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Have A Very Pink Halloween In Pink Panther Costume

Pink Panther Costume 810x455

Hey cartoon fans, do you know the character that used to smoke a cigarette before the show? He is all pink and also a Prank Master… He’s Pink Panther. Every 90 kid remembers the amazing show starring a voiceless Panther who lives in a pink universe. The animated show first aired in 1985 and released 10 seasons till 1995. The character is seen as the main protagonist who plays pranks against an unknown white Janitor with a Big Nose.  The character became a popular hit in 20’th century and still among the best cartoons that we love to watch.

What really captures our attention is the colorful outfit worn by the character, sure it is not really hard to create and for that, we’ll help you make your own version of Pink Panther Costume at home. Just follow the instruction and you’ll be looking pink in no time.

Ideas for Men:


Pink Body Suit

Body Suit (Amazon)

The first step, wear this pink bodysuit. The adult turtleneck bodysuit will not make you feel uncomfortable, it is also available in other sizes so your problem is solved. It is highly recommended for Cosplay purpose.

Pink Panther Eye Mask

Pink Panther Eye Mask (Etsy)

The next part is for the head, you need to wear an eye mask to make yourself look like the real Panther Panther. It is a handmade product which comes with adjustable straps for fitting.

Pink Knit Gloves

Pink Gloves (Amazon)

Pink suit requires matching gloves so I prefer you should pick these. The solid gloves will give you a warm feeling and fits almost every hand. Best for winter and costume purpose.

Pink Cosplay Tail

Tail (Amazon)

How can you identify yourself without the actual accessory? Whenever pinks has a plan, he waves his tail so can you once you purchase this cosplay long tail that is similar to Pink Panther’s.


Black Cigarrette Holder

Cigarette Holder (Amazon)

Last thing you need for your Pink Panther Costume is the iconic Cigarette Holder. This will make you look bad-ass and not to mention how cool it with the cosplay. It is made from plastic, even if you’re not a smoker, this will keep the theme.

Now for Women….

Pink Ladies Catsuit

Catsuit (Amazon)

Women also need to wear a pink suit to gimmick like the infamous character. This Zentai bodysuit is available in all colors and also covers the feet and hands so even if you don’t buy all items, it will work out. For Mask, cigarette holder and tail, you can check above.

Adults Lighweight Pink Shoes

Shoes (Amazon)

To cover the feet, you’re required to wear matching shoes or something like this one.  It is a well-designed and cushioned shoe for casual, occasional and especially Pink Panther Costume.

Complete Pink Panther Halloween Costume…..

Pink Panther Kigurumi Men

Men’s Kigurumi (Amazon)

Don’t want to waste time collecting each stuff, just go for the deluxe costume set. There are two cosplays for this Kigurumi. You can wear it while going to bed or just to gimmick the character, your choice.

Girls Pink Panther Adult Kigurumi

Women’s Kigurumi (Amazon)

Fancy and delightful style for ladies to portray as the famous comical character. It is made from the fleece material and 100% washable. It will work on almost everybody because of loose fitting.

Folks, that is all for your Pink Panther Costumes. We enjoyed making this guide and showing you ideas to become just like the good’ol fashion Pink guy. Time to do some pranking wearing this outfit but watch out for the little man, he’ll run after you.

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