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How Much Does A Leather Jacket Cost?

how much a leather jacket cost

When it comes to buying a jacket, everyone gets confused with quality and price. You may sometimes think why there is too much difference in the prices of leather jackets? Why some jackets have $500 tags? There are many factors by which you can think about the cost.

First of all, you should know there are two types of material

  1. Real Leather

  2. PU Leather

What’s the difference?

PU leather jackets are made up of small pieces of real leather and are chemically synthesized or treated products that look similar to the real one with only difference in quality and life. PU leather smells like plastic and can get cracked easily when overused.

A real leather jacket is made up of animal hides like goatskin, horse skin, and most commonly, lambskin. PU Leather has a more realistic imitation but Real Leather Jackets easily beat its lower price substitute with durability and functionality.

You can read more about the differences between PU and Leather jackets from here.

It also depends upon:


Leather jackets are costly because they are handcrafted and it takes one week to make one. It requires extra time to develop a perfect style, that’s why it cost more but the good quality will last several years. You can check out a high-quality leather jacket from here.


Many jackets in the market have different thicknesses. A thin jacket costs less but it may not keep you warm enough and also not durable for a long time. A thick jacket is a good choice because it’s worth the price but also keep in mind that an extra thick jacket is not a good idea.

You can get information to identify a real leather jacket by reading this blog.

Inner Lining:

Another main feature in jackets is the inner lining and it varies on types of jackets. A good lining is viscose but for colder months, fur lining is the best option with extra cost. Mens and leather jackets for women on Amazon or other stores feature these linings.

Extra Features:

The more functional features, the higher goes the price. At some point, it defines the overall look of the jacket. For example, a jacket with a detachable hood makes it a unique feature. So chances are, it will have a higher tag price although, for a lot of people fancy feature is not very necessary but rather durability. A common leather jacket will include 2 pockets, a stylish collar, and zip or button closure.


Simple design jackets cost less and if you’re on a budget, it is better to stick with that. More details increase the labor charges and time but your choice always superior to cost so always make a one-time investment on something that’ll let you style for many years.

Here’s our quick infographic.

Leather Jacket Price Details

Lastly, I want to conclude that a good leather jacket may make extra money from your wallet but in my opinion, it’s better to go with that option. You can easily recognize that which one is real and which one is artificial just check the price tag. A lower price jacket around $50 is useless as compared to $150 or more.

How much you should spend on a Leather Jacket?

Definitely, you are thinking about how much spending is required. Remember, that a good jacket can last up to 10 years and can cost you around $250 or more. If you have a limited budget and want to buy a perfect quality then we have a good collection of genuine pieces starting from $179 that are durable and built from lambskin.

Why Should I Buy a Real Jacket?

If you are looking for one outerwear that should last a long time then going for a leather jacket would be a wise decision. It will also take your style to the next level. As we saw many celebrities wear leather jackets and they look stunning. Another reason to buy a leather jacket is that it can go well with most of the outerwear in your wardrobe.

Why Some Leather Jackets are retailed for $1000+?

As we mentioned above that you can get a high-quality leather jacket for $250. So, you must be thinking that why some brands are selling that for higher prices?

Most of the well-reputed brands put this extraordinary pricing on their products. It means the extra amount you are paying is often for the brand value. If you are the person who is always looking for a leather jacket with premium quality at an affordable price then you can visit FJackets.

Once you get the leather outerwear then it would be best for you that you should know how to style the leather jacket.


1. Is cowhide leather expensive?
Full-grain leather is considered as most expensive leather and when it comes to skins, cowhide is one of the popular and high-priced leather because of its durability.

2. Is cowhide leather waterproof?
Cowhide resists the water to some limits. After that, it will get wet, and it becomes tough to dry it. You can make it water waterproof by applying wax to it, but it is better to keep it away from water.

3. How long will a lambskin jacket last?
Lambskin is a very reliable leather jacket made from it can easily last five years. If you take care of it and condition it regularly, then it can last a lifetime without being worn out.

4. Is lambskin leather good for jackets?
Lambskin leather is known for its softness and skin-friendliness. The jacket from it gives a luxurious feel and still keeps you warm from the cold weather.

5. Is lambskin better than calfskin?
The simple answer is that lambskin is better than calfskin because lambskin is soft and skin-friendly for making jackets and coats, while calfskin has a little tougher feel and accessories bags, wallets, and belts.

6. Is lambskin real leather?
The real leather term refers to made from animal skin, and lambskin is made from young sheep. Many known brands use it for high-quality leather.

7. How long will a cowhide jacket last?
Cowhide leather jacket can last a long time and still look fashionable as the new one. You just need to take care of it with a leather conditioner.

8. Should I buy a used leather jacket?
A used leather jacket can be a hit or miss. It would be best if you had lots of experience with leather before you buy a secondhand leather jacket. If you are lucky, then you will be able to find a high-quality jacket at half price.

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