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Nerd Fest | 50+ Geek Gifts Ideas For The Coming Holiday Season

There are certain creatures around us to whom we refer to as nerds, geeks or even rocket scientists. These are the people that fix our printer and help us set up our workstations.  So once in a while, they deserve to be appreciated for all the times they have helped us with our computers, mobiles, and other electronic gadgets. So for all those cherished moments, here is complete of different geek gifts that give to the nerds around you and subscribe to the yearly tech support for free.

For Your Convenience, I have divided the list into several groups so that you can pick your gift easily. In the groups, there are more than one items related to that category which will are good that they will pour ants in the pants of the rocket scientists when you present it to them.

Da Vinci’s Inventions

You and I know Da Vinci as one of the world most famous painter but our nerdy friends are least interested in Vinci’s painting skills. All they long and praise is his mind ravishing creations, the models, and inventions he made were well of his time. And this is what intrigues geeks the most, they want to have the same inspiration coupled with their agile minds so that they can make innovations just as his.

Here are some miniatures models of Da Vinci’s inventions that you can gift to your geek buddy to pump up his brain cells. These nerd gifts are will also entice you and you would want to use these to decor your homes.

leonardo da vinci catapult kit

Catapult Kit (Shop via Amazon)

leonardo da vinci armored car

Armored Car (Shop via Amazon)


Aerial Screw (Shop via Amazon)


Da Vinci Clock (Shop via Amazon)


Mini Cryptex (Shop via Amazon)

Brain Teasing Puzzles

Nothing gives geeks more pleasure than to solve and an unsolvable puzzle or brain teaser. So giving then one such present could mean the world a lot them. These puzzles are like coffee for them, as we need coffee to stimulate our brain they require brain teasers such as these.

Here are some mind challenging puzzles that you can give to nerds around you, but don’t please don’t try to solve them yourselves. These nerd gifts for geeks are only and only for geeks and you would be a fool to try your hands on these yourself.


Mechanical 3D Puzzle Brainteaser (Shop via Amazon)


Locomotive 3D Puzzle Wooden (Shop via Amazon)


CYLINDER Teaser Puzzle (Shop via Amazon)

maths quiz wall geek gift

Math Quiz Wall Clock (Shop via Amazon)


ENIGMA Metallic Puzzle (Shop via Amazon)

From Fiction Movies And Novels

As you know the French like French very much, same is the case with the nerds. They love all the science fiction and regular fiction stuff because need wants to see people like them “geeks” taking charge of the world with their wisdom and vast knowledge. So cool geek gifts related to any fictional movie or novel is always great to give to these rocket scientists among ourselves. And the best thing about these presents is the huge number of choices that you have. There are uncountable items that you can give away. (Related: See Game of Thrones Gift ideas and Harry Potter Gift Ideas)


Doctor Who Tardis Mug (Shop via Amazon)


Star Wars BB 8 Droid (Shop via Amazon)


Remote Control Millennium Falcon (Shop via Amazon)


The One Ring To Rule Them All  (Shop via Amazon)

Game of Thrones Lannister Lion Necklace

Game Thrones Lannister Lion necklace (Shop via Amazon)

star trek pendant silver

Star trek necklace pendant Silver (Shop via Amazon)

Comic Flash lightining pendant

Flash Lightning Silver Necklace (Shop via Amazon)

Doctor Strange golden pendant

Doctor Strange Agamotto Necklace (Shop via Amazon)

Babylon 5 Adult T-Shirt

Babylon  Adult T Shirt (Shop via Amazon)


Firefly Yahtzee Game (Shop via Amazon)

Indiana Jones action kit gift pack

Indiana Jones Action Gift (Shop via Amazon)

Tech Gadgets

Tech gadgets are probably the best thing to give to a science enthusiast, but the problem is they seem to have everything even before it leaks into the market. So you have to be a bit picky and creative about the tech presents that you are going to give away. Here are some new tech gadgets and some old ones too with a new approach.


Sport Camera Multi functional (Shop via Amazon)


Ultra Ethernet HDMI Cable (Shop via Amazon)


Amped Wireless N Repeater (Shop via Amazon)

projection virtual keyboard

 Projection Keyboard (Shop via Amazon)

bluetooth wireless headset hat

Bluetooth Headphones Hat (Shop via Amazon)


Pocket Credit Card Wallet Light (Shop via Amazon)


Portable Document Scanner (Shop via Amazon)


James Bond Spy Pen (Shop via Amazon)


Video Converter For Mac (Shop via Amazon)


Gaming Mouse (Shop via Amazon)


Travel Scope (Shop via Amazon)

Items Every Geek Would Love To Have

Now here are some random items which we were unable to fit in any category. These presents vary from action figures of Nikola Tesla to the framed quotes of Albert Einstein and to the Schrödinger’s cat experiment. But we have made sure that in all these presents there must be at least one thing similar and that is they should be irresistibly appealing to the entire nerd cult around us. So If you are still undecided about what you are going to give away to your tech buddy then have a look at this and you might find what you are looking for.

3D Printing Pen

3D Printing Pen (Shop via Amazon)


Galileo Thermometer Barometer (Shop via Amazon)


The Manhattan Project Board Game (Shop via Amazon)


Schrödinger’s Cat Decision Maker (Shop via Amazon)


Atomic Accent Table Lamp (Shop via Amazon)


Tin Can Robot (Shop via Amazon)


Perpetual Power Machine (Shop via Amazon)


Tesla Discoveries Book (Shop via Amazon)

Alber Einstein Tshirt

Albert Einstein T-Shirt (Shop via Amazon)


Nikola Tesla Bobble Head (Shop via Amazon)

Einstein Quote Framed picture

Framed Einstein Quotation (Shop via Amazon)

Periodic Table Rug

Periodic Table Style Rug (Shop via Amazon)


Maths Equation Coasters (Shop via Amazon)

So these are the geek gifts for him and her that you can give to the tech gurus around you, who have helped in the past and you want to make up to them. It was hard for us to cover everything but we have given our best. We hope that we have already found the perfect gift, if not then do tell us via comments and we surely will help you find the right gift. (Related: See Cool gift ideas)

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