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The A-Z Terminator Costume Collection

Terminator 810x386

The Terminator franchises are one of the few franchises that have lasted this long, with its first movie released in 1984. And, in all those years, there has been only one consistent actor starring in almost all the movies. That actor is none other than former bodybuilder and ex-governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger. In its thirty-one year history, and to be followed by a few more years, he has always been the standout star. Whether he is the villain or the hero, his performance and presence have been so impactful that people just don’t seem to get enough. Out of the five movies, Arnold featured in four. His one-liners and robotic accent have been imprinted in the minds of people. So much so that they even, copy him and his costume. This season, why not go as the ultimate badass. Here is the list of the essential items needed to for the terminator costume.

Terminator Outfit Ideas.

Items Required

terminator glasses

Terminator Sunglasses


Terminator Jacket

Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger Jacket


Terminator 3 Jacket

Terminator 3 Jacket


Terminator 5 Jacket

Terminator Genisys Arnold Jacket

terminator leather gloves fingerless

Black Leather Fingerless Gloves




Faux Leather Jeans



terminator biker boots

Classic Engineer Motorcycle Boots


terminator gun

M82 Rifle

The jackets from the first, third and fifth movie are perfectly suited to go with the rest of the items on the list. No matter which you choose, these accessories will compliment it. With this, you are guaranteed to look the robot sent from the future. These are the most realistic objects that you will come across to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Follow and share this guide with others, as this will really help you to look like Arnie. We are sure that this costume will make your cosplay best of all others present at the event.

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