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The Greatest Costume Guide To Be Like Harley Quinn

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Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel is one of the most recognizable and famous villains of Batman. She has attired different costumes in her life and right now, you’ll discover most infamous varieties. Take the following merchandise of both classic and new Harley Quinn Costume and assemble it to look like the insane girl.

Harley Quinn Cosplay Variations:

  1. Suicide Squad
  2. Suicide Squad Prison
  3. Arkham Knight
  4. Arkham City
  5. Arkham Asylum
  6. Jester
  7. Bombshell
  8. Injustice 2
  9. Infographic

1. Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Costume:

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad

Margot Robbie plays the role of Harley Quinn. To dress like her, the Suicide Squad Jacket is necessary as well the Daddy’s Little Monster Suicide Squad Tee, Studded Belt, and Long White Heel Boots. Start with…


Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Jacket

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Jacket

She has always worn outfits that touched the heart of many like the jacket in Suicide Squad movie. Up next is…

Daddy's little monster shirt

Daddy’s Little Monster Tshirt (Product Page)

Nothing feels good like making DIY of Suicide Squad Costume. Here is the Harley Quinn Shirt and it’s the same tee seen in the movie worn by Margot Robbie.

Harley Quinn Wig

Harley Quinn Wig (Product Page)

The exceptional wig for your Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Costume. It will not mess up the hair and, will add the blonde look easily.

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Gloves

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Gloves

She has worn cool add-ons including these gloves. Get one from Fjackets.com in genuine leather style, durable and very comfy. The leather used is soft and light.


Harley Quinn Belt

Pyramid Studded Belt

This Pyramid Studded Belt is an amazing thing and well designed with the attractive golden color. The belt is made of real leather that provides flexible experience enough to ensure one will feel comfortable. This belt will easily adjust your Harley Quinn outfit.

Harley Quinn Holster

Holster (Product Page)

Harley Quinn Cosplay Costume Holster is also essential to carry replica weapons.

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Shorts

Harley Quinn Shorts (Product Page)

Grab the Shorts to combine with your Suicide Squad costume. Designed accurately just like the movie.


Prop Gun (Product Page)

The menace and madness of the Pumpkin Po do not end here because the psychotic doctor is as insane as the clown prince himself. She keeps her weaponry equipped that is totally lethal.But we’re showing a prop version to add a similar refining touch to the Harley Quinn Halloween Costume DIY.


Mallet (Product Page)

The clown princess has added the deadly hammer to her Pandora of fetal weapons list. The eye-riveting mallet is detailed perfectly for Margot Robbie Harley Quinn costume.

Good Night Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Bat

Harley Quinn Baseball Bat (Product Page)

The famous Bat is required for the cosplay and it features the “Good Night” Text to knock out opponents.


Spike Cuffs (Product Page)

The similar Spike is required and available at Amazon that will definitely rock with the attire.

Harley Quinn Puddin Cuff Bracelet Band

Puddin Necklace (Product Page)

Margot Robbie also wore this bracelet/necklace along with her costume in Suicide Squad. She found this in the box that was sent by her boyfriend Joker and we all know to whom Harley calls PUDDIN.

Harley Quinn Yes Sir Bracelet

Yes Sir Band (Product Page)

Along with other Harley Quinn jewelry, She also wore “Yes Sir” band. If you are dying to cosplay then this will be a necessary item to buy.

Harley Quinn Tattoo

Tattoo (Product Page)

Harley Quinn Tattoos is much required to wear or you won’t be able to admire the character completely. No need to draw one, the temporary set of tattoos will save lots of time and money.

Harley Suicide Squad Boots

Harley Quinn Shoes (Product Page)

Last but not the least, the pair of adorable shoes. A must-have to complete the outfit


Complete Costume Bundle

Harley Quinn Complete Costume

Find the complete Harley Quinn Suicide Squad costume from Fjackets to avail the exciting discount.

Let’s move on to the next……

2. Harley Quinn Prison Costume


Second cosplay we got from the movie is the prison orange set. She can be seen reading a romance novel while having her cup of tea. Sure is a cool way to sit in a prison cell.


harley quinn burn after use tankBurn After Use Tank Top (Product Page)

Similar white tank top we found with printed text – Burn after use. Featuring intentional rips for cosplay purpose.

Orange Prison Pajamas

Orange Pajamas (Product Page)

You will insanely look like her after wearing this pajama with the above shirt. The pant is lightweight, adjustable, and designed to fit everyone.

Harley Quinn Prison Set Costume

Complete Set (Product Page)

To save time, go for this orange set and grab a cup of tea and a novel book to complete your DIY.

3. Harley Quinn Arkham Knight Costume:

Harley Quinn Arkham Knight
Arkham series has introduced a new Harley Quinn Sexy Costume. The game said to be last in Batman series but only time will tell. The cosplay can be yours, here is the guide that includes the required items.


Harley Arkham Knight Costume

Corset (Product Page)

The Harley Quinn Corset looks fantastic inspired by the game itself best to catch the appearance. Let’s move on to the shoes.

Harley Quinn Arkham Knight Wig

Arkham Knight Wig (Product Page)

After the second step, just wear the Harley Quinn Wig to complete the attire. Or if you already own golden hairs, then no need to shop.


Arkham City Shoes (Product Page)

The PU Leather Harley Quinn Boot is easier to wear and walk around. Good choice for cosplayers and fans of Harley.

4. Harley Quinn Arkham City Costume:

Arkham City Harley Quinn Costume

Arkham Knight is sure a great addition to the franchise but do not forget the previous game where she was wearing a different outfit was way sexier. Since we’re talking about ideas here, let’s shed lights on following DIY Harley Quinn Costumes.


Harley Quinn Arkham Knight Wig

Arkham City Wig (Product Page)

Similar wig from the previous idea can be used for this Harley Quinn Teen Costume DIY as well because her actual hair color is yellow.

Harley Quinn Arkham City Costume

Harley Quinn Arkham City Costume (Product Page)

The material of the costume is reliable and shiny like the game. Comfortable and you won’t face uncomfortable either.

Harley Quinn Bat

Harley Quinn Bat (Product Page)

The baseball bat is designed especially to knock out the bats but can be used for sports as well. The best weapon to have while cosplaying.


Arkham City Shoes (Product Page)

Similar, shoes well designed, supportive and measure with the above items easily.

5. Harley Quinn Nurse Costume:

Harley Quinn Arkham Asylum Nurse

Let’s go way back to the first part story where we saw the Harley Quinn Arkham Asylum Costume. Eligible suit for all girls out there especially fans of the crazy doctor.


Harley Quinn Nurse Costume

Nurse Attire (Product Page)

Harley Quinn suit from the game is available in full form. It is made of vinyl and polyester material and the package contains Corset, Top, Skirt, Choker, Gloves, Belt, Headpiece, and Eye Mask.

Harley Quinn Nurse Boots

Harley Quinn Nurse Boots (Product Page)

The shoes are produced with synthetic and the sole is also made from the same material. The heel is about 4” high and it’s eligible to wear with Harley Quinn costume.

6. Harley Quinn Original Costume:

Classic Harley Quinn

This one is the Jester suit introduced to the audience in the comic then Batman Animated Series. The original Harley Quinn Costume became so popular that even today, it is considered for Halloween and Cons. Here is the guide for the vintage cosplay.


Harley Quinn Classic Costume

Harley Quinn Jester Bodysuit (Product Page)

Get the outfit in just one single click, it’s comfortable as well all the details are in its place. Suit up and be the classic lady.

Harley Quinn Dress Costume

Harley Quinn Dress (Product Page)

Want something fashionable? how bout this fancy dress inspired by the classic character attire? It’ll make the party more decorating.

Harley Quinn Hoodie Classic

Womens Harley Quinn Costume Hoodie (Product Page)

Cosplaying is not for every season and certain place requires to be casual. Be inspired and style at the same time which is why we are also adding this rocking cool hoodie in the list. harley-quinn-jester-shoes

Jester Shoes (Product Page)

Harley Quinn Shoes are incredible. PU leather is used to make it reliable and looks just like the original one.

Clown White Make Up

Clown Makeup(Product Page)

Time to put on some makeup but don’t overload yourself. Without it, you can’t be like the princess of clowns.

Harley Quinn Plus size costume set

Plus Size Harley Quinn Costume (Product Page)

A complete set of items including dress, arm sleeve covers, headband, tattoos, inflatable mallet to portray as the popular villain of DCU.

7. Harley Quinn Bombshell:

Harley Quinn Bombshell

Bombshell Harley has inspired many different cosplayers to attire and here is how you can style like her.



Bombshell Harley Quinn Costume

Harley Quinn Bombshell Costume (Product Page)

Here’s a complete kit. The material used in the making is high-quality suede leather and other durable stuff which is the reason the product is costly.

8. Injustice Harley Quinn Adult Costume

harley quinn injustice 2
Injustice showed many sides of the infamous clown. The costume is a mash of both classic and modern which make its unique. Here’s how to be like Harley Quinn from Injustice franchise.

Items:harley quinn injustice 2 costume cosplay

Injustice 2 Costume (Product Page)

This is a complete costume from Injustice 2, identically the same as she wore. You will get the Harley Quinn sexy cosplay piece through the added link.

Harley Quinn Injustice God Among Us Boots

Boots (Product Page)

Harley Quinn Boots are perfect to combine with your Injustice Costume. It’s identically same as the character in the game.

Harley Quinn Injustice 2 Jacket

Injustice 2 Jacket (Product Page)

The game has two variations of Harley Quinn Costume and both are awesome. It is unlockable and different compared to the arcade mode edition. Added is the same designed inspired by the game.

Harley Quinn Red And Black Tights

Red and Blue Tights (Product Page)

Along with the jacket goes the classic red and blue tight. Totally, breathable and vibrant to add fun to the style. Featuring the artistic symbol of the character.

Harley Quinn Boots Black

Black Boots (Product Page)

No attire is complete without boots so does this one. Presenting the most accurate design not only fancy but affordable.

Wear any of these Harley Quinn Costumes for girls and for a better understanding, we are sharing an infographic to analyze the guide properly.

Quick DIY To Original Dresses

Complete Harley Quinn Costume Infographic
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