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The Perfect Costume Guide of Finn

Finn Costume

Before we get down to the nitty-gritty details about the Finn costume, you must know some important and interesting facts about him. Finn is a character in Star Wars who is admired for his bravery. This is because he was formerly a member of the stormtroopers, but after witnessing the cruelty with which they operate, he was brave enough to abandon them. And not only that, but he also took up the fight against them by joining the Resistance.

His story in Episode VII, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, was just like any heroes… dangerous. This storyline, which we talked about above, of him taking the good side, worked for Finn so perfectly that the fans and critics appreciated his effort.

Finn Costume

Finn From Star Wars

John Boyega was cast to play the character. Before he was named Finn, his real name was FN-2187. He is a newcomer in the movie series and happens to be the son of Lando Calrissian. He played a paramount role in rescuing Chewbacca and Han Solo with the help of another newcomer, Rey. Since he’s a new addition to the big screen, wearing his costume would give you an edge above the rest. The attire which he dons is not that difficult to execute as you can impersonate him easily by just following this guide which we have set up for you. This is a step by step guide covering every aspect of Finn cosplay.

Finn T-Shirt (Product Page)

The very first item to begin our guide is the crew shirt which He wears under his jacket. Although His jacket is the most important thing in his outfit. But we cannot undermine the significance of this item as well. To get that ‘perfect’ look of the Finn costume, you have to go by the book and get exact matching items. This immaculate black crew shirt matches Finn’s in a nice way. Apart from concerning yourself with the matching of the items, you also have to take into account the quality of it. No need to worry about that with regards to this item as it is 100% polyester, has more than excellent breathability, dries up pretty quickly and does not retain odor.

Finn Beige Jacket

Finn Jacket (Product Page)

So after the shirt, we come on to the most critical part of the entire costume of Finn. This is the jacket which he wears in the movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  As He wears this item every time he enters the battlefield, therefore it has to have characteristics such as sublime quality, proper breathability, enough space to move around easily, fit enough that it doesn’t hang loose, among many of others. This particular jacket has all of those qualities as mentioned earlier and more! As it is coming from Fjackets, you would be guaranteed the lowest price possible as well as free shipping in the US. This is a clean version of the jacket and looks exactly new. However, if you want to have a distressed look that feels as if it was used in a battle, then we have just the thing for you down below. Just keep reading.

finn skywalker vest

Finn The Rise of the Skywalker Vest (Product Page)

In the new sequel, John Boyega is donning a stylish vest which features similar aspects as his jacket but with new modifications. Fjackets has designed a similar version of the iconic new vest in leather with screen accurate details and available at the lowest price.  We also noticed in the trailer, he is carrying new accessories like brown cuffs, holster, and a small traveling bag. Get these items for your Finn Cosplay


Finn Pant (Product Page)

Now we come on to the jeans which he wears. The importance of this item is as much as the shirt and, of course, the jacket holds more significance than this. So, if you are at a crossroad and have a limited budget then get the jacket and any other black jean. But like we have set earlier, these items are still critical if one wants to complete the impeccable Finn costume. This one is made from cotton, so it is comfortable to wear. Another positive point of this jean is that it is coming from a reputable brand named Diesel. They will surely provide you with high-quality products. Talking about the fitness of these items; they will fit around your legs fairly well as they are slim fit.


Finn Boots (Product Page)

Fighting against the Galactic Empire forces is not easy work. The task tends to get more of a nuisance if you are not wearing the proper apparel for it. The boots which you wear have to be comfortable, sturdy and should offer you protection against the elements. These boots have a rubber sole, upper, and outsole. The primary objective to achieve by doing this was to provide protection against Mother Nature by being Waterproof. So no matter how much you get yourself in water, your feet will not get drenched and will remain warm. The boots also pass air in a suitable manner which implies that your feet stay cool in a hot season. These are the perfect boots as they have all of the factors which are required for Finn costume.

Finn Blaster

Finn Blaster (Product Page)

How can you fight against the Empire If you don’t have any weapon whatsoever? The Ex-trooper was very intelligent to smuggle in this Lazar Blaster which has the power to knock down even the mightiest of the opponents. Your cosplay wouldn’t worth much if you haven’t got this belonging of the Ex-trooper. So if you want to save the integrity of your cosplay then hurry up and this to your outfit.

Finn Distressed Jacket

Finn Distressed Jacket (Product Page)

At the beginning of this Finn costume guide, we stated that we would be giving you guys another option for a jacket to choose from. This is the one; the difference between the two is that this one is distressed. What it means is that it looks like a battle-hardened item, while the other one looks as if you haven’t been to a fight your whole life. It is entirely up to you that which look you should go for. You can buy both of them so that you can rock whichever you want, whenever you want. However, if you are to choose any single one, then I would recommend this one as nothing looks more badass than a distressed jacket. The body of the jacket is crafted from original real leather, and internally viscose lining has been used. And that, folks, is the last item of our guide.

So, that brings an end to our costume guide of Finn. We shared such items with you which are not only affordable but are also one of the, if not the, best option available on the internet. So what do you think? Should we add in new products? Or do you have any suggestion or comments? If you do then leave them in the comment box below; also don’t forget to share your costume pictures with us after you have completed it. Whenever any events come where you need to dress up as a character, you can try out this DIY guide. It’s perfect for any cosplay events so you can dress up easily. Follow this guide systematically and earn compliments. People might even be jealous of you as you will have a unique costume.

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