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Universal Guide To Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Costumes

The blockbuster movie is back with an epic chapter of infamous Guardian of the Galaxy that fans are excited about. Another sequel has hit theaters with returning team of cosmic adventurers ready to save universe. Time to take the excitement further by playing a role of Universal Characters with our guide to Guardians of the Galaxy Costumes.

Complete Lineup:

  1. Star Lord
  2. Gamora
  3. Drax
  4. Baby Groot
  5. Rocket Racoon
  6. Mantis
  7. Nebula
  8. Yondu
  9. Merchandise



Star Lord Costume Idea

Required Items:
  1. Star Lord Vol. 2 Jacket
  2. Star-Lord Yeah Baby Tee
  3. Star Lord Gloves Vol. 2
  4. Helmet
  5. Belt
  6. Engineer Boot
  7. Star-Lord Blaster
  8. Vol.2 Necklace
  9. Biker Armour Pants

Star Lord is a famous name in Marvel Universe and one heck of a character that people prefer to replicate.  The audience loves his standalone fashion personality so why not give it a try today! You need to wear all 9 listed items to fictionalize him, also check our detailed guide here.



Gamora Costume

Required Items:
  1. Gamora Coat
  2. Vest
  3. Vol. 2 Jacket
  4. Curly Straight Hair Wig
  5. Green Face Paint
  6. Full Body Suit Vol. 1

Gamora is one green lady that you shouldn’t mess with. A bad-ass character and a full-time savior team member. Become a fierce warrior in real life with mentioned DIY or go for the featured guide.

Drax The Destroyer

Drax the Destroyer Costume

Required Items:
  1. Drax Mask
  2. Dagger
  3. Drax Vol. 2 Pants
  4. Makeup Kit

Remember the guy who powerbombed wrestlers in the squared circle? Yes, he’s now a making impact in the film industry and contributed his role in top movies like Guardian of the Galaxy. He plays Drax, a Super-Human warrior who joins the team Star Lord along with other saviors. Become amazing and powerful like him in featured Costume items for Drax.

Baby Groot

Baby Groot In Vol.2Baby Groot Costume Collection

Required Items:
  1. Baby Groot Jacket
  2. Camo Long Shirt
  3. Tree Gloves
  4. Groot Mask

Groot plays a human-like tree character that has the power to regenerate and withstand huge assaults. He’s scary but cute too, also a good suggestion for your Guardians of the Galaxy Costume. More related ideas for Groot.

Rocket Raccoon

Rocket Raccoon

Required Items:
  1. Mask
  2. Rocket Raccoon Vest
  3. Gloves
  4. Tail
  5. Blaster Toy Gun

Who could forget this little Raccoon? Thus little hero is intelligent, brave and ready to blast anyone who gets in his way. Are you delighted by his fluffy appearance? Then get ready to gear up just like him with our guide for Guardians of the Galaxy Costumes.


Mantis Guardian of the Galaxy Vol.2

Required Items:
  1. Mantis Jacket
  2. Bug Antenna Headband
  3. Green Arm Sleeves
  4. Women Leather Boots
  5. Black Tights
  6. Knee Pads
  7. Mantis Complete Costume

Another new recruited Member of the Guardians is Mantis. She can sense feelings and emotions just by touching them. In a world where we lack feelings, you should cosplay like her with shown items.



Nebula Costume Guide

Required Items:
  1. Blue Make-Up Kit
  2. Bald Cap
  3. Nebula Vol. 2 Jacket
  4. Nebula Costume Outfit
  5. Nebula Deluxe Boots

Nebula possesses unique power abilities such as health regenerating, expert assassin and cyber enhancements. You’ll be needing this DIY to serve the Galaxy or destroy it.


Yondu Costume

Items for Yondu Cosplay

Required Items:
  1. Washable Paint
  2. Yondu Jacket
  3. Knives Wrist Sheath
  4. Cargo Operator Pant
  5. Engineer Boots

The Blue Guy, Yondu is portraying as a father figure to Peter Quill and a new entry to the franchise. His outfit is kinda weird but looks cool all the way.  To fictionalize him, go for our suggested Yondu DIY.

More Styles To Adapt

Star Lord Infinity War Jacket

Star Lord Infinity War Jacket (Product Page)

Unlike his previous jackets, this one has more details. Just look at the quality work done by Fjackets, something you can’t afford to miss.

Starlord Cosplay Jacket

Star-Lord Jacket From Vol.2 – (Product Page)

A heroic personality deserves to wear this Star-Lord Vol.2 Jacket, designed from Leather Material. Become a part of Guadians Today.

Star-Lord Red Coat

Star Lord Inspired Coat – (Product Page)

Here is the exclusively designed burgundy outerwear that goes extremely well with  Star-Lord Helmet shown in the first section.

Dancing Groot

Dancing Groot – (Product Page)

A cute little Groot action figure designed by Funko Pop. Add it to Guardian of the Galaxy Fan’s Collection.

That’s it for our Guardians of the Galaxy Costumes, hope you enjoy learning how to make these outfits for Cosplay Events and Halloween.  The DIY has all essential items for assembling but detailed guide of Star Lord, Gamora, Baby Groot and Rocket Raccoon is also linked so don’t forget to check that.

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