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Recreate The Classic Look With Ghostbusters Costume

Whom do you think you will call when something strange is happening in the area? It is, of course, the ghost busters. The supernatural film of three unemployed professors, who started a business of eliminating ghosts. They were asked to inspect strange sites and alleged paranormal activities. Other than the unique story the Ghostbusters costume also got a lot of fame.

The outfits are available for all. Everyone in the family can get Ghostbusters Halloween costume for defeating the spirit. Let’s have a look at the ideas below.

Be a Part of Paranormal Extermination Team

DIY Costume for Adults…

Basic Cotton Coverall (Amazon)

The khaki overall is an essential element to get for the initial look of the team member. An ideal pick for the outfit as well as the outside work.

Short Sleeve T-Shirt (Amazon)

The casual black t-shirt that all the member of the squad used to wear under the coverall. Have it for your Ghostbusters costume diy. The cotton blend shirt has the seamless collar with double needle stitching throughout.

Name Tags & No Ghost Logo (Amazon)

These are the iconic logos and the name tags of the team. The lot of 8 iron on patches, 4 no ghost sign and one of each member name tag. Attach them to show which person you are from the panel.

Reflective Belt (Amazon)

The reflective belt is provided for the heroic costumes of the characters. It is stretchy and is of high-quality to keep the gloves and the blaster stick to it.

Chemical Resistant Gloves (Amazon)

Get the long gauntlets cuff, chemical resistant gloves for the adult’s outfit. It has a smooth finish and provides excellent grip. The inner lining is soft and comfortable that makes it a great choice for Halloween costumes.

Elbow Pads (Amazon)

Wear these costume elbow pads to make yourself safe and secured while going to capture the ghost. They are well made and are perfect for the ghost buster costume.


Goggle (Amazon)

Here is the eye-gear that you will need for the Ghostbusters Halloween costumes. The compact design with elastic headband protects the eyes. There is a flip-up front for ease.

Inflatable Backpack (Amazon)

The costume with the inflatable proton blaster backpack. Wear it for the next costume party and receive a lot many compliments for your ghost busting job.

Sidearm Proton Blaster (Amazon)

Don’t forget to take your weapon when going to hunt the ghosts. Get the movie inspired proton blaster for the outfit and become the ultimate member of the team. Sleek to carry and easy to use.

Jungle Boot Men (Amazon)

Get ready for the action by completing your outlook with the given above boots for the ghostbusters costume. The classic military style boots with long-lasting rubber outsole.

Deluxe Jumpsuit (Amazon)

For this Halloween, ghostbusters costume is an excellent choice. You can have it for the group cosplay as well. The brand new design includes jumpsuit, belt, and gloves.

Name Tag (Amazon)

Ideally designed this must be a part of your iconic costume. The tag font used is inspired by the movie. They are the custom name tag for the people who are show casing the character.

Cosplay Costume Shoes (Amazon)

Here are the cosplay costume shoes in the list that will make you look like a ghostbuster. Made from PU leather they are over the ankle and are a great accessory to use.

Ghost Trap (Amazon)

Take your ghost trap when going for the hunt. Not only trap it can be used as a lunch box as well. An ideal utility accessory.

Other Costumes…

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Get ready to fight the evil in the town. Wear the classy and smart Ghostbusters Halloween Costume. The DIY guide is for adults and complete outfits for all. Boys, girls, toddlers, and adults ideas are provided. Team up this season and show the incredible uniformity. Share your reviews for the guide if you find it helpful.

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