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Tips and Ideas for Ghost in the Shell Cosplay

Ghost In The Shell Cosplay

The Classic Japanese Ghost in the Shell is a cyber-punk robotic anime series that centers on a woman Major Motoko Kusanagi who is second in command at Section 9. She’s well known for her synthetic cybernetic body that can modify and hack criminal advance internal control systems.  She’s not aware of her human feelings and goes out to seek an answer about her artificial intelligence.


The anime series now has its own official movie starring Scarlett Johansson as Motoko Kusanagi. It’s totally awesome, you should watch it at least once and I know you’ll definitely love it. Things that we notice are the robotic military mesh outfits which are really cool so do you want to dress up sexy like Motoko? Then right now, I am about to show you new enchanting costumes for Halloween and Movie-Cons.

Ghost in the Shell Cosplay

Motoko Kusanagi Anime

Motoko Kusanagi Anime

Women Black Leather Jacket

Black Leather Jacket (Product Page)

Replicate your favorite fictional character from the utopia land in this jacket because it’s a similar style outerwear Kusanagi wore in the Anime series.

white top

Women White Corset (Product Page)

You know she’s hot and sexy, you got to adopt the same style too so for a fit body, this white corset is the best deal.

Girl Cosplay purple Wig

Purple Wig (Product Page)

Motoko Kusanagi wears this purple wig in classic anime series. This wig is the first thing you need for your Ghost in the Shell Cosplay.

cat eye sunglasses

Purple Glasses (Product Page)

Create a striking look in featured purple glasses inspired by the movie for cosplay fans.

Women white Adjustable Belt

Women White Belt (Product Page)

White belt for a sexy Kusanagi cosplay.


Black Fingerless Gloves (Product Page)

This fingerless glove goes well with our featured costume kit for women. You don’t know when you might need these to knock off your enemies.

long boots

Black Knee Boots (Product Page)

Don’t forget these boots, it’ll create a highly professional personality, and others will fear your presence.

Tactical Knee Pad

Tactical Knee Pads (Product Page)

Going entirely tactical requires you to gear up the right way. Knee pads are essential parts for army and cosplay so don’t forget these.

Ghost in the Shell Arise

Ghost in the Shell Arise

Ghost in the Shell Women body suit

Complete Red Suit (Product Page)

This red suit is inspired by Arise film series. It’s the same design from the movie and features complete 2-piece set.

Black Women Tee

Black Women Tee (Product Page)

Along with jacket, you need to wear this shirt underneath with zipper open.

blue wig

Blue Shorthair Wig (Product Page)

Absorbing a good personality means you have to go from head to toe. No need to use dye-colors, just grab this wig and pretend who cares.

Red Heel Boots

Red Heel Boots (Product Page)

To complete the outfit, just wear this long red boot to become Motoko Kusanagi in the flesh from Arise series.


scarlett johansson ghost in the shell suit

black wig

Black Scarlett Johansson Wig (Product Page)

In the movie, Scarlett Johansson was wearing a black wig instead of purple and different combination of Apparel. Producers decided to give a different style instead of copying the anime version.

ghost in shell cosplay bodysuit

Complete Bodysuit (Product Page)

It doesn’t exactly look like the suit from the movie but still close enough to replicate her.


Scarlett Johansson Major Jacket

Scarlett Johansson Movie Jacket (Product Page)

This epic tactical jacket is a must-have for your Ghost in the Shell Cosplay collection. Not only it’s high-quality replica outerwear from the cinematic movie but also trending fashion wear.


Grey Tank top

Grey Tank Top (Product Page)

The film has introduced some new styles of casual outfits for ladies and you, I got this similar tank top to nurture the persona of Motoko Kusanagi.

Women Tactical Pants

Tactical Pants (Product Page)

If you have the right supply of tactical gears than what’s left for you is this tactical pant that goes with above outfits. It’s fitting and stylish to keep you active.

Batou Ghost in the Shell


Wielding Goggles

Cyber Goggles (Product Page)

Look dark and bad-ass cyber male in this Batou from Section 9 Goggles. Indeed it’s not the actual eyeball goggles but still a contemporary option for your cosplay.


Batou Jacket (Product Page)

Cosplaying the big guy is not the only thing you should do. Build up the same persona in our exclusive Batou Jacket inspired by the movie.

Black Cargo Style Pants

Black Cargo Trouser (Product Page)

Batou has a military personality and second in command only behind Motoko Kusanagi. His cosplay jackets vary on each episode, but the movie costume is the best style you can match with this trouser.

Army Mens Boots

Army Jungle Boots (Product Page)

If you want to bring a fictional character to life, then you need to gear up like him. Shoes are an essential part of cosplay and I am putting this for your cosplay list.

That’s it for our today, and I hope you liked our items. I’ll be updating more unique merchandise, costume ideas and guide so stay posted!

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