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A Complete Costume Guide of Han Solo From Star Wars

Han Solo Costume

Very few actors have played one character for more than two decades and Harrison Ford is one of them. Without a doubt, he is one of the most important characters in the Star Wars series. In every movie, he appeared, Harrison Ford proved that he is the best actor to play the character of Han Solo. Even after his dismissal from Episode VII, fans are still wondering will we ever see him again.

Han Solo is rumored to be getting his own spin-off movie in a few years. Nevertheless, nobody can forget Han and his famous dialogue delivery. Whether you are at Comic Con events or going for a cosplay event, you are guaranteed to see someone wear a Han Solo jacket. If you too want a costume of the most famous character in Star Wars then follow this guide.

Han Solo Star Wars: The Force Awaken Costume

However, The Force Awakens eventually shows the end of Han Solo in Star Wars franchise but as far as he goes, Harrison Ford has introduced his best outfit in the movie. The leather jacket of Han Solo makes this costume as the best one because you will not see the character wearing a leather jacket on the set each time. It’s rare and no doubt stunning look. You can have the same by following this guide.



Han Solo The Force Awaken Shirt (Product Page)

A shirt of Han Solo is always the most stunning thing to have for a Star Wars fan. The shirt that Harrison Ford used to wear while playing the role of Han Solo is different from the regular shirt that we see. This has half button closure with standup style collar and shirt style cuffs. This is a rare combination but in far far away galaxy, people do wear stuff like this, my friend.

new han solo jacket star wars costume-min

Han Solo The Force Awaken Jacket (Product Page)

Has Solo don’t normally wear leather jackets in the movie. He does wear Parka and vest but the jacket was a new experience for the fans of Star Wars. The jacket of Han Solo has 3 chest pocket for shells, it also has two big chest pockets on the waistline and two inside pockets as well. The jacket has a magnet closure style that Has Solo also uses to have. This jacket is a good thing to have for the insane cosplayers of Star Wars.

Han Solo New Pant

Han Solo The Force Awaken Pant (Product Page)

This pant is identically the same as Han Solo wears in The Force Awaken movie. Han Solo uses to wear sober and simple jeans with his jacket that makes him feel comfortable to act like the character. This Han Solo Pant is made of polyester material and is perfect for Han Solo fans to have.

Brown leather belt han solo star wars

Han Solo The Force Awaken Belt (Product Page)

Han Solo also use to wear a belt with his costume except for the famous holster. This belt is a normal dress belt that many people uses to wear with their semi-formal outfit style. Well, you need something to hold your pants in place, right? The reason for selecting the belt is that it’s easily blended with the color of the jacket. Han Solo makes this belt different and must buy for every single fan.

Han Solo New Holster Set

Han Solo The Force Awaken Holster (Product Page)

Along with his belt, he also wears the Han Solo holster to keep his blaster with himself all the time. Han Solo has made man enemies of his life that where ever he goes he find someone ready to kill him. For Han Solo, it’s must-have Blaster to face the Galaxy. The holster belt is made of high-quality leather material and has many functions. This belt also has a holder for droid caller that he always keep himself.

blaster gun costume han solo force awaken star wars

Han Solo The Force Awaken Blaster (Product Page)

Han Solo always keeps his signature blaster in his holster. He rarely uses his blaster to kill the evil force but when he does, it’s the clear warning to don’t mess with or underestimate Han Solo. However, you won’t get the original Han Solo blaster but this plastic version is approximately similar to the one in the movie. It’s reasonably priced and works well for a cosplay.

Han Solo New Boot

Han Solo The Force Awaken Boots (Product Page)

Han Solo wore these pair of boots with his costume that is knee high with zipper on the side of the shoes. This pair of shoes are man-made with faux leather material. The sole of the shoe is made of PU leather. however, this is not a heavy duty shoe but it’s just an exceptional piece to wear as cosplay.

This was the Han Solo Star Wars: The Force Awaken costume. Now it’s time for the costume from A New Hope.

Han Solo Star Wars: A New Hope Costume

Han Solo A New Hope Costume

The movie Star Wars: A New Hope is an old edition of the franchise but still the costume of Han Solo has great love in the heart of many fans similar to his Han Solo Bespin jacket. For you, here is the guide of his costume to easily catch your Han Solo look.


V Neck White Shirt

Han Solo New Hope Shirt (Product Page)

It will be very hard to find the correct options for Han Solo costume but surely you will find the Han Solo shirt now on Amazon. This V neck Star Wars costume shirts is amazing and designed only for the cosplayers. This is a thick shirt with soft and breathing material that will keep you warm in long nights of winter. This shirt is available in unisex slim fit style so girls can now also enjoy being Han Solo from the New Hope.

han solo leather vest

Han Solo New Hope Vest (Product Page)

The Han Solo Vest that he wore in A New Hope edition was in cotton material but here Fjackets have made that vest in leather material. Now people can use this vest frequently and it will last for a long time. This vest is made of genuine leather and is all designed in exact same look like the one Harrison Ford wear in the movie.

Han Solo Holster

Han Solo New Hope Pouch (Product Page)

Next thing that Han Solo Costume needs is the pouch belt of Han Solo that he uses to store his droid caller and blaster. This belt is made of high-quality material, and the holster for the blaster is attached to it. This is an exact match because of the Han Solo belt buckle and will make people think that you spent a fortune on it. Of course, you only know the secret behind having the most similar looking items.


Han Solo New Hope Belt (Product Page)

Han Solo also wear this belt with his costume to complete his stunning look of Star Wars. The Han Solo belt is made of genuine material with a single-prong roller bar buckle. The strap of the belt is smooth and soft. It’s easy to adjust the length of the belt according to your need. This piece is completely designed for Han Solo cosplay.

Han Solo Pant

Han Solo New Hope Pant (Product Page)

This is the great pant of Han Solo with the stripes on it. This pair of Han Solo pants are made of cotton and has the blood stripes on the side of the pant. Han Solo frequently uses this style of Pant in Star Wars that has now become the choice of many cosplayers out there. This is one pant that any movie fan will recognize instantly.

blaster gun costume han solo force awaken star wars

Han Solo New Hope Blaster (Product Page)

Han Solo costume of a new hope also includes the blaster. This is the same Han Solo gun as we have shown in The Force Awakens costume of Han Solo. He does not depend on the lightsabers like how everyone else does. Han Solo is one of those characters who prefer a more badass weapon. Imagine posing in this and have people compliment your effort.

silver long boots han solo

Han Solo Boots (Product Page)

They may look like the fashionably expensive riding shoes, but they are the ideal pair to the suit. Before they were considered for the fascinating hobby, they were part of the Han Solo costume from the decade-old movie. Made of leather with a nice finish to it, boots like these are sometimes rarely found.

Han Solo Empire Strikes Back Costume

Empire Strikes Back Costume

Episode V of the galactic series made a huge impact and still one of the best in Star Wars Trilogy. The movie is set after three years from the events of A New Hope where Solo is donning a new jacket which has influenced so many fans across the globe. If you want your force to be strong than you need to check out these items.

Empire Strikes Back Jacket

Empire Strikes Back Jacket (Product Page)

You can’t be the scruffy-looking nerf herder without owning this awesome style black jacket. It’s a unique fashion piece that is worth a million dollars but we are showing you the same version at an affordable price.

han solo shirt

Ivory Shirt (Product Page)

No one will recognize you as Solo until you wear this shirt. You can wear the jacket casually if you please but for cosplay purpose, I believe this button shirt or something similar would be better.

Brown Pant

Brown Trouser (Product Page)

His actual brown trousers have yellow stripes. A matching simple work pant would do the trick and if you already have one at home, skip this product.

Han Solo Holster

Belt (Product Page)

To hold your pants, I’m adding the same belt from the above guide.

Han Solo Movie Toy Blaster

Han Solo Blaster (Product Page)

If you want to do some Pew Pew or pose like the scruffy looking nerf herder, this Blaster Toy Gun is what you need. Although, it’s a toy and if you want the real thing, grab one here.

Han Solo New Boot

Boots (Product Page)

To finalize the guide, add this pair of boots to your cart. Made from durable leather material and fits for every purpose and features a synthetic sole.

These are three of the most wanted Han Solo outfit at the moment. You got one from Star Wars: A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back and from the latest movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Share and follow this guide for your next dress-up event in the Star Wars DIY costumes. This will work best for you, without a doubt.

Han Solo Costume Info-graph

Han Solo Infograph
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