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How Much Does a Suit Cost

how much does a suit cost

A suit can cost you anywhere from $100 to $3000 depending on the quality, however, the price is not always a good determinant of the quality, for example, imagine you bought a suit that cost around $2000 will It be a quality suit? of course it will, but can you get the same men’s suit at a lower price? That’s what this article is about. There are certain things that determine the quality of a suit and you should consider them before making the decision.

The Suit Fit

Suit measurement

Custom-fit and made-to-measure suits are generally pricier compared to off-the-rack attire, for the simple reason that they’re handcrafted and take more time to make, on the contrary off the rack clothes are mass-produced by machines for everyone who fall in a similar size range. Even though these suits are affordable they don’t fit well without adjustments as they’re made for a larger population.

Another option is buying separates, brands like FJackets offers different sizes for coats and trouser, so if your heavier on the chest but slim around the wait, you can order pants of different measurements. So, you get both affordability and proper fit. FJackets also has a made-to-measure option that enables you to get a tailored fit at a minimal cost.

What are slim-fit suits?

Slim fit suits and designed to hug your body without feeling too tight or restrictive, the goal is to accentuate your physique giving you a tapered appearance. Unlink skinny fit suits, Slim fit is not only for slim guys, people of all shapes and wear it and even look good.

where to buy slim-fit suits?

If you’re looking for quality pieces and the latest designs FJackets is the best place to buy your suits, the store not only offers quality suits but also independent size options for coats and trousers, and that not all, you opt for made to measure for a minimal price.

The material of the Suit

Wool Suit Fabric

The fabric of the suit is one of the biggest factors that determine the price of the outfit, suit made of wool are generally the most luxurious and also expensive.  A jacket requires up to 3 yards of fabric, therefore fabrics that are more expensive per yard will also affect the price of the finished product. Here are some of the suit fabrics.


Wool is natural and acquired from animals such as sheep, wool is a go-to choice of fabric for suits because it’s thick, does not wrinkle easily, and breaths well which makes it wearable all year round. It’s also expensive compared to other alternatives. Types of wool include tweed, cashmere, merino, and mohair.


Silk is also a natural fiber acquired from the silkworm; the fabric has a natural shine and is also used on the lapels and buttons of a tuxedo. The material breaths well and can be worn every season.


Cotton is obtained from plants and is the most versatile fabric of all, it’s the perfect material for summer-fall, and spring, as it’s lightweight and breathes well. But it lacks the luxury and formality of wool. A cotton suit would work well for semi-formal occasions and daytime events.


Linen is the lightest of all and is the best choice for summers, as suits made of this material will keep you cool in summers. The only drawback of this material is that it’s prone to wrinkles and might require to be ironed more often.

Synthetic Fiber:

Synthetic fibers may vary in quality and are generally cheaper than a natural fibers, they also lack the breathability that comes with wool and cotton. However, polyester blended with other fabrics like wool gives budget-conscious people the look they desire at a minimal price.

Designers Brands

designer suit comparrison

Popular designer brands charge for design, fabric quality, bespoke tailoring, and reputation but there are lots of other factors that raise the costs of the suits. If you manage to find a not-so-popular brand that offers the same quality without charging extra for just the name, consider yourself lucky because you can buy the same suit at a fraction of the price.

To wrap things off you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on suits, all you need is some knowledge about the fabric, style.

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