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Top 8 Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

Women Halloween Costumes

You may find men trying to get all the attention in Halloween but don’t forget, ladies are also spicing up the event with their own cosplay ideas. Whether it be spooky, crazy or sexy, every inspiration comes from the TV these days. Speaking of which, Halloween is just around the corner and there is not enough time to gather stuff or even go to stores for a costume. Check out these 8 awesome ideas that’ll let you trend younger and sexier.

Harley Quinn


I literally am out of words and praises for this jubilant psycho. And you probably have seen and read so much about her that there is nothing new that I can offer you. Here is a meticulous Harley Quinn costume that contains all her outfits and dresses from all the movies, comics or games she has ever appeared in. These are a few things we are adding in our DIY Womens Halloween Costumes guide.


Harley Quinn Jacket

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Jacket

harley quin shirt


harley quin wig

Harley Quinn Wig

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Gloves






Wonder Woman


Wonder Woman Cosplay

No sexy womens Halloween costumes are complete if it doesn’t include the iconic gear of the Amazon Girl. The first female Superhero is an inspiration for many of the female fans, and they love to dress up as her whenever possible. This Wonder Woman guide will tell you all that you need to know to make an immaculate outfit to ace Halloween in style.

wonder woman jacket fjackets

Wonder Woman Jacket

Sword / Shield

Womens Leather Fit tights


Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel Cospaly

Captain Marvel always has a special place in the list of sexy Halloween costume ideas women loves to cosplay. There are many version of her suit but the popular one is the classic style. If you’re ready to make this spooky occasion colorful, then try out the universe favorite cosplay.

captain marvel costume set

Complete Suit

red gloves


faux blue pant women


Captain Marvel Shoes



Gamora Cosplay

The mightiest warrior of all, Gamora from Guardian of the Galaxy or should I say the goth of MCU. She is definitely a fearless girl but we can’t just name her an anti-hero because of her former assassin role. If you’re ready to turn yourself into half human green superhero in the spooky hours, then we have arranged a few things inspired by her movies.

WigGamora GOTG Jacket



Lara Croft

Lara Croft Tomb Raider

Adventurer, Ice Climber and Bear fighting Survivalist are our next in list for sexy women’s Halloween Costumes. We’ve received various entries surrounding the protagonist in Tomb Raider franchise. With players enjoying the latest chapter of the game, this is a good time for cosplayers to portray the Valiant Explorer.


Grey Tank




Climbing Axe



This Supergirl Sexy Womens Halloween costume is the next blast in our guide book. The cousin of Superman Kara Zor-El possesses the same powers as Superman but has got more killing looks than the Man of Steel. Supergirl’s outfit is very vibrant and colorful you will not regret spending a few bucks on this beautiful dress. Here take a look at how you can transform yourself into Supergirl.

super girl jacket

Supergirl Jacket

Supergirl Skirt

Red Skirt

Supergirl Cape

Red Cape

red long boots


Poison Ivy


She looks like a goddess but as we all know she is nothing but a cold-hearted criminal. Appearing in many of the Batman comics and animated series’ where her character is highly appreciated. Unfortunately, though Her break on the big screen wasn’t as much power as on other mediums as she starred in the worst Batman movie ever. But her sexy women’s Halloween Costumes deserves to mimicked at this year’s spooky night. This manual will guide you through all the poisonous details that will make this outfit the best of the night.


poison ivy croset


Poison Ivy Shorts


poison ivy shoes


Black Widow


Our last character sexy Halloween costume ideas women are the Black Widow. Her attire is not very difficult to DIY and we have created a simple guide for it too.  If you’re in a hurry, these few things from her outfit are enough to save your Halloween.

red wig women


Cat Suit

Black Widow Gun

Toy Gun

Black Widow GlovesGloves


There are the eight most wanted and sexy Halloween costume ideas for this year’s spooky nights. We will keep looking for more equally exciting and good looking outfits till then keep loving and keep sharing.

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