all the house Stark fans this necklace is a must to prove their allegiance to the north.  The silver necklace has a dire wolf – the sigil of House Stark and their words embedded on it…

Game of thrones House Stark Sigil T-Shirt

House Stark Sigil T-Shirt (Product Page)

This casual t-shirt with house stark sigil imprinted on it, you can wear this shirt to show your support for the northerners. Also, it can be added to your Game of Thrones costumes as a secondary accessory

Game of thrones House Lannister Sigil T-Shirt

House Lannister Sigil T-Shirt (Product Page)

Or if you want your friends to hear you roar then you can buy this shirt with House Lannister sigil on it.

Game of Thrones Glass

I Drink And I Know Things Glass (Product Page)

This complementary set of glasses would make a perfect gift because it features the infamous quote of Lannister himself. Best to drink beer or wine to pay homage to the character.

This concludes our Game of Thrones costumes and merchandise guide covering Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Jaime Lannister and finally Tyrion Lannister. We hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed making it. Don’t wait any longer and follow these guides to be just like your favorite character. Otherwise, it’d be too late, and Winter would already be here just like the way the Starks say, “Winter is Coming.”

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