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These Screen-Accurate Star Lord Jackets Will Make You Look Awesome!

Star Lord Jacket Review

Are you a fan of the Guardian’s humorous superhero?

Did you ever think about how you can also dance your way to the streets while dressed up as the semi-celestial and half-human?

Then get yourself the awesome geeky apparel – The Star Lord Jacket.

star lord jacket

The Guardian of the Galaxy introduced some of the coolest superheroes and Peter Quill is the key figure of the group. Chris Pratt was finally recognized as Star Lord by the Marvel’s universe after making his on-screen debut.

The character doesn’t have many superpowers – except for two blasters and a helmet. But what really made him the legendary outlaw is the signature red leather jacket! Of course, superheroes prefer capes but Peter Quill wanted to keep it stylish so the fans can easily replicate the look on Halloween. Have a look at these awesome designs.



Star Lord Jacket Vol 2


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This classic Star Lord Jacket is must-have for every cosplayer who is inspired by his fashion. It comes with key features that are worth mentioning like the padding details on shoulders, front padded closure, and belted cuffs. What makes it more unique is the waxed finishing and the price is also very economical.


Star Lord Infinity War Jacket

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Star Lord finally made his Avengers debut in Infinity War. Wearing the same jacket but this time, it was modified and totally given a new look while keeping the similar essences.



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Other than his variations of jackets, another style that made it to the top is the leather coat inspired by his classic comic suit. This recreated version includes all the features as seen in the movie such as front belt, single shoulder pad, and texture details. 

You can grab these outfits from $129.00 – $149 with an additional 10% OFF if you utilize their free coupon code at the check-out page. There is also Free Shipping offer to US, UK, and Canada so this is a plus point for customers living in any one of these countries.


An ideal piece for all superhero lovers who want to represent their favorite character on Halloween and Comic-Con. With Avengers Endgame release around the corner, this is the perfect time to wear the iconic leather outfit. If you dig the Star Lord Jacket, also have a look at their other superhero collection.



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