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How Did Men Dress Casually In 50s?

how did men dress casually in s

According to history, the 1950s was a time of total joy and happiness. Morale was high after World War II, and clothing was a clear reflection of the celebratory mood.

At that time, clothing was conservative, clean-cut, and traditional. Today we’re taking you through some of our favorite fifties trends that look anything but outdated today.

7 casual men’s styles with 7 trending clothing pieces:

  1. Oversized shirts
  2. Double-breasted suits
  3. Street-style look with a bomber jacket
  4. A classy look with Leather Jackets
  5. Step forward with Loafers
  6. Feel warm with Sweater
  7. Fedora hats are the best

Casual look with an oversized shirt

mens casual shirt

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In the 50s mens used to wear oversized shirts. Their oversized shirts were a relaxed way to explain daywear.

As we know that this era was all about celebration which had effects on clothing too.

Men used to wear oversized shirts with slacks to give a perfect look. For shoes, they used to wear a pair of loafers.

And for finishing off the look with an oversized shirt they wore a fedora hat.

Double-breasted suit look

Double breasted mens suit

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Men’s double-breasted suits were vitally important in this era. They helped men to switch their simple up their usual look to a classy one.

When they used to wear a double-breasted suit they preferred perfect fitting as it would not look good without it.

After the fitting next step was to select a perfect pair of shoes with the suit. To complete the suit look they also used to wear a fedora hat.

Street-style look with a bomber jacket

blue bomber jacket

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For a street-style look bomber jackets were also a part of a man’s wardrobe.

I don’t know if you people ever noticed or not but bomber jackets are always been so trendy.

They used to wear a casual t-shirt, casual pair of pants with a bomber jacket. For footwear, they used to go for a pair of loafers.

A classy look with Leather Jacket

mens black leather jacket

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Did someone say classy look while being casual in the 50s? Leather jackets were the classiest outerwear for a casual yet classy look.

Gentlemen wore leather jackets in this era, marked by massive cinematic influence.

They used to wear a casual t-shirt, pair of casual pants, and most importantly, a classic piece of the leather jacket.

Step forward with Loafers

men wearing loafers

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Loafers have been everyone’s all-time favourite style of shoes. Loafers are basically very easy to style with any outfit.

These amazing pair of shoes are so appealing and men used to wear them the most in the 50s.

They used to wear them with a casual oversized shirt, pair of slacks, and a fedora hat.

Feel warm with Sweater

red sweater

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Back then in the 50s, men’s sweater wear was so popular. Now you must be thinking how do I know?

I think everyone’s grandparents played the role of passing the information with all.

Fedora hats are the best

fedora hat with suit

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During the period, this accessory remained a gentleman’s accessory. Men used to wear this hat with almost every outfit

As it gave their outfit the best and complete look.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Casual dressing is defined as comfortable and informal dressing.
In the early 50s, mens used to wear double-breasted suits, sweaters, oversized shirts, hats, leather jackets, and loafers.
Yes, fedora hats created a great impact in the 50s mens style.
A big yes, leather jackets have always been so trendy.
Men used to wear grey color in the 1950s, but there were many other options available, including black, brown, and navy blue.

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