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How Not To Wear a Leather Jacket?

how not to wear leather jacket

Leather Jacket is the only fashion that is easy to wear and looks good on any man’s body. It has been defining menswear for many decades and now, it’s the default style option – regardless of the season.

No matter how you wear it, it will not stop making you look good. However, there are ways to style it properly and most of the guys make mistakes in that.  We’ve already covered a topic about styling leather jackets and today, I will discuss how not to look odd.

Bulky Jackets:

Speaking of odds, a jacket’s main purpose is to add tough-guy appeal but is it possible for a skinny person to look tough? Unfortunately, a slim person will look better in a fitted-jacket compared to bulky pieces. A bulky leather jacket will make you feel more dull (forgive me) making any outfit you combine with look unattractive.

It’s not about how much your jacket cost, it’s about how it looks on you and how it fits. I recommend checking size chart whenever you buying clothes cause fitting matters.

Don’t add too much color:

A leather jacket best pairs with jeans and a white shirt but you can also prefer more smart options like a leather-chinos combo or any formal attire, there are unlimited choices to combine. My suggestion is to keep your style colors neutral so you can blend in any occasions. But if you want to enhance your inner 70’s or pop-culture vibes, go ahead.

Avoid heavy-paddings (unless it’s necessary):

When buying a leather jacket, identify your activities and then pick the right option. If you’re an ordinary guy with a simple 9-to-5 job or basic outdoor ventures, avoid heavy padded jackets since it’s customized for bike riders. Padded jackets have extra layering which gives bikers protection while on the road traveling. They’re usually made of cowhide leather or high-quality aniline leather. A simple jacket with minimalist design and features will do just fine for your day-to-day activities.

Avoid Wearing in Harsh Weather:

While leather jacket actual purpose is to make you look cool and protect from rain and snow. In case you want your jacket to last longer, then avoid getting it wet or dirty outside. Maintaining a leather jacket is not easy since you can’t wash or dry clean it. The only way is to let it dry by hanging it in an open place. Or consider water-proof leather jackets for your day-to-day outing which absorbs water drops and snowfalls.

Under a Coat:

The leather jacket itself is designed to elevate the style and layering under a long coat will hide its essence. If it’s winter, you can accommodate any other outfits like a hoodie or sweater but a jacket will not make a good combination.  The same goes for blazers which should be worn separately over your formal or casual clothes.

Hope this gives you the idea of where and how to wear a leather jacket without worrying about the style. Don’t forget to share this with other fashion lovers.


Frequently Asked Questions:

When should I wear a leather jacket?

You can wear a leather jacket most of the time because it comes in different styles, to match the occasion and your outfits. So, having a leather jacket on your wardrobe essential.

Can I wear my leather jacket everyday?

You can wear a leather jacket every day once you find the one that suits you. If you are afraid that it will get worn out after wearing it more often then you are wrong, Real leather jacket never gets old with proper care.

Can anyone pull off a leather jacket?

There is no doubt that a leather jacket can make you a fashion icon but most people don’t know how to pull it off.

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