30 Going Away Gifts For Coworkers | Farewell Gifts

Going Away Gifts For Coworkers

Going away gifts are always a good idea, especially for coworkers. If you want to say goodbye to your coworker and show them how much they mean to you, we’ve got some ideas for you!

The Best Gifts For Coworkers:

  • Legend Mug
  • Leather Jacket
  • Candle
  • Note Books
  • Leather Coat
  • Chocolates
  • Shearling Jacket
  • Foot Rest
  • Self-Care Gift Basket
  • Wool coat
  • Goodbye Keychains
  • Cotton jacket
  • Organic Tea Basket
  • Leather Wallet
  • Planter For Desk
  • Leather Belt
  • Guest Book For Farewell Party
  • A watch
  • Leather Gloves
  • Coffee Mug
  • Leather Blazer
  • Eyeglass Holder
  • Book
  • Photo Frame
  • A shirt
  • Show Piece
  • 365 Happy Notes
  • Snack Basket
  • Motivational Quote Wall Art
  • Gift Cards

Legend Mug

mugs for farewell gifts


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A mug with a quote is a great way to say “thanks” to your coworker when they leave.

It can be a fun, silly quote that you both have in common, or it can be a more serious one that means something special to both of you.

Just make sure the quote is appropriate for work and not something that might make someone else uncomfortable and just keep in mind that these things are always better as gifts if they’re personalized!

Leather Jacket

Mens Leather Racer Jacket

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It has been ages since you are working with your dearest coworker and now that he is leaving as he got a new job or maybe he is retiring a leather jacket is a perfect and ageless gift for him.

You can make him feel the best by giving him a jacket as you can show how smooth your work life was with him. and now that he is leaving he can feel the smooth journey by feeling his smooth leather jacket.


Candles For Coworkers

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Stop searching for a going away gift for coworker and think about what he actually likes. If he is a candle collector then your case is solved.

You can definitely gift him a scented candle on his farewell. A candle lover would absolutely love you for remembering his likes.

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Note Books

Notebook gift

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When you’re saying goodbye to a coworker who loves writing down things, a notebook or a diary can be considered last-minute going away gifts for coworkers

Whether they use it to jot down ideas or just write down where they want to go next, it’s sure to be a great gift for anyone who appreciates the written word!

Leather Coat

mens leather car coat

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Thinking about what to give your favorite and long-term coworker friend? Then think about giving him a leather coat.

A leather coat is one of the best gifts for coworkers who are moving on because it’s versatile, it can be worn at work or for leisure, and it’s also durable and will last for years like your friendship.

Chocolate Box

Chocolate box

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Goodbye gifts are always very emotional And if you are searching for last-minute going away gifts for coworkers then why not chocolates?

Whether your coworker is a man or a woman both will surely love chocolates as they are a powerful mood enhancer for each one of us.

Shearling Jacket

Brown Bomber Jacket

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If you’ve got a coworker who’s been there for you, and they’re leaving soon, what better way to say goodbye than with a shearling jacket?

This jacket looks great on everyone and is a timeless piece that will always be in style. It’s also practical because it keeps you warm even when it’s cold outside!


Comfortable Foot rest

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Searching gifts for colleagues? But now it’s time to stop looking—you know exactly what they need! A footrest is one of the best gifts for a new job that can be given to your favorite colleague.

A footrest is a great way to show your coworker that you care about their comfort, and it’s also a great way to make sure they feel comfortable when they’re working.

Self-Care Gift Basket

Skincare basket for women

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If you’re looking for a going away gift for female coworker then self-care gift baskets can be one of the small gift ideas for coworkers but can really put a great impact on them.

Almost every female loves taking care of their skin and will love this gift.

Wool coat

Charcoal Wool Coat

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A wool coat is one of the perfect gifts for colleagues who have been with you for at least one year.

It’s also great for those coworkers who are getting married soon! A wool coat makes a great wedding gift because it’s practical and stylish at the same time.

Goodbye Keychains

Goodbye keychain gift

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I know, thinking about going away gift ideas for your coworker can be really tough on your head but why not go for a very easy yet nice pick?

A keychain with a goodbye message or a motivational quote can be a great small yet cute gift.

Cotton Jacket

Cotton Jacket Black

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If your coworker is getting ready to move on from the company, it’s a good idea to give them a gift that will help them transition into their next career.

Organic Tea Basket

Organic Tea Box

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When your coworker is leaving the job, it’s always hard to know what to get them.

Organic tea is a thoughtful way to say goodbye to your coworkers.

Leather Wallet

Mens Leather Wallet

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If you’re looking for a gift for a coworker we have just the thing!

This leather wallet is bound to be a hit. It has all the features of a high-end wallet without the expense.

This gift will show him how much you care about him as a coworker, and what he means to you. It’s also functional, it can hold all his important cards, including his driver’s license!

Planter For Desk

Planter for desk

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When you sit to think about a coworker’s farewell gift ideas you might think there are only limited options. But as a way to say goodbye to your coworker, we’ve got a special gift for him.

This planter has a really cool design. It’s perfect for his new desk! Also, it will keep any harmful toxins away from him, which is always a plus!

Leather Belt

Black Leather Belt Men

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You have a great coworker, and we know he will have a blast at his new job!

But before he goes, you must think about how to make him feel great working with you.

This leather belt is a great idea to give him as his farewell gift.

Guest Book For Farewell Party

farewell party guest book

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The most boring farewell present you can give someone is a generic “good luck” card. Why not go for something really emotional yet full of memories & wishes?

The guest book is also considered one of the good gifts for coworkers.

A Watch

Leather Strap Watch

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I guess now we all know that a watch is an ideal gift for anyone & for any occasion.

It is the most classic gift whether you are thinking to give a watch to your female coworker or a male coworker.

I am very sure that both of them will love it.

Leather Gloves

Mens Black Leather Gloves

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Do you want to make your coworker feel like a million bucks? Then give him this pair of leather gloves! They’re made from the finest leather, and they’re sure to make him feel amazing.

No matter how cold it gets out there, he’ll be able to keep himself warm with these gloves on.

They’re not just good for keeping his hands warm, they’re also great for protecting them from sudden drops of water or splashes of mud.

Coffee Mug

Coffee Mug For Coworker

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Your coworker is leaving you and you think it’s time to say goodbye.

This mug will remind him of the good times you’ve had together and the laughs you’ve shared.

It’s a perfect gift for the person who has helped shape your career, and we hope that it’ll remind them of all the ways they’ve enriched your life.

Leather Blazer

Black Leather Blazer

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If you’re looking for a unique way to say goodbye to your coworker, look no further than a leather blazer.

This leather blazer is perfect for any occasion and will ensure that your coworkers remember you with this one-of-a-kind piece.

Eyeglass Holder

Eyeglass holder stand

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You know he is going to need an eyeglass holder stand for his new desk as he can’t go without his pair of glasses.

It will be a very thoughtful gift for your coworker as it will show him how much you care for them.


book to read

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If you know your coworker loves reading from a book instead of a kindle and you are thinking to gift him a meaningful book to read then guess what? You are absolutely correct.

A book will be one of the best goodbye gifts for coworkers who love to read in their spare time.

Photo Frame

Photo frame for coworkers

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These custom photo frames are the perfect goodbye gift for your coworkers.

You can choose a photo of all their colleagues together, or pick a different picture that represents them.

It’s a great way to show how much you appreciate them and how much they mean to you.

365 Happy Notes

days happy notes

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Happy notes for 365 days is the cutest thing to gift your coworker who’s leaving soon.

You can either make them by yourself if you want to or buy them from amazon.

These notes will make your coworker feel so happy as they are full of motivation and happiness.

Snack Basket

Snack gift basket

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Do you know that a snack basket is a great goodbye gift idea? As you know he has always looking for new snacks to bring to the office and this basket is just perfect for him.

The basket includes all the snacks which can make help him/her cheer up while being extremely low.

Motivational Quote Wall Art

motivational quote wall art

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This gift will help him stay productive while also adding some style to his new workspace—and that’s something we know he’ll love!

Gift Cards

goodbye gift card

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Only cards are the most effortless and unthoughtful gift you can give to someone. But if you are adding a card along with your selected gift then it can be very thoughtful of you.

It will show your efforts of putting a gift and a card together to make him or her feel like a valuable person because you can write your thoughts in it while saying, goodbye coworker.

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