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Why You Need To Gear Up Before Riding a Motorcycle?

Motorcycle Leather jackets men

Protection is the first and most important step for a motorcyclist. Most countries have this law of riding without safety gear would lead to fine or jail. And even this law is not implemented in your town, you still have to follow the rules of safety while riding.

Why do you need to wear safety gear?

Accidents are common for motorcycle riders. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, such hazards can occur anytime, and only a few lucky ones walk away uninjured. And that’s only when the rider is wearing a helmet, gloves, boots, and leather jackets. It is clear that gearing up is not just important, but riding without it would lead to fatal injuries or even death.

Can you perform this stunt?

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Can motorcycle riding gear save your life?

Yes, according to the CDC report in 2016, helmets saved more than 1800 lives. Helmets are an essential part of the gear, and riding without them can be costly. Similarly, mens leather jackets, gloves, and boots made of high-quality material will prevent injuries and save lives. Let’s discuss what type of gears are important for riders?

  1. Helmet
  2. Leather Jacket
  3. Gloves
  4. Boots
  5. Glasses


motorcycle gear

A motorcycle helmet is an important gear for the riders that keep the head safe from traumatic injury. It is a lifesaver for riders but it should be made of good quality so that it is able to bear any crash.  Multiple types of helmets are there but three are more common; full-face helmet, 3/4 helmet, and half face helmet.

Here’s what you need to know about Helmets

How tight should a motorcycle helmet fit?

The helmet must be a snug fit. It should allow your head and cheeks to move freely with comfort.

Is a full-face helmet safer?

Full face helmet is safer than a half-face helmet because a full-face helmet not only covers your head but also covers your nose, cheeks, eyes, and chin. It is observed that a full-face helmet is much lifesaver than other kinds of helmets.

Leather Jacket:

Leather Jacket

There is no fun riding without wearing an awesome leather jacket. Not only you’ll look bad-ass, but it will also come in handy during dangerous stunts. There are many speculations in people’s minds about the motorcycle jacket, so I have gathered all the necessary information which will clear your mind like a clear sky on a sunny day.

Which motorcycle jacket is best? Leather or textile?

You don’t need any rocket science because it’s very simple. A textile jacket is thinner, lightweight, and less durable than a leather jacket. This doesn’t mean the textile jacket is useless, but in short, it is not safer as compared to the real leather biker jackets. On the other hand, a leather motorcycle jacket is thick, heavy, and more powerful. If you have enough money to afford a Motorcycle Jacket, then go for it.

The chances of fatal injuries will reduce because stronger leather material works as a shield to protect your body from harmful particles, sunlight, rain, dust, etc.

This guide about reasons to wear a leather jacket while riding a motorcycle.

What are the qualities of a leather motorcycle jacket?

The safest types made of heavy leather, they are thick and have a good inner lining. Other features include zippers, pockets, and padding.

You can check out our guide about the identification of real leather jackets.

How thick should it be?

Normally, the thickness of leather material should be 1.3mm, and for full-grain leather, it should be 1.5mm – 2mm. The thickness makes leather jackets powerful and durable. Don’t forget to check it before purchasing.

What about fitting?

When it comes to size, it should not be loose more than 3 inches, the better it fits you, the more it looks good and protects you.

It also makes you look great, that’s why fitting is important.

Is leather motorcycle jacket waterproof?

Real leather jackets are water repellant by nature, but they are not 100% waterproof. They can become harder or shrink from some areas if they get wet. However, they can be made waterproof by applying some conditioner and spray, but I wouldn’t recommend doing this to your expensive piece.

Leather Gloves:

biker gloves

If you are a rider, then you will definitely know the importance of leather gloves. Let’s discuss why you need to wear it.

1. Grip:

Leather gloves increase the grip capability upto 5x and make your riding experience comfortable. If you wear gloves for the first time it will feel odd and difficult to ride with them but once you become habitual with riding gloves then there is no going back.

2. Protection:

When a biker falls down, his first priority is to save the body by putting his hands down on the road, and if gloves are not present, then hands will be hurt badly.



To complete your overall biker look, all you need is a stylish pair of boots. A great companion for riders, especially if it’s cold snow, a long journey, or a weekend outing. I’d recommend boots that are comfortable, made of leather, and ready to kick. The reason I prefer leather is because it is supple and keeps the feet warm.

Do I need motorcycle boots?

Similar to your upper body part, your foot ankle needs protection too. Boots work as resistance in this situation from weather conditions, splashes, heated pipes, and expose elements. Long-distance riders are advised to consider boots and nothing less because it will protect the feet from road tortures.

If you are an average rider then you can go for normal boots but riding without boots can’t be safe for you.

How high should motorcycle boots be?

It should be high above the ankle. Five inches would be enough. But you have to try the boots before riding because some of them can make you uncomfortable while riding.

Which material is good?

Leather boots will serve you well in your journeys. They are traditionally expensive but offer excellent resistance and stylish too.

What should I look for in a Motorcycle Boot?

  • It should be made from a known brand and made of high-quality leather.
  • They should not make you feel heavy.
  • Flexible and versatile.
  • It should not make your feet tight.
  • Designed for both riding and casual use.


rider Sunglasses

Eyes are the first thing that needs protection from sun, wind, small particles, etc. Without seeing the road clearly, there is a chance the bike could crash. Almost every rider I noticed wears goggles, whether inside the helmet or exposed. It’s not just for safety, but style also matters.

Can you wear sunglasses on a motorcycle?

Of course!

Every rider needs it, but you first need to check if it fits inside your helmet. Many helmets also feature black-tinted wiser to avoid direct sunlight.

Are there glasses for night riding?

The market has launched night glasses specifically for bikers. These types allow the rider to see the road clearly while avoiding car headlights, street lights, and wind particles.

My advice is to get a great motorcycle helmet that is DOT approved and comes with sun-protective wiser

So, there you have it! Your complete guide to staying safe on the road.

I recommend every person to first do a safety check and these motorcycle riding gear are probably the most essential items you need. If you like this guide, please do share it with your friends on social.

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