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How long will a leather jacket last?

Leather jacket

Everyone thinks at least once about leather jacket life either before buying or after. Leather is no doubt a great natural material to use as apparel for safety from cold and also for fashion purposes. A good jacket can last up to several years.

If your jacket is not able to use further, then there is a possibility of the presence of faux, maybe you have been deceived by the seller. Artificial material has a shorter life, and it becomes worst after some time or on more usage, on the other hand, real leather jackets become better and durable as time passes.

There are multiple factors that can affect the lifespan of the jacket.

  1. Animal hide / Type
  2. Quality of leather
  3. Usage
  4. Care
  5. Storage

1. Animal Hides:

animal hides type

If you’re willing to buy a leather jacket then before going to purchase just check which animal hide is used to make it. It’s an easy process, just check the label or confirms from the salesman and if you are buying online then check the description of the product plus specifications to ensure you’re getting the right product.

  • Cowhide is thicker, heavier, and durable for the leather products
  • Goat hide also a very good material to make jackets.
  • Sheep or lambskin, are the lightest and softest hides.

2. Quality of leather

quality of leathers

There are many types of leather quality that are used in making jackets.

  • Bonded leather– It is a 4th-grade quality and made from scrap pieces of rawhide and cutoffs that’s why they will degrade easily.
  • Genuine leather – It is a 3rd-grade quality. It can get scratches and cracks easily.
  • Top grain –It is a 2nd-grade quality it is better than genuine but works until finishing remains.
  • Full-grain – it is of superb quality. It can last up to decades if you care about it well.

3. Usage

uses of leather jackets

The important reason is how much you used your jacket. If you’re a busy man and use your jacket too much, then you should go for ultra high-quality jackets because they can last longer. Low-quality jackets can easily get cracked and fade early if you are a little bit careless. Check this!

4. Care

leather jacket caring

If you are a careless person then your jacket will be in trouble because the leather jacket is sensitive apparel and needs too much care. Try to focus on your jacket, maintain it properly by cleaning it regularly with a lightly damp cloth and avoid it from getting wet completely. Stay away from sharp edgy materials that can cause a scratch or tear on the jacket.

5. Storage

leather jacket store

If you have a good quality leather jacket and deciding to store it after the winter season then you should keep in mind these points.

  • Clean it properly from both outside and inside.
  • Keep in the open air for 6-8 hours to remove the smell.
  • Fold your jacket properly.
  • Use breathable cotton bags to store the jacket and never use a plastic bag to store leather stuff.
  • Keep in a low humidity place because leather has the ability to absorb moisture which can harm the jacket if you leave it for a long time.
  • Check the jacket for an interval of time such as once a month to ensure it is alright.

How to Increase the lifespan of Jacket

hanged leather jacket

Now, the most important thing about genuine leather jackets is how to increase its life to use them for a long time.

  1. Clean it when needed.
  2. Avoid place in sunlight for a long time, furthermore, stay away from fire and sharp metallic objects.
  3. Use leather oil on its surface to avoid cracks.
  4. Conditioners, creams, and polish are also available to give the jacket a more awesome new look.
  5. Protector Sprays, water-proof sprays make the jacket surface stronger including prevent it from fading and degrading.
  6. Hang it in the wooden hanger to maintain its shape and quality.
  7. Wash the jacket at least once in a 4-6 month.

These are all the factors and methods which you can adapt to make your jacket stronger, increase its lifespan at your home. You should know the difference between real and synthetic leather to save yourself from wasting your precious money on the fake jacket.

In short, first, you need a real leather product it doesn’t matter short leather jacket or a long leather jacket, second, you should use it wisely also take care of it. Third, maintain it by cleaning, using conditioners, polish, and oil, etc. Wear it when you want to enjoy the different styles of jacket.

I hope you like this guide and you are now clear about the lifespan of the jacket. Kindly share it with your fashion-loving friends to help them to know about the jacket’s life.



1. How can I make my clothes last a lifetime?
You can make your clothes last longer with proper care by washing them less often and using less detergent but they can’t last a lifetime unless they are made from real leather and you took proper care of them.

2. How can I become more stylish?
Never buy something that doesn’t fit even it looks very good to you. Buy clothes from the brand that makes fit clothes for your body type. Make right color combinations, pair black leather jacket over a white t-shirt with black boots to have an amazing style.

3. Should you zip up a leather jacket?
Most guys never zip-up leather jackets in a street style but you can zip it up or button if you feel the weather is cold it will not ruin your look as you seen bikers often zip up their leather jackets.

4. How much does it cost to replace a zipper on a leather jacket?
There are many variations of zippers that make it difficult to tell you the exact cost of zipper replacement. The estimated cost of zipper replacement will be around $30 to $70 sometimes old zipper can be fixed with a little tweak that will cost you under $20.

5. Do leather jackets shrink or stretch?
Leather jackets stretch naturally but not much to become lose fitted on you. You can make a leather jacket shrink by soaking it in the water but it is very risky it can become out of shape.

6. Should you buy a leather jacket a size smaller?
The leather jacket should not be smaller. It should fit snug around your shoulder and armpits when you zip up but not be smaller because it is meant to be worn over a layer.

7. Are leather blazers in style?
Leather blazers are becoming more and more common these days as we saw them on famous personalities like Bella Hadid and Hayley Bieber. Having a leather blazer can be essential because it can go well with semi-formal and formal events.

8. What is leather conditioner for?
A leather conditioner is a must-have item if you have leather items. It is best for maintaining your leather accessories or jacket and the leather conditioner is also useful for leather restoration.

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